DOD LS430W Car Dash Cam

DOD LS430W Car Dash Cam Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.1/10
  • Image quality - 9.9/10
  • Functions - 9.8/10


If you want a dash camera to shoot with high quality and that have a lot of intelligent features, DOD LS430W is the perfect choice you can do.


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I’ve concluded, that nowadays, being a driver is getting harder. Each day the streets are getting crowded, cars multiply, parking spaces are hard to find and all the time we hit unconscious and tribalism at the steering wheel.

For these reasons, the risk of accidents has grown quite worrying. The ugliest thing that can happen to you, as a driver, is when you’re involved in a car accident without any guilt, and being wrongly convicted.

Companies of car accessories created the dash cams for such situations. Besides the fact that the dashboard can be an impartial witness to an accident, we can use it even when we go on excursions and we want to record certain beautiful places that have remained in our hearts.

DOD Tech is the best innovator and producer of full HD dashcam technology. They committed to giving buyers a higher video quality while they are behind steering wheels.

The DOD dash cams have got a great number of positive reviews from users worldwide and are regularly supported by industry experts.

DOD’s positive reputation has managed it to become the dashcam of option for numerous retailers, high-performance car body stores, installers, and unique auto productions.

One of the dash cams created by this company, and about which we will discuss in this article is DOD LS430W.


DOD LS430w
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With an excellent video quality, this product is a complete dash camera that creates lifelike video any time of day, either in the dark or the light. The 6 elements of Japanese glass creates the highest aperture lens( f/1.6).

With the help of this feature we will have more light, the noise will be diminished and the images will be more clear.

Advanced wide dynamic range help camera captures details more precisely under complicated lighting situations. It has also two displays settings while filming, mixed into one frame.

DOD LS430W records at 1920×1080 at 30FPS and uses H.264 compression technology to perform a higher recording time. The shooting angle is 140 degrees.

Using the built-in 5Hz GPS the camera will record your position and speed and can overlap them directly on the video. Also, it updates your speed 5 times a second to increase efficiency across the common 1HZ refresh standards observed in different models.

These dashcams can be used even on a track due to this feature they own.

In most vehicles, starting the engine will automatically activate the dashcam and start recording. When the vehicle stops, the device will automatically shut down and the current recording will be automatically saved.

DOD lS430 Functions

With the atomic clock, the camera will automatically synchronize the date and the time once you insert your timezone.

During recording, at an impact or sudden braking, the camera’s G sensor, saves and protects the video automatically. Protected footage will not be erased.

With loop recording feature, when the memory card is full, the camera will delete the oldest files so that it can record new ones.

The larger 2.7″ LCD screen admits for easier video playback without needing external tools.

What I like about this dashcam is that if while the camera is filming you want to have a private conversation you can quickly mute the microphone utilizing a dedicated button.

Another function that not all dash cameras have is the speed-exceeding alert. You’ll basically be notified if you exceed the speed you set.

The Camera comes accompanied by two clamping brackets. A support with suction cup and one with double adhesive.

The suction mount gives effortless removal and placing of the dashcam. It is also secure in winter or summer circumstances. The tape mount is smaller but very secure, it decreases vibrations and removes without leaving debris after.

The power supply can be done to the car lighter. The device also has a Lithium-ion battery which is beneficial when you do not have the possibility to connect the camera to a power source.

The data can be downloaded to a computer using a data cable that will come with the camera package.

If you want to change the shooting characteristics, you can enter the Car Menu by clicking on the “Menu” button

This camera supports 64GB* micro SDXC Cards for

10 Hours of 1080P recording.


  • easy to install
  • film very clearly at night
  • one of the best dashcams
  • it has a very good picture quality


  • the memory card is not included
  • during the recording, the camera sometimes interrupts


If you want a dash camera to shoot with high quality and that have a lot of intelligent features, DOD LS430W is the perfect choice you can do.

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