BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Kit

BlackFire Ceramic Coating Kit Review

Ceramic Coating
  • Price - 9.4/10
  • Quality - 9.4/10
  • Ease of use - 9.7/10


The BlackFire Ceramic Coating Kit is a highly recommended choice if you want a really good product.


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BLACKFIRE Pro Ceramic Coating Complete Kit

If you’re passionate about your car’s exterior appearance, and you like keeping it clean and shiny all the time, then you’ve probably heard of ceramic coating. It’s one of the most expensive forms of coating that’s usually used on high-end cars.

A ceramic coating acts as a protective, invisible layer for your car’s paint. It’s very similar to car wax and sealant but it’s specifically designed to last longer. You can see the enhanced appearance of a ceramic coated car compared to other vehicles.

If you opt to apply the ceramic coat yourself, a ceramic coat kit is worth every dime you spend on it. The upfront cost will pay itself in savings in less than a couple of months.

A ceramic coating will seep into scratches and swirl marks that have damaged your car’s paint, but it won’t visually remove the bigger ones. The ceramic coating is completely transparent and exceptionally microscopic.

A decent ceramic coating kit is usually good enough to coat two cars and gives your paint durability that can last up to five years. In today’s article, we’ll talk about the BlackFire Pro Ceramic Coating Kit.


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The BlackFire Pro Ceramic Coating Kit features all of the newest BlackFire products developed for lightly correcting, prepping, and coating your vehicle’s paint.

With the help of the BlackFire Primer Polish, you can gently remove light swirls and scratches, while also prepping the surface for the ceramic coating. This Kit is ideal for well-maintained cars.

To maintain the shiny coat after the first wash, you can use the BlackFire SiO2 Spray Sealant. This will boost your finish and hydrophobicity.

The BlackFire Pro Ceramic Coating Kit was developed using a solvent and fluorine-free formula to make it more user-safely. This ensures that it can be applied anywhere, even in enclosed environments, without causing health problems.

Thanks to its Pro items, the BlackFire Pro Ceramic Coating Kit builds a bridge between entry-level commercial ceramic coatings and professional-only industrial ceramic coatings. This allows everyone to achieve a mirror-like shine! 

The thermoplastic component contained in the formula for this kit creates a flexible, cross-linked matrix that provides 9H+ hardness that is graded to last up to 2 years when properly maintained.


With incredible structural integrity, this matrix makes the BlacFire Pro Ceramic Coating Kit one of the most abrasion and corrosion-resistant ceramic coatings on the market.

To make sure that the light swirls and scratches are eliminated, and the surface of your car is properly prepped for the ceramic coating, you should start with the BlackFire Pro Primer Polish.

The BlackFire Pro Primer Polish contains Silica technology. This will create a stronger bond between the car’s paint and your favorite ceramic coating. Thus, enhancing the strength and duration of the used coating.

Thanks to combining the two most time-consuming steps of applying a paint coating, the BlackFire Pro Primer Polish cuts the time you’d normally use on detailing in half. You can even use it as a stand-alone product to correct minor imperfections while also leaving a protective barrier behind.

The BlackFire Pro Ceramic Coating Kit includes:

  • 50ml. BlackFire Pro Ceramic Coating,
  • 8oz BlackFire Pro Primer Polish,
  • 32oz BlackFire Pro Paint Prep,
  • two 32oz BlackFire Pro SiO2 Spray Sealant,
  • white polishing CCS Euro Foam Hand Polish Applicator,
  • BlackFire Coating Applicator,
  • BlackFire Micro Suede High-Quality Cloths three packs x 10,
  • Supreme 530 Microfiber Towel, 16×16”.


  • High-quality
  • The Kit Includes Everything You Need
  • 2-year life span
  • Contains Silica Tech
  • Affordable
  • Real-world tested


  • Hard to apply if you lack the basic coating skills


If you’ve had enough of your car’s wax breaking down so often, and you’re looking for a long resistant replacement, then the BlackFire Ceramic Coating Kit is a highly recommended choice.

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