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Garmin DezlCam Truck GPS Review

Car Dash Cam Truck GPS
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f you’re looking for a high-quality device that you can use as a GPS Navigation System and a Dash Cam at the same time, you should definitely give the Garmin DezlCam Truck GPS a chance


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Garmin DezlCam Dash Cam an GPS

Getting lost when you’re in a hurry to get to your destination is definitely no fun. It’s even worse when you’re driving a truck and you took the wrong exit, it can take an hour or more till you get back on track.

Sometimes no matter how much time you spend on your phone trying to find the right road again, it’s useless. The map isn’t right, it can be outdated, it keeps directing you to roads you’re not allowed on and the cell service is bad so it keeps stop working.

If you’re a long-road driver, you’ve probably seen your fair share of crazy drivers on the highway that if filmed, could’ve broken the internet. But by the time you got your phone ready, the moment passed and now no one even believes your story.

There are thousands of accidents each year on the road, and some of the victims end up with the blame because there’s no witness to prove they’re the innocent ones. Not to mention the scammers that get you into an accident, and frame you for the money.

The perfect solution is a GPS device/dash cam that can help you safely navigate and witness your entire journey, without any distractions such as texts, calls and random notifications that could put your life in danger.

A dual GPS and dash cam tool is manufactured to send you camera-assisted driver alerts. This feature alerts you if the stopped traffic in front of you started moving, or if you’re driving too close to another vehicle. The device sends you live parking updates as you approach your destination.

Using this kind of tool will make you feel like you’re driving a smart-sensing vehicle.

What is a GPS Device?

The GPS (Global Positioning System) signals can give accurate information that’s used to estimate the speed, time and exact location of humans or objects. What’s surprising is that the navigational information from the GPS satellites, is available to anyone, anywhere in the world, cost-free.

Now if you’re asking why should you waste money on a special GPS device, when you already have GPS on your phone, let’s take a moment and talk about the difference between a GPS dedicated device and the GPS on your smartphone.

The GPS app consumes a tremendous amount of battery power and drains your phone battery within a few hours. A GPS unit uses your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet for constant charging, something you can’t do with your phone without greatly damaging it.

To be able to work, the GPS app from your smartphone needs a lot of data and good cell service. Car GPS devices have no subscription fee and their system of navigation is based on satellites, not cell phone towers. This allows them to work perfectly in no cell-service areas.

Even if one of the GPS satellites went down, a Navigation GPS unit would still work properly, thanks to all the stored maps in its memory. The GPS from your smartphone becomes useless the second there’s no cell service available.

On the vast majority, a Navigation GPS device will give you accurate overpass heights on all types of truck approved routes. That being said, you still shouldn’t follow it blindly. You need to watch and obey all traffic signs and posted clearances. Any computerized system is programmed by humans and humans tend to make mistakes sometimes.

What is a Dash Cam?

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Garmin DezlCam GPS

A Dash Cam is an onboard camera that’s developed to continuously record everything through a vehicle’s front windscreen, and can be used for various purposes.

With an easy-to-install and discreet design, a Dash Cam is mounted on your windscreen or dashboard, and it-s ready to record everything that happens on the road and very noise inside the car.

A Dash Cam can be used a reliable “eye” witness in court, and Dash Cam owners can report reckless drivers, together with the incriminating evidence, to the cops. A good Dash Cam gives you concrete evidence in case you need it.

The most important thing about a Dash Cam is a discreet design. If you’re in the middle of an argument with an angry driver and he decides he doesn’t want to be filmed, you’re in bigger trouble than the Dash Cam is worth. Keep the Dash Cam discreet and show the footage to the officers when the situation has calmed down.

A discreet design and less visible wires don’t just look nicer, but they don’t drag unwanted attention from thieves either. If they’d break into your car for some change, they’ll break in for an expensive equipment too.

It’s very important to inform yourself if the state you’re in allows Dash Cams or not, before purchasing them. These dashboard cameras aren’t legally approved everywhere, and some places might even have very strict restrictions against them.

Even if it’s only used in your vehicle, if your Dash Cam records a conversation you’re not a part of, it can be legally considered eavesdropping.

Who are Garmin?

Garmin is an American multinational company founded in 1989 with headquarters in Olathe, Kansas. Since 2010, the company incorporated in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

The company specializes in GPS technology for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor, and sport activities. With their development in wearable technology, they’re at a competing level with activity tracker and smartwatch consumer developers, such as Fitbit and Apple.

