BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Kit

BlackFire Ceramic Coating Kit Review

Introduction If you’re passionate about your car’s exterior appearance, and you like keeping it clean and shiny all the time, then you’ve probably heard of ceramic coating. It’s one of the most expensive forms of coating that’s usually used on high-end cars. A ceramic coating acts as a protective, invisible layer for your car’s paint. […]

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Micro Detailer 600 Pro

Micro Detailer 600 Pro Ceramic Car Coating Kit

Description If you wish to protect your car paint and always have a perfect finish look with deep color and shinny gloss you should try ceramic coating. This is a procedure with many advantages because ceramic has high-temperature resistance points lengthened durability and is very resistant to chemicals and corrosion. This method has many names […]

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Ceramic Coating Kit

Ceramic Coating Kit – Micro Detailer Intensity-7

Description Ceramic coating your car will protect your car’s paint and will give it that glassy look. This procedure has many advantages like high-temperature resistance, improved durability, high-temperature resistance, chemical, and corrosion resistance. They come under different names like nanotechnology, glass coating, quartz coating but it is the same procedure for long term protection of […]

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CarPro Cquartz Review Kit

CarPro Cquartz Review – 50 ml Kit

Description Ceramic coating represents a series of products designed to use as synthetic protection for car paint. These products are superior from traditional sealants for paint because they incorporate nanoparticles of ceramic that form a protecting layer that is very durable by bonding with the surface of the paint. Ceramic nanoparticles are inorganic microparticles composed […]

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