Car Detailing Kit – Do it Yourself


Car detailing is really important for the maintenance of your car keeping its market value and ensuring a nice clean sharp look for the owner to enjoy.

Even many cars detailing shops are available many owners prefer to do the job for themselves.

For any car enthusiast having the proper tools and chemicals to ensure professional results is important so to be helpful, we have prepared a little description for each great car detailing product we recommend. Additionally you can use a Demineralized water System like this one.


1.Exterior detailing

When detailing your car you can get rid of all the complicated stuff by choosing the best products that will ensure you the easiest, enjoyable and satisfactory experience while cleaning the car.

The easiest steps to protect your investment and make it look sparkle clean is the acquisition of great quality products to ensure maximum quality results.

Car washing products

Meguiars Wash and Wasx Kit

As a starter you will need to prepare all that you need to start detailing your car like microfiber wash mitts that are soft and plush, you will need two of them, one to use on the paint and one for the wheels.

You will need also a microfiber drying towel with a waffle weave to help the paint dry without scratching the paint after washing.

Really important is a properly professional car shampoo that is pH neutral and will not damage the paint and coating of the car.

The washing buckets must also have ideally a grit guard that will be placed on the bottom of the bucket to trap all the dirt particles in the bottom part so you will not have dirt and debris in the wash water.

It is best to wash the car towards the end of the day in a shaded area not in the midday when the sun is really bright because it will dry up all the soap you pun on your car and you will have water-spots and streaks on the finish.

Pressure washing at home

A reliable device that will spare you of a lot of hard work in getting that stubborn dirt and access the inaccessible places and crams is an electric pressure washer.

An electric power washer will demolish every bit of bird droppings, dirt, gunk, grime, and grease using an adjustable powerful water jet that can start from an intense jet to a gentle spray to reach any spot on the car’s body and rims without an effort.

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electric power washer

A really good electrical power washer is the Sun Joe UK-SPX4001 Electric Pressure Washer that is easy to use ready for wash from the moment you get it out of the box.

With the Sun Joe pressure washer, you just have to power it up and connect it to a water source and you are ready to go, with the compact and ergonomic design and helpful features included will make washing your car easy as a breeze and an enjoyable experience.

It has a lever for the 20 foot onboard hose to wind and unwind making it clean easy and compact and two high and low power options to be able to choose the jet intensity so when washing the paint you can use the low power but with the rims you can fully blast all the dirt with the high-pressure water.

This amazing pressure washer has also 5 easy to connect and change spray tips that will help you to remove any kind of dirt and do from heavy-duty cleaning to low and medium.

With this high-pressure bad boy, you can clean even the most annoying and hard to remove dirt like the one under the thresholds, rims or bumpers with ease and leaving it spotlessly clean.

This pressure washer has a foam canon also that will allow you to spread with high pressure all that car shampoo foam in thick foamy layer to get in all places all over the car from top to bottom.

Professional car shampoo for car body wash

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Meguiar's Car Wash & Wax Kit

As we said before using a good quality car shampoo is really important because car shampoos are specially designed with a neutral pH to not damage the paint finish and to ensure also a gentle powerful cleaning that will leave a deep glossy shine.

A great quality car shampoo that will have a gentle and powerful cleaning action is Meguiar’s Wash & Wax Kit that will ensure a powerful cleaning while at the same time leaving behind additional wax protection.

This car shampoo will clean really well the car without removing the wax strip from previous waxing leaving a shiny deep gloss behind.

You can save money by using the Meguiar’s Wash & Wax Kit bottle that will last you many washings protecting your paint and giving it a shiny finish.

After thoroughly foam washing the car you can use the powerful water jet to remove any shampoo traces and dry it by wiping it with the microfiber towels to remove any traces of water and impurities.

Wheel Cleaning products

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Adam's Polishes Wheel Cleaner

To clean the wheels you will need a Deep Wheel Cleaner because a normal car shampoo would not be enough as having a to gentler action and also because the rim paint is really sensitive and needs special care and protection.

A good quality Deep Wheel Cleaner might be a bit expensive but it is worth it in the long run protecting and maintaining the quality of the paint of all those expensive great looking rims.

