Garmin Dash Cam Review

Garmin Dash Cams: Our Top 3 – 2019

Car Dash Cam Top 3-5


You will find them under different names: dashboard cameras, garmin dash cams, DVRs (driving recorder), EVRs (event recorder) but basically, this means only one thing and that is a camera that is installed on board of a car which is recording continually the view thru the front/rear windows of the vehicle.

Garmin Dash Cam Review

With a wide range of uses nowadays dash-cams are widespread. From an important measure of safety providing vital reliable recorded evidence to back up claims against insurance companies, speed tickets or other road incident.

Cameras can be used also to record the inside of the car at a 360° angle or in any angle and position needed. The many uses of a car camera can be limited only by imagination.
In this technologized world we have long past the limits of constrains and we use technical advancement as an extension of ourselves. Beyond mere usefulness, we can see all over the internet the use of this kind of device as a means to express yourself.
From video journals, logbooks, fun kids videos, amazing landscape, blogs, vlogs, live cam streams you can have real-time connectivity to keep in touch with your family or with the whole world even if you are on the road.

Important features

To understand better what to look for when choosing a good car camera we have prepared some of the elements important to know about to help you narrow down the list from the myriad of choices.

So let’s start with the important features we need to look out for in a good dashcam.

Video quality

Camera resolution

The camera resolution will impact the quality of the video footage and for dashcams. It can be from 720 p for rear cameras to a standard 1080 p full HD or even 1296 p, 1440 p or higher definition. An excellent feature of these cams is the night vision that allows them to capture high-quality videos even in dim light conditions.

Camera coverage

Camera coverage is important and as a result these cameras come with a wide variety of coverage angles from 130°, 170° and more. There are cameras that can cover even 360° and can be easily mounted with adhesive tape or suction cups everywhere. You can mount them from the classical position on the top of the dashboard, interior windscreen or clipped to the rearview mirror, even in the registration plate.

If the coverage angle of the camera is not well adjusted in some instances you can miss important footage. You can miss even that important evidence you need to clear a situation. So many options are available to make sure you do not miss a thing.

For a camera installed on the dashboard, you need to keep in mind that the most critical thing is to have good visibility of the rear wheels of the car in front of you. When driving in traffic during rush-hour is of great significance to keep at least the minimal safe distance at all time and for that, we have safety cameras.

Dashboard cameras are small and blend in, as discretion is an important feature of these devices.

For cameras mounted on the windscreen is vital to have a full view of the whole road in front and of the bonnet of the car that you drive.
Dual cameras have twin lenses that rotate in any direction you need, one lens could point forward and the other could record everything behind, these are good for maximum visibility, 2 in one at a fairly good price.

Garmin Dash Cams: Important Functions

Trusted time stamping

Is used as an important measure to make sure the video recordings have been not tampered. This means that the recordings have important recognizable data stamped like time, date, location and other important parameters, this being a piece of solid evidence that can be used in court and legal matters.

Motion detection Sensors

They help save power and storage capacity. They make the camera record only when movement is detected when the vehicle is parked. This ensures reliable parking surveillance 24/7.

ADAS or advanced driving assistance system can be included along with parking assistance. This will make driving and parking safer and easier in any circumstances.

G-sensors help protects important data by automatically recording and saving in the moment of collision.

Dash Cams Extra Functions

Most dashcams, including the Garmin Dash Cams we have tested have most of the following functions:

Radar detector and GPS to ensure you won’t be caught driving over the speed limit and getting a speed ticket, it has sound alarms incorporated.

Screens can be incorporated as touch screens with many options available. This way you can navigate the menu or even visualize video recordings, alarms in different sizes and capabilities.

Connectivity options are also included from satellite built-in GPS with voice commandant built-in microphone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, tethering, 4G, etc. It helps the cam to send messages, pictures, calls, and videos in parking surveillance mode depending on what you can afford and wish to buy.

The storage capacity of dashboard cams can be from internal memory to class 10 microSD cards, or higher, to save videos. The looping feature is there to ensure that the camera still records in the eventuality of not having enough storage space; by recording over old recordings.

Hardwired directly to the electrical system of the car or plugged in via cigarette socket.

Legality is an issue of debate in many states so if you wish to purchase a dashcam must be aware of the legal implication in your state.

Top 3 Garmin Dash Cams

We can present and recommend some good candidates for top of the class 2019 dash cams.

Garmin Dash Cam is the perfect ultra-compact and trustworthy,,eyewitness”. This Dash Cam records continually and automatically saving footage in case of any incident. Select models have many options like voice control, driver alerts and many more. Here is a top of the best Garmin models.

1. Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Garmin Dash Cam 66W
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We have chosen Garmin Dash Cam 66W as a top of the list because as Garmin producers state is a,, mighty little ” camera with a lot of options.
This is a really compact camera with a 2 inch LCD whith a video resolution of 1440 p and sensor sensitivity of 2.1 megapixels.

