HP F860 Dash Cam Full HD

HP F860 Dash Cam Full HD 1080P Front and Rear

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.8/10
  • Video Quality - 9.6/10
  • Functions - 9.7/10


In case you need an impartial witness, this HP F860 Dash Cam can come to your aid even if you go on holiday and you want to record the beautiful view. This camera will make your life on the road better.


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HP F860 Dash Cam Full HD

Driving a car is not an activity for anybody. You born with skills to driving a car or you end up forced to do something necessary, like driving! That`s why I will explain the importance of a Dashboard camera recorder from this perspective.

 Over the years it became obvious that drivers up to 30 years and elders are those who produce most traffic accidents.  Usually, they also represent real distress for other traffic participants. 

The dashboard camera can be a safe long-term in case of accidents with pedestrians’ other vehicles or, why not, the fall of misguided walkways.

At the same time, where the court allows, a video recording with a dashboard camera may represents solid proof in a case of theft, accident or abuse of service from a representative of institutions likes police or others. The reasons why it is worth buying a dashboard camera can be more, depending on the experiences of each.

I`ve cleared the reasons for buying a dashboard camera, now let`s see how you choose one.

You need a dashboard camera to ensure traffic images with good resolution. An important feature that needs to be specified, it will be for the camera to register front and rear, but one of the most important things is the brand who made it.

Hp Brand vision is to create technology to make a better life for everyone, everywhere, to invent and to reinvent. Next, we will present to you one of the gadgets that should not miss to no driver, HP F860 Dash Cam.


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HP F860 Dual Dash Cam Full HD

HP F860 Dash Cam has a full HD 1920x1080P resolution front camera and waterproof rear camera. This feature will help you to record every moment, both the front and back of your vehicle, very clearly.

Also, it has Super Night Vision, meaning that the camera has a Sony Sensor with F1.8 6-glass lance which helps to record in dim light.

HDR\VDR video system is unique and it can automatically balance the dark and the light areas of the video, produce more picture details and dynamic range.

The HP F860 Dash Cam is very easy to install and operate, it has two mounting kits: adhesive mount and suction cup. Because of the 3-inch screen, you will have a better visual experience offering you a clear view of every detail.

Also, the camera has a G-sensor and loop recording. So, when the cam detects collisions the device will turn on the emergency recording function automatically and it will save the video and lock it. With loop recording camera can automatically overwrite previous recordings with other files than locked file when is full the memory card.

You have 12 months warranty with the professional support team and a quick response to all problems.

HP F860 Dash Cam Pros

  • Dual dash camera front and rear, the camera will record the front of your vehicle and the back
  • dark environment with Sony Sensor and HDR/WDR video system
  • emergency recording function
  • loop recordings
  • very easy to install
  • 12 months warranty with professional support
  • safety driving
  • 3-inch screen
  • 155 wide-angle lens
  • parking monitor
  • support memory card

HP F860 Dash Cam Cons

  • The camera does not support more than 32 GB memory card


In conclusion, for your traffic protection, in case you need an impartial witness, this HP F860 Dash Cam can come to your aid even if you go on holiday and you want to record the beautiful view. This camera will make your life on the road better.

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