So after you have already power washed the car and the wheels with the water pressure jet you can apply on the inside of the wheels, the brakes and the face of the wheel a good Deep Wheel Cleaner product.

One of the best Deep Cleaners for wheels is the Adam’s Polishes Wheel Cleaner (Gallon) as it has a neutral pH, dissolves stubborn metallic contamination will perfectly clean the brakes and will change the color to allow you to see how it is activated.

What is great at this product is that it is really easy to apply by spraying it on the surface of the wheels until it becomes saturated and in a small amount of time the solution will change color as it is activated.

With a wheel brush, you will agitate the surface to remove any debris of dust and dirt and rinse it well afterward.

Tires cleaning products

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Adam's Tire Shine

The tires will need to be cleaned separately from the wheels with products designed for tire usage as tire brushes and tire and rubber cleaner to remove the extra dirt on the tires without affecting it.

Tire and rubber brushes are different from the ones used for the wheels so you do not scrape the delicate wheel paint and fenders.

Tire and rubber brushes have hard and long hairs to be able to remove the stubborn dirt.

It is not indicated to leave water on the car body, tires and wheel for a long period especially in sunlight.

Water can cause spots and damage the paint so a good wiping with microfiber towel will remove the remaining water.

After the tires are cleaned, rinsed and dry you can use a Tire Shine to give them a deep lustrous dark shine.

A really good product for tire shine is Adam’s Tire Shine that provides the right quantity of silicone.

This product will not leave your tires greasy having a non-sling formula and will not run when it is applied properly.

It is a product that is easy to apply by spraying the outer tread blocks with a fine mist.

You will need a block applicator to spread a thin layer of product on the thread block and tired face to obtain a lustrous deep tire shine.

Claying products

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Clay System Kit

To have the perfect paint on your car you will need special care products even after washing.

Not all contaminants can be removed by just washing so new products are made available on the market to make all that possible.

Cleansing clay systems are used to remove any contaminants remained on the car’s paint and make it feel and look as smooth as glass.

New technologies, innovations were integrated into new products that will make car detailing faster and easier than ever.

One of these great innovative products is the Chemical Guys Cly_311 Surface Cleansing Mitt Fine Grade Clay System Kit that is a perfect alternative to the bar of clay and will allow you to wash and clay your car in one easy step using the fine grade mitt for surface cleaning.

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This great kit will help you have a car surface as smooth as glass without effort using the 2 sided fine grade mitt that will remove any contaminants left on the paint with the Clay Luber and the Mr. Pink super suds superior surface cleanser shampoo.

You can easily use it on paint, plastic, and glass and lasts much longer than a traditional clay bar helping you maintain a contaminants free car and save a lot of time and money.

Car polishing products

Car polish
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After removing all the contaminants and cleaning the car to get rid of the scratches and all the imperfections in the coat of paint you can polish the car with a good car polisher.

A good recommendation would be Rupes LHR21ES Standard Kit Orbital Polisher Quarz/Keramik Scratch Remover System that will redefine paint correction by offering the smoothest and efficient polishing experience.

This is a unique polisher having a larger throe than achieving faster results with more clarity than any other polisher on the market.

This product comes with one medium gel compound quartz gloss, one fine gel compound keramic gloss, a medium foam pad, a fine foam pad, and 4 microfiber polishing cloths.

It is suited for all types of surfaces for polishing and finishing applications and hologram removal.

This product is so good because it offers a full system for polishing all you can need from polishing compounds to foam pads, microfiber polishing cloths and a tall stroke polisher that revolutionized the polishing industry.

This innovative polisher will cover more surface area with the dual-action work obtaining 3 great benefits like increased rate in defect removal with almost twice, better finishing results and the self-cleaning properties of the pads.

With this device you will have more pad rotation and less pad staling which is great for curves and contours and a graph that will show you all the speeds needed.

An ergonomic and balanced machine with a large surface coverage will do your job in a really small amount of time in an easy way for amazing polishing professional results.

All these products are color-coded so you can easily use and combine them to have exceptional results.

