Micro Detailer 600 Pro

Micro Detailer 600 Pro Ceramic Car Coating Kit

Ceramic Coating
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If you need good protection for your car’s paint that will last longer and will provide a nice gloss you should try the Micro Detailer 600 Pro Ceramic Car Coating Kit


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Micro Detailer 600 Pro

If you wish to protect your car paint and always have a perfect finish look with deep color and shinny gloss you should try ceramic coating.

This is a procedure with many advantages because ceramic has high-temperature resistance points lengthened durability and is very resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

This method has many names like glass coating, nanotechnology or quartz coating but is the same process that ensures long term protection for your car’s paint.

With a few explanations, we can prove the benefits of coating your car with a ceramic compound.

Importance of Ceramic Coating

Your car’s paint has different layers, one on top of the other the first one being the primer.

This primer layer is covered with the base coat and after that with a clear coat that will produce that nice shine.

If the layer of clear coat is unprotected it will deteriorate thanks to the UV light long exposure.

The direct sunlight, debris, dirt, bird droppings, salt from the road will oxidate the top clear coat layer making the car look uncared for and old.

To keep the new look of the car’s paint you can use protection against damaging factors using special protective products.

On the automotive market, you have available 4 types of products you can use starting from waxes to polymer sealants, coatings with ceramic and protection film.

Carnauba wax is easy to use and affordable ensuring good protection but the disadvantage is that you must apply it often like every 6 / 9 weeks.

Using strong detergents when you wash your car or if it is really hot outside will leave your car without the layer of wax.

Using sealants you will have a bit more durable protection like 6 /8 months but still, won’t be enough.

Even sealants are applied in thin films and have the same problem as wax being easy to remove if you wash the car with harsh chemicals.

Ceramic coating means that silica dioxide is applied and being like a hard polymer glass will for better bonds that will better protect the clear coat.

Because it can be applied in many layers as the layers accumulate the coating becomes stronger and shinier.

The ceramic layers having low slip angles will make your car easier to clean because of dirt won’t stick.

The best option to protect your car’s paint that is available now is using the ceramic coating.

With a small investment, you can keep your car as new and make your job of cleaning it much more easy.

This strong protective coating cannot be removed except by using sandpaper.


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Micro Detailer 600 Pro  Ceramic Car Coating Kit

Micro Detailer 600 Pro Ceramic Car Coating Kit is a ceramic coating kit that will ensure all you need to protect your car from dirt and scratches giving it a nice glowy finish.

This coating is made from nano-particles which form a 3-D mash that is super flexible and resilient lasting up to 5 years and a hydrophobic surface that is easy to clean.

Having the layers in low angles this coating will not allow adherence of materials creating a self cleanable surface.

The multiple layers will add strength but will maintain the flexibility needed to avoid great structural damages.

What is really important is to prepare the car really well before applying the ceramic coating.

To prepare the paint you must first wash the car really well to remove any abrasive particles or dust,dirt using a striping agent to eliminate any contaminants.

The second step is using a claybar to extract any other contaminants that might be left on the cars surface.

The third step is polishing the car’s paint to remove any scratches and give it perfect finished look not a dull and scratched one.

So if you do not want to lock in scratches,swirls and dirt in your car coating it is best to do really well all these steps.

The final step before coating is to give your car a really good wipe to remove any grease and other contaminants and recheck all the surface.

Only after doing all these steps you can be sure that you can proceed with the coating.

It is best to have all you need already prepared and read very well all the instructions of the product before applying it.

Micro Detailer 600 Pro Pros

  • easy to use
  • rich color and deep gloss
  • intensifies colors
  • will create a good barrier against scratches
  • is UV resistant
  • hight temperature resistant

Micro Detailer 600 Pro Cons

  • requires preparation before being able to apply the coating
  • the temperature will influence the coating when applying


If you need good protection for your car’s paint that will last longer and will provide a nice gloss you should try the Micro Detailer 600 Pro Ceramic Car Coating Kit.

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