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HP F505G Dash Cam 1080P Review

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If you need a high-quality dashboard camera for your car with all the advanced feature you can get the HP F505G 1080P Dash Camand have it all.


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HP F505G Dash Cam

As we all know a picture worth’s a thousand words so what better way to protect yourself than having a camera installed on board to record every little thing.

As busy as we are with high traffic and cramped roads you might never know when a little device like this can come in handy saving you from a lot of trouble.

Dashboard cameras are small, discrete almost unnoticeable so you will have a constant and reliable witness with you all the time.

Many fraudsters have tried to claim insurance coverage by faking accidents and blaming on the other driver.

Without solid proves you cannot protect yourself from scams and fraudsters so with a small investment you can get rid of all that.

Many insurance companies have special fees for drivers that have dashboard cameras installed to help discourage the insurance scams.

So the main reason to install a dash-camera might be the ability to record and store valuable footage so you can use them when needed.

Why buying a Dash Cam?

With a good dash-camera that has parking mode, you can have your vehicle secure while it is parked because the camera will record any dubious activity detected by motion sensors.

You can also monitor your children from the back seats by installing a dual-channel dash-camera which will display the activity from the backside of your car.

With the GPS logs, you can check where your car was or if it was moved and driven by someone else, also with the onboard recordings you can see any risky behaviors on the wheel.

Having the replay feature is easy to playback recordings and use them as pieces of evidence with the police when wrongfully accused of speeding or just to show to a friend.

Being completely automated it will allow you to focus on driving and in case of an accident will record everything without your intervention.

If the camera will have a shortage in memory space will be able to record by overwriting old recordings but at the same time keeping safe important recordings in special folders.

Dash-cameras have good resolution and offer high-quality images depending on the quality of the camera and the feature included.

It is important to have a good resolution camera that will work well in night time as well and will capture clean and clear images with details like a license plate.

Depending on the model and price range the dash-cams can have basic features or include also advanced ones like the ones mentioned above.

So depending on your budget and needs you can find a model that can satisfy all your requirings.

HP F505G Dash Cam Presentation

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HP F505G Dash Cam Review

HP F505G Dash Cam 1080P is a high-quality dashboard camera that has all advanced features included and full HD high resolution of 1080p.

This HP cam has the best quality image you can get in a dash-cam along with a 2.4 ” large screen on the back.

The wide 140 degrees lens angle will allow you to record all critical elements without many edges to edge distortions.

It is easy to install with the mounting system which can pivot allowing you to rotate the camera as you wish and detach it for safe storage.

This device has a built-in battery that will allow the camera to record even if you take it outside of the car.

With all the high-quality images you will have crystal clear evidence with sharp details even at night.

Another great feature is the included 8GB microSD memory card which will allow you hours of recordings and if you wish you can add microSD up to 32 GB.

This camera has also a GPS built-in and will help you to record also speed, time, date and other data on the videos.

Other cool features are the notifications for forwarding collision, lane departure, driver fatigue alert which will help you a lot while driving.

Has all the other features like loop recording, G-sensors, crash detection, emergency recordings, large-aperture lenses.

This is a high-end device that will provide you at a great price all the great functions of a high-quality dash-camera.

So with a small investment, you will have your car fitted with one of the most advanced dash-cams.


  • High-quality video image
  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • built-in GPS
  • wide 140 degrees angle
  • loop recordings
  • G-sensors/collision detection
  • emergency auto recordings
  • large 2.4 ” display
  • night vision
  • built-in microphone
  • rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • lane departure warning system
  • fatigue alert for drivers
  • forward collision detection
  • Super Car Software
  • G-sensors sensitivity charts


  • some of the notification might need to be turned off, to not annoy you


If you need a high-quality dashboard camera for your car with all the advanced feature you can get the HP F505G Dash Cam 1080P and have it all.

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