Scratch removing products for paint

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Scratch removing products

If you have scratches that you cannot remove by polishing the car you can use a scratch removing kit which will be perfect in removing any superficial scratches on the paint.

One great scratch removing kit is Turtle Wax Inc-Scratch Removal Kit which is an easy to use kit that will remove all the annoying scratches that ruin the fine look of the paint.

Turtle Wax Inc-Scratch Removal Kit is a kit designed to remove light scratches on your car’s paint.

This kit is really easy to use, you only need to clean the area with scratches that you intend to repair because if you do not clean it you might scrub the residues in your finish and create more scratches.

This kit comes with a scratch repair pen with a clear coat, polishing pads of different granulation and a lubricant spray.

The first step after preparing and cleaning the area which will be repaired is to use the scratch repair pen and apply evenly the clear coat on the scratches.

This applied clear coat will fill in the scratch marks and will need to be left to dry for 20 h before sanding it down.

Before starting to sand the area that was treated with the clear coat pen you need to use some masking tape to minimize the area you sand because you will have to buff it also and will be time-consuming it is a large surface.

The smaller the area is the faster you will finish with the repair, so using the lubricating spray on the surface and the pad you will use the pad to sand flatten the surface with care with the number one pad.

You will use the other pads increasing the number and using finer and finer grit and apply slightly more pressure to remove the scratches made by the previous pads.

You have 3 different grade pads to remove all the scratches with a finer and finer grit, after the last one being used you will need to use the number 4 pad to blend in the area with the rest of the painted area.

The final step is to use the rubbing compound or paint a clarifying compound to buff the area by hand to bring back the gloss and shine of the clear coat.

In the last step, you will use a microfiber cloth to apply the paint clarifying compound and rubbed it in the area till it will regain the natural shine and gloss without a scratch.

Scratch removing products for car windows

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Glass Polishing Kit

After cleaning and polishing the entire car it is important also to take care of the windshield and prepare it to look in top condition.

Car windows can have scratches, watermarks, wiper blade damages, scuffs, limescale residues, tree sap, acid rain traces that affect the aspect and functionality.

To solve all these issues and to give a good polish and a high gloss finish you can use a windscreen polishing repair kit that will restore the beauty of your car’s windows.

One of the best products of this kind is Windscreen Polishing DIY Repair Kit – Car Glass Repair which is designed to be used with an electrical drill to remove and polish away scuffs, water stains, surface marks, and wiper blade damage.

This kit contains all you need to polish glass, marble, metal, and plastic with 5 high resistant polishing pads made from bonded Rayon Fiber Felt 3-inch/75 mm discs.

The polishing resin used for glass has abrasive Cerium Oxide particles to remove any resistant scratch using a 1000-2500 p electric drill and GP- PRO polishing pads.

Headlights Scratch removing and restoration

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Meguiar's G2980 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit

If you have dull and cloudy headlights that have scratches and scuffs that reduce the visibility and affect the overall look of the car you can get rid of this problem using a repairing kit for headlights.

One of the best Kits of this kind is the Meguiar’s G2980 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit .

It is really easy to use kit which will ensure amazing results restoring the clarity of your headlights in no time.

Over time the plastic can oxidize and creates a film over the top of the lens making it difficult for the beam of light to shine properly making more dimmer light at night almost to the point of making it dangerous to drive.

You can try to use some home-remedy but the result would not be satisfactory instead the kit from 3M will help you deal efficiently and easily with the oxidized headlights.

Meguiar’s G2980 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to be used with a household 1200-1600 rpm drill and includes all the necessary items like rubbing compound, drill adapter head with the polishing disk, trizact disk, some sanding disks, buffing pads to make your headlights look like brand new ones.

The first step will be masking the area around the headlight with some tape to prevent scratching it and after that, you might use a window cleaner to clean the headlights in preparation for the later work.

So using the sanding disk with different grits will take some plastic layers and leave third and final disk the trizact to smooth the surface with water.

The final step is to use the rubbing compound and spread it with the pads and shine the headlights till they look brand new.

This Kit can be used more than once so you will be able to restore more headlights when you need in a small period with amazing results.