One of the characteristics of this model is the wide180° angle of the camera. This allows the camera to capture more environment at high quality and increased details even in situations when it is low light.

Recordings have data like time, date, location and other important parameters stamped to ensure no tampering so they can be used as hard evidence legal maters. It records in loop continually in case of insufficient storage space. Using Garmin Drive app you can play a recording back on the display monitor.

Has great connectivity using Auto Sync thru built-in Wi-fI or Bluetooth will assure a 360 ° coverage. The built-in sensors will notify via audio alarms in case of collision, lane departure, red light, speed camera.

The Travelaps application will make highlights of condensed clips to help you share your videos. In parking mode, your camera saves storage capacity and power by recording only when the motion sensors detect movement.

For safe driving, it has voice command included and compatibility with the control buttons of the steering wheel.
The price of this camera is higher but is well correlated with the capabilities and many options. You will find capabilities such as: Red Light & Speed Camera Warnings, Timelapse, built-in GPS, WLAN for video transfer, night vision, parking Mode. If you want to read more about this camera check out our review.

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As the top of the range model, this cam has many to offer. As an addition to the other options that are incorporated also in the other models, this camera is well known for the wide action-angle. So if you need a wide-angle camera with voice control and extra option buy this camera. It would be the best suited at a really good price/quality rate.

2. Garmin Dash Cam 55

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Garmin DashCam 55 LCD 20'' 1440p

As a runner up Garmin Dash Cam 55 is a great dash cam with super high-resolution 1440p(2560×1440) this being the strong point of this camera. It has a 2-inch display and a camera sensitivity of 3.7 megapixels.

The camera angle is 122° giving the camera a good range view.
This camera requires a minimum of space and is easy to position and remove, a difference from other cameras is the golden ring.

The GPS is inbuilt adds coordinates to the recordings like speed, time and date location. GPS function has alerts for collision, lane notifications, over the speed limit and red light. You can switch notifications on and off at need. Other important features are incident detection via G- sensors, voice control activation commands.

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This model of Garmin dash cam is really appreciated. We liked especially the extra good quality of the camera and its high resolution. If you need high resolution and voice command controls, at a fair price, this would be the perfect camera to choose. If you want to read more about Garmin Dash Cam 55 check out our review.

3. Garmin Dash Cam 45

Garmin DashCam 45
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We have chosen Garmin Dash Cam 45 as of last in our top. We placed it third due to its qualities as a simple and reliable dashcam. The camera has a resolution of 1080p and a sensitivity of 2.1 megapixels. Due to its small dimensions you can place it anywhere without being noticed.

On the back of the camera you will find a 2 inch LCD. The camera is installed with a magnetic mounting system with mobile joints to rotate easily the camera.

Some important features are the in-built motion sensors. These sensors allow you to drive safe by notifying you in case of Collision, Red Light, Speed Camera, lane departure.

Night vision is important allowing you to have good quality video footage during low lighting conditions. Loop mode recordings prevent the camera from losing information when is little storage capacity by recording over old footage.

The camera records even when the car is parked with the help of motion sensors. These sensors will tell the camera to start recording when movement is detected.
This camera has basic options, it is simple but reliable and with a good quality of images. If simplicity and reliability are what are you looking for this camera would be perfect and as an addition. Plus, the price is really good.

If you want more details about this camera check out our Garmin Dash Cam 45 review.

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Garmin Dash Cams: Comparison

Camera modelGarmin Dash Cam 66WGarmin Dash Cam 55
Garmin Dash Cam 45
LCD size 2"2"2"
Video resolution 1440P, 2,1 MP1440p, 1080p, 720p,3.7 MP 1080p, 720p,2.1 MP
Red Light & Speed Camera Warnings yesyesyes
Forward Collision Warning yesyesyes
Lane Departure Warning yesyesyes
Incident Detection (G-sensor) yesyesyes
Snapshot Feature yesyesyes
Replaceable microSD card 8GB microSD ,Class-10 or faster 8GB microSD ,Class-10 or faster 4GB microSD card, Class 10 or faster
Voice Control yesyesno
Extra-wide camera angles 180°122°122°
Monitoring Mode When Parking
Night visionyesyesyes
Gold ringnoyesno
WLAN for video transferyesyesyes
Built-in GPSyesyesyes

Garmin Dash Cams: Similarities

  • small dimensions and compact design
  • 2 inch LCD at the back
  • magnetic mounting system with a ball and socket joint to easily rotate the camera
  • Red Light & Speed Camera Warnings
  • Timelapse
  • Built-in GPS
  • WLAN for video transfer
  • Night vision
  • Monitoring Mode When Parking
  • Incident Detection (G-sensor)
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Red Light & Speed Camera Warnings
  • Snapshot Feature

Garmin Dash Cams: Conclusion

Garmin cameras are the smallest cameras available on the market. They are characterized by the high quality of the image and many options included. Even the simplest cam is a top of the art technology that includes the newest advancement in the field. If you wish to buy high quality at an affordable price this would be your choice.

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