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HP F330S Dash Cam Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.7/10
  • Functions - 9.7/10
  • Image quality - 9.8/10


If you haven’t bought a dashboard camera yet and you’re looking for one, HP f330s can be one of the right choices for you


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HP F330S Dash Cam

Being a parent is not that simple. Even after our children grew up and became teenagers, the worries did not leave us. For most children who reach adolescence, the first thing they do is learn to drive. Once the driver’s license has been obtained, our worries increase greatly, especially since we do not know how they drive, where they go, and many other concerns.

We can say that this is one of the many reasons why car accessories manufacturers have created the dashboard camera.

A dashboard camera installed in our car or our child’s car can give us pictures, about the type of driving practiced by the child. Considering that some may practice unsafe driving.

Also, a dash-cam can show us the places they visited, or what people they transported by car. Thanks to the dashboard cameras equipped with GPS we can also know the real-time location of the teenager.

Considering that there are numerous dashboard cameras on the market with different functions and from different companies, we have to think well about the choice we are going to make.

Dashboard cameras also come with prices for any pocket especially in this period when there are various models.

HP is a company headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The company has high technology lines in the production of printers, scanners, digital cameras, computers, PDAs, servers, etc.

The HP F330S dashboard camera is one of the dash cams produced by this company, and about which we will talk in detail today.

HP F330S Dash Cam Presentation

HP F330S installation

This dashcam has a compact and minimalist design, which fits perfectly in any car. The ultra-thin design of this camera will keep it hidden in front of the rearview mirror and give us the impression that it is part of the car.

Small LCD screen 2.4 ” will not disturb the visual field of the driver.
With 1080P Full HD lenses, synchronous recording gives us much clearer videos and images. The camera has also a built-in microphone.

The pictures will be saved in DCF format(JPEG, EXIF: 2.2), on a memory card. This dashboard camera support up to 32GB class10 micro SD card, that we have to buy because it is not included in the package. We will have to format the SD card on the camera before being used.

With a wide-angle of 140 degrees, this dashcam is capable of capturing up to 4 lanes of traffic without distortion.
SUPER NIGHT VISION feature is rendered by the F1.18 six-layer glass lens as well as the unique HDR system that can adapt the exposure to produce clearer images at night.

HP F330S Dash Cam Functions

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HP F330S Dash Cam image quality

The G sensor that the camera has, will help us not to lose pictures or videos. It will save them in case of emergency. The dashboard camera will automatically detect the shaking or collision, significant or sudden and will prevent their overwriting even in the loop recording.

Parking Monitoring will make the camera record when it detects vibration. It records even when the car is stopped in the parking lot if it detects any movement. Loop Recording keep the latest video available. Specifically, the camera will store the video files on a memory card. tThe newest video will continuously replace the older one.

After installing this camera it does not require any intervention. It will start up when the ignition is switched on and it will stop when the car is stopped. In this way we will not have to worry that we will forget to capture a moment that we consider important.

The product will come with two mounting kits so that it can be installed easily and at the same time resistant. We don’t have to worry if we do this for the first time.

For 12 months as long as this product is under warranty, the professional assistance team will answer any questions quickly.

The package will come with: 1 HP F330S Dash Cam , 1 car power supply with USB connector, 1 suction cup mount, 1 3M Sticker Mount, and user manual.

The manufacturer warns us that the built-in battery of the camera should only be used to save important files. For the rest of the use, we must connect the camera to the car charger.


  • easy to assemble
  • being small does not disturb the view of the driver
  • it film very clearly


  • it is quite expensive for the qualities it offers


If you haven’t bought a dashboard camera yet and you’re looking for one, HP f330s can be one of the right choices for you. Besides the fact that it has many features, it will fit perfectly inside your car.

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