Degreasing products

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Degreaser Kit

In-car detailing really important are degreasing products either you use them for really dirty carpets, dirty paint, wheels, dirty engine a degreasing product which will break down automotive grease to easy rinse of is vital.

One of the best products of this kind is the Meguiars Detailer Super Degreaser Concentrate with a highly alkaline formula that will remove grease and grime with ease leaving clean and spotless surfaces.

If you use Meguiars Detailer Super Degreaser Concentrate your engine will be clean in just 45 seconds after rinsing leaving no white stains or residues on your customized car.

You will have a clean and well-maintained engine using regularly the detail spray bottle with the diluted solution for heavy-duty cleaning(4 to 1 dilution) or medium-duty cleaning (10 to 1 dilution).

What is really great at this product is that you can use it all over your car as a universal degreaser not just on the engine or just on the carpets so you can have a clean car inside out, use it in interior and exterior detailing.

Car waxing products

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Car waxing products

After cleaning the car thoroughly to maintain that clean look and have a nice long-lasting gloss and shine it is important to use a waxing product that will protect for a long time the paint and give it a sleek look.

Many products can be used for that, but one of the best and easy to use is Meguiar’s G18216EU Ultimate Liquid Wax which contains cross-linking synthetic polymers and Meguiar’s hydrophobic polymer technology.

This combination will ensure maximum protection and durability with the thin film technology which allows a smoother application and faster wipe off even in direct sunlight.

This wax is specially designed so it will not turn the plastic white like other waxes and can be applied manually or with a dual-action polisher in a nonwasteful small amount.

This is a product that will ensure a nice finish with a discrete shine and depth of color for a long period in an easy and accessible way.

2. Interior detailing

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Car Cleaning Tool Kit

To complete the car detailing experience interior detailing is also important.

Many high-quality professional products are specially designed to be used on the interior of the car for different types of materials.

Each material type has different cleaning requirements and choosing the proper product is really important to prevent damage.

Some products could affect some type of materials so it is better to verify the compatibility, some can be used for upholstery others for clothes and accessories and some just for vinyl and plastic.

The products used to clean, dress and protect car interiors can be separated into 3 categories by the type of cleaning activity used.

The first is maintenance detailing which means a quick wipe with all-purpose cleaning and a top-up of a light dressing.

The second is the restoration detailing in which you need to use cleaners, degreasers, spot cleaners, adhesive removers, and more surface dressings.

The last type is the protection detailing with the same steps as the restoration but in the last part will use more durable protective coatings.

To start cleaning your car’s interior you will need some items like a good vacuum cleaner, steam cleaners, some brushes, microfiber cloths, cleaners, spot removers, and dresses.

Universal cleaners

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Interior Car Cleaner

Universal cleaners are a reliable and economical way to use one multipurpose product compatible with many types of materials like plastic, leather, vinyl, metal, cloths.

For gum, the glue we can use a gel-brake adhesive remover product that will remove anything stuck or glued in your car.

For plastic, vinyl, and rubber we can use dressings solutions that will protect the materials.

For upholstery depending on the type of material we have, we can use velour and upholstery cleaners for cloths upholstery or leather conditioners for leather upholstery.

Leather Conditioner

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Leather Conditioner

One great product that can be used on any leather surface including upholstery is Gliptone GT11 Leather Conditioner that will make the cleaned leather seem soft and in original condition without a shiny and sticky finish.

This leather conditioner has a neutral pH restoring the softness of the leather and giving it a soft and discrete new leather smell.

It is easy to apply on a soft microfiber cloth and rubbed in the leather leaving a soft finish of the leather.

Interior cleaning kits

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Using professional products specially designed for your car you will obtain great results in cleaning with no efforts while at the same time protecting all the materials.

To make your work easier interior cleaning kits are available with all you need for a perfectly cleaned interior.

An amazing product that will ease this job significantly is the Mofeez 9pcs Car Cleaning Tools Kit which will offer you all the things you need for showroom perfection looking interiors.

This kit will ensure a 3 steps routine for the ultimate finish interior and contains an interior shampoo, a fast glass solution, and a vinyl and rubber care solution for amazing results.

