DEWALT Cordless Random Orbit Polisher – DCM84B 20V Review

Introduction Maintaining a vehicle’s showroom look can be very a lot more difficult than it seems. Especially since both professionals and amateurs can’t seem to find a middle ground on good car detailing. However, no matter how you decide to detail your vehicle, a good polisher is a must. A car orbital polisher is a […]

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Rupes Random Orbital Polisher

Rupes Random Orbital Polisher – LHR15 III Black

Description Having high-quality tools is very important and relevant to the quality of your work and by choosing always high-quality instruments and tools you will have professional results. High-quality tools are manufactured and designed based on a lot of research and development and the build-quality is always top class being extremely durable. Having a design […]

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Rotary Car Polisher

Rotary Car Polisher – ZFE 800W Variable Speed 4” Wet Polisher

Description If you are not familiar with the term, a wet polisher/grinder is an electrical device that is used to abrasive cut/polish hard materials using fluid for cooling and lubrication. Lubrication is used to avoid damaging or cracking the workpiece or tool and is mostly used by angle grinders/polishers. Hand-held angle polishers/grinders are used to […]

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Cordless car polisher – HCH 12V Buffer Polishing Machine

Description Every vehicle proprietor loves it when their car has that showroom shine, reached after several hours of precise care and attention to detail. Sadly, all of that effort necessarily drives to tired very painful arms and most of the day wasted on that one feature. Fortunately, there are additional opportunities out there, and now […]

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