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HP Dash Cam

A dash-cam is a commodity that is very appreciated by drivers due to the many occasions in which it comes in handy.

This small and discreet device will have your back covered no matter the situation so it’s understandable why so many drivers choose to make this addition to their car.

With so many models available you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing one and having some information makes your decision easier.

The market for dash-cams has in recent years rapidly grown considerable and is still in full growth due to the huge rise in the number of thefts and accidents.

For these reasons, many measures of encouragement were taken by insurance companies and even some governments which are mandating the installation of such devices.

Because dashboard cameras are becoming more affordable worldwide the market is in full development and new high-quality products with newly developed technologies are released on the market each day making it very competitive.

Many brands incorporate specific features in their products to make them more competitive and to gain more ground on the market.

From this technological competition, we gain a lot of benefits because we have more high tech smart devices available at more affordable prices without losing in quality.

In this highly competitive market, several major players try to address a wider palette of consumers with their products by adding newer and more performant features at lower prices.

One of those companies is HP Development Company LP that provides high-quality innovative products that are very appreciated.

HP dashboard cameras have included not only the most important basic features but also amazing extra features that make them valuable products at very affordable prices.

The HP product line of camcorders has many models that are incorporated in 9 series: S Series, 3 Series, RC Series, 5 Series, 6 Series, 7 Series, 8 Series, 9 Series, each with unique features.

In this article we will present 3 HP dash cams from 3 very popular series: 8 Series, 5 Series, 3 Series.

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The 8 Series incorporates dual front and rear dash-cams available in 9 cam models with premium features like ultra wide 155° lens angle, Full HD 1080p resolution, wide F 1.8 lens aperture, rear camera with 720 p resolution, all new ADAS features (FCWS, LDWS) included.

The 5 Series incorporates dash-cams that have high image processing power integrated in 7 available models which will push the quality of resolution up to 1440P with 120 fps in some models, wide 140 ° lens angle, large F1.9 aperture, parking mode, WDR, three axis G-sensors.

The 3 Series incorporates very light dash-cams with a simple but sophisticated design available in 3 models with practical functions like collision detection, rest reminder, motion detection and high Full HD 1080p resolution, wide 140° angle lens.

Having the new ADAS features included like the system for warning in case of forward collision, the warning system for lane departures,3 axle G-sensor, motion sensors, parking mode you will have increased security around the clock.

Good night vision is important for the quality of images and footage and HP dash-cams have perfect night vision thanks to the high-quality integrated Sony sensor that is a super low light sensor.

Instead of having a bunch of redundant features on your camera the HP design follows the principles of practicality, easy usage and extended lifespan incorporating cutting edge technology.

Having your needs in mind and the available budget it is easier to choose a reliable camera that will last you long and will make you feel more confident and at peace while driving.

Each HP cam presented here has gained a good reputation that has earned them the first places in our top 3 best HP dash-bord cameras.

HP Dash Cam – Comparison Table

Dash-cam model
HP F860
HP F505G
HP F330S
Dual camera (front and rear)
Dash-board camera
Dash-board camera
Video quality
Full HD 1080p
Full HD 1080p
Full HD 1080p
Camera angle
Ultra-wide 155°
Wide 140°
Wide 140°
Lens aperture
Large F 1.8
Large F 1.9
Large F 1.9
Display size
3.0 inch
2.4 inch
2.4 inch
Night vision
Very good
Very good
Very good
Parking surveillance
G-sensors motion sensors
Sensor type
Sony sensor
Sony sensor
OV 2710-1E
Extra features
ADAS features (LDWS, FCWS)
Forward collision/lane departure warnings/rest reminder
Rest reminder

In our Top 3 HP Dashboard cameras, we will present 3 dash-cams models that are very appreciated for their unique features and multiple functions combined with amazing aesthetic qualities.

1.HP F860 Full HD Front and Rear Dash Cam

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HP F860 Dash Cam Full HD

The HP F860 camcorder is number one in our HP dashcams top thanks to its many features included and the premium quality overall.