Today’s GPS receivers are extremely accurate due to their parallel multi-channel design. Garmin GPS receivers are accurate within 49 feet 96% of the time. Usually, users will see accuracy within 16 to 33 feet under normal circumstances.

Garmin are top manufacturers when it comes to their GPS tech. A lot of their models are top-choice GPS devices. They pride themselves with the accuracy and are always working to improve it with each new model.

Their Truck GPS units are mainly tested by real-life truck drivers, and incorporate hundreds of hours of testing and real-life complaints and suggestions. This makes their Truck GPS devices some of the best available.

In today’s article we’ll talk about the Garmin DezlCam Truck GPS.


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Garmin DezlCam Truck GPS

The Garmin DezlCam Truck GPS comes with a built-in Dash Cam that continuously records your trip and automatically saves files on impact, while also guiding you to your destination with a 6” pinch to zoom, glass display. The display size is 5.4” W x 2.8” H and 6.1” diagonally.

With customized truck routing for the size and weight of your truck, TruckDown Directory, featuring highly-rated places by fellow drivers, such as truck-friendly lodging, restaurants and parking areas, you’re ready to get anywhere safely. You’ll also get route warnings like sharp curves, bridge heights, weight limits, steep grades, etc.

DezlCam is a 6” premium trucking navigator, with a built-in high definition Dash Cam that’s used as your onboard eyewitness. The swivel lens are adjustable for optimal viewing angle from your windshield or dashboard. The G-Sensor automatically saves the video footage if a collision or harsh braking is detected.

Thanks to the Snapshot feature, you can take still pictures and even remove the DezlCam from your truck to take close-up pictures of collision damage. You can play back the footage right on the device or watch later on your PC. The package includes a micro SD card so you don’t have to worry about memory space.

Dezl is preloaded with highly-detailed maps of North America and includes truck restrictions, and related information for most major roads and highways. It also comes with lifetime map and traffic updates.

By inputting the specs of your rig and load, such as height, weight, length, width and hazardous materials, Dezl matches your profile with a route selected to save you time, fuel and money. The simple truck profile allows you to easily swap trailer sizes with the touch of a button.

With the onboard Trip Planner, you can create routes with multiple stops for future use, while Dezl guides you with clearly-spoken turn-by-turn directions.


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Garmin DezlCam Review

The Garmin DezlCam Truck GPS features truck-specific POIs and Services. If you need to go somewhere, locate points of interest that professional drivers care about, and highly-rated, such as truck stops, weight stations, parking, lodging, Wi-Fi and more.

You have the option of searching and filtering truck stops by brand name or by your preferred amenities, such as Wi-Fi, showers, scales, truck-wash.

Thanks to the Truck and Trailer Services directory that lists more than 30,000 truck repair and service locations across U.S and Canada, including those that offer after-hours road service, if something happens, you can reach a service location quicker.

With Active Lane Guidance (ALG), tech that only Dezl has, you can navigate intersections and exists with more confidence. When you approach an exit, you’ll see two images onscreen: the left shows your route and the right is ALG. ALG is a live-action model that highlights the lane you need for your route and gives you time to move into said lane.

The DazlCam comes with a powerful magnetic mount that has a built-in charger. The mount aligns the DezlCam and safely secures it to your dashboard or windscreen, keeping the unit charging for the entire drive.

Thanks to its voice-activated Navigation system, you can control the DezlCam with your voice and Bluetooth-tech allows you to sync with your smartphone and send messages, make calls and view notifications hands free.

If you pair the DzlCam to Garmin BC 30 Wireless Backup Camera (that you’ll have to purchase separately) your navigation system will show what’s behind your truck when reversing.

Garmin DezlCam Truck GPS Pros

  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly
  • Built-in Dash Cam
  • G-sensor
  • Customizable
  • High-quality
  • Comes with micro SD card
  • Vast Number of Truck Repair and Service Places
  • Real-Life tested

Garmin DezlCam Truck GPS Cons

  • It can’t be updated via Wi-Fi. It needs to be connected via USB to a PC


If you’re looking for a high-quality device that you can use as a GPS Navigation System and a Dash Cam at the same time, you should definitely give the Garmin DezlCam Truck GPS a chance.

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