These products are really easy to use and provide excellent results for all types of material without damaging them.

Interior car shampoo

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Car interior Shampoo

The interior car shampoo can be used for cleaning the carpets, upholstery and even plastic surfaces even on the steering wheel in an easy manner.

Car glass polish

The car glass polish that comes in this set can be used both for interior and exterior providing a deep cleaning cream which has anti-misting properties and will clean and protect the glass for a long time.

Vinyl and rubber care products

The Autoglym vinyl and rubber care product can be also used both for interior and exterior conditioning and protecting the trims, dashboard and other surfaces leaving them immaculate and protected for a long period.

Plastic care products

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 Plastic care products

If you need extra-care for interior and exterior plastic surfaces

you can use different cleaning solutions that will clean, freshen up colors, remove scratches and give a glossy or matte finish.

A wonderful product that will give that extra-care for plastic surfaces is SONAX Plastic Care that is a water-based solution for unpainted interior and exterior plastic surfaces.

To obtain the degree of gloss you wish you can use different dilutions of the same product, for glossy surfaced a more concentrated product and for a matte finish a more diluted product.

You can use it both in the interior as well as exterior plastic surfaces like engine bays, windshield cowlings, bumpers and door handles darkening the color and protecting the surfaces.

It is easy to apply and use and being a water base you can use it on the engine bays with no problem as well as for dash-board and interior plastic trims.

New technologies:


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Wagner Steam Cleaner

Apart from the traditional methods for interior car detailing recent car cleaning technologies hit the auto car cleaning market to bring new methods that improve and ensure dazzling clean looking interiors.

Using steam-cleaning technologies you can have many advantages as using small amounts of water to clean an entire car, not using harsh chemical cleaning agents, no need for bulky and complicated equipment.

This new technology can be used for both interior and exterior cleaning right in the comfort of your backyard or garage saving a lot of money and time.

This method for cleaning is safe and efficient having many advantages over the old method like no need for chemical agents being environmentally friendly you only need a steam machine and a little water.

With this method, you can have a beautifully clean car without harming the environment and without requiring additional cleaning agents.

The pressurised steam can get in any hard to reach areas like air vents, small spaces in between the dashboard buttons, foot-well and clean any dust, hard dirt and kills all the germs and bacteria upon contact.

A wonderfully efficient and easy to use steam cleaning device is Wagner Spraytech Steam Cleaner which is a steam cleaner ready to use in 30 seconds with on-board storage for accessories and tools.

With this steam cleaner, you can clean your upholstery, carpets, and mats really easy without the need of chemicals having amazing results and making the cloth material seem like brand new.

With the adaptable nozzles and accessories, you can blast any dust, dirt traces and kill any harmful bacteria that might cause allergies sanitizing along with cleaning any surface that is treated with the steams.

With this kind of device, you will take cleaning at a whole new level getting rid at the same time of all the germs and restoring the perfect cleanliness of surfaces.

This device is small and easy to store and use and will give you amazing results in car interior cleaning but in household cleaning also being a multi-functional device.

In this new technology class, we have other great products that are designed to be used after cleaning the upholstery and other materials to make them water-proof and to ensure prevention against stains.

2. Waterproof and stain repellent solutions

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Hendlex Waterproof Spray

The waterproof and stain repellent solutions are designed to protect materials against humidity and stains just by spraying a thin mist or film of solution over material to ensure protection against spilling accidents.

A great product that will protect the interior of your car from this kind of troubles is Hendlex Textile Waterproof Spray For Upholstery Fabric that is a hydrophobic spray for car seats that will protect against spillages.

This product will not allow liquids to be absorbed by the material surfaces protecting your lovely car with a nanolayer.

This substance is odorless and invisible keeping the original look of the material being so safe that it can be used even on baby strollers, cradles, bed-sheets to protect against liquids and dirt.


If you have the power to ease your life using amazing products specially designed for making your life better why not try them.

With a clean, sanitized and spotless car you can have all the comfort that is so important for a good quality life so it is easier to maintain yourself happy and healthy.