This high quality premium dash cam has all the characteristics and features included in all HP 8 Series dash-cams making it the one of the most appreciated and sold dual-camera.

This dual dash cam incorporates in its compact and smart design the latest features like a system of advanced driving assistance (warning systems for forwarding collision and land departure), G-force sensors, parking mode, Sony super sensors for low light.

The ultra-wide-angle(155°) for the lens combined with the large aperture ensures high accuracy and clear detailed images thanks to 6 layers glass lens that are processed Full HD with the exclusive processor for the image at a rate of 30 fr/s

Having built-in 3-axle gravity sensors ensures emergency recordings when the sensors are triggered in a collision and all footage is saved automatically in a special folder.

The Sony sensor incorporated is very sensitive and ensures a high quality of images no matter how low the lighting conditions are.


  • the high-quality dual-camera at a very good price
  • Full HD 1080p
  • ultra-wide 155° lens angle
  • F-1.8 large aperture
  • full HD exclusive image processor (30 fr/sec)
  • very good night vision thanks to the Sony sensors
  • built-in G-sensors
  • parking mode (3axle gravity sensors)
  • 3.0 inch LCD
  • 720 p rear camera resolution
  • waterproof rear camera
  • latest ADAS features (LDWS, FCWS)


  • does not support micro USB card more than 32 Gb


All these unique features along with all the other basic features like loop recording, automatic file lock, make this dual camera a valuable asset for any driver that is looking for a high-quality dual-camera at a reasonable price.

2.HP F505G Full HD Dash Cam

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HP F505G Dash Cam

The HP F505G camcorder has earned this place in our top 3 dash cams as the omnipotent hero” incorporating all the excellent features of a high-quality dash-cam in a compact design at an excellent price.

With all the 5 Series features included this powerful and high-quality camera almost has no competition in its segment.

The 140° wide-angle and the F1.9 large aperture combined ensures crisp and balanced images even in conditions with very low light.

This is a camera that will deliver Full HD 1080p high-resolution images with fine details and no distortions.

With the parking, mode included you will have surveillance footage in case of parking incidents because this camera will start recording when the motion or collision sensors are triggered saving all the important files automatically.

A very appreciated feature of this camera is the GPS module integrated that will remind you to not go over the speed limit when you are near a speed camera.

With this smart dash camera, you will avoid speed tickets and road incidents enjoying a stress-free ride.

Keeping in mind the driver’s safety this amazing dash-cam will function as a co-pilot reminding you to rest with the help of the function for fatigue detection.


  • high-quality images
  • Full HD 1080p
  • wide lens angle(140° )
  • F-1.9large aperture
  • good night vision
  • built-in motion and G-sensors
  • parking mode
  • 2.4-inch display
  • built-in microphone
  • fatigue alerts
  • super-car Software (warnings for lane departure and forward collision)


  • some warnings might be too loud and need customization


HP F505G Full HD Dash Cam is a high-quality camcorder that packs many useful advanced features in one compact design at a good price proving that you can have all without spending a lot of money.

3.HP F330S Full HD Dash Cam

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HP dash camera f330s

With HP F330S it is all about simplicity and this valuable dash cam is the proof that sometimes less is more, integrating into a small body high tech components and functions that are practical and increase your safety on the road.

Each series of HP dash-cams are designed specifically to fit a certain segment on the market and the 3 Series cam are light, small, easy to use and have very practical features.

The HP F330S dashcam is highly appreciated for the small and compact design that packs many great features.

This simple and light camera comes with features like a wide 140 ° camera angle, a large F 1.9 aperture, and a high 1080 p resolution.

Advanced features like rest reminder, parking surveillance makes it a very good acquisition for the ones that are looking for a small and compact camera that has extra features included.


  • small and compact designed
  • wide 140 ° camera angles
  • high quality 1080p images
  • large F 1.9 aperture
  • parking surveillance(G-sensors, motion sensors)
  • rest reminder
  • good night vision
  • 2.4-inch display


  • might seem a bit more expensive as other cams in the same class


HP F330S is a wonderful camera for the ones that are looking for a light, a simple and discreet camera that incorporates many features being at the same time affordable.

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