Sonax Ceramic Coating CC36 Kit

Sonax Ceramic Coating CC36 Review

Ceramic Coating
  • Price - 9.5/10
  • Quality - 9.9/10
  • Ease of use - 9.5/10


Sonax Ceramic Coating CC36 is a ceramic coating kit really ease to use. It will protect the car’s paint for years.


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Sonax Ceramic Coating CC36

Ceramic coating products are designed to use as protection for the paint of the car, aside from protection will ensure a glossy look.

Incorporating nano-particles of ceramic this new class of coatings will form a layer of protection closely bonded with the paint of the car that is very resilient and offers a smooth looking shiny finish.

The ceramic nanoparticles are heat resistant due to the special characteristics of the inorganic bonds of the ceramic compounds.

This solid material is made of an inorganic mix of non-metal and metal bonded by covalent bonds that will give unique proprieties to the ceramic nanoparticle mix.

To protect the vehicle’s paint against oxidation and nocive weather conditions new coating material was discovered and used by applying the unique properties of ceramic compounds.

If the quality of the car paint will be preserved it will maintain the high market value of the vehicle and also the perfect glossy look that will make it even more attractive for buyers and the owner.

Ceramic coating is an ingenious and available way to protect your car and enjoy its perfect look for a longer period.

With a small investment, you will obtain great results easily and enjoyably.

Sonax Ceramic Coating Presentation

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Sonax Ceramic Coating CC36  Review

Sonax Ceramic Coating CC36 is a flexible ceramic coating that will protect your car’s paint from the nocive action of chemicals, UV light, road salt, tar, and many other damaging agents.

This coating will offer lasting protection and effect of deep shiny gloss to your car that will make it seem like new with a glass-like finish.

This protective coating will give your car a superhydrophobic surface that will repel dirt and will be much easier to maintain clean with an incredible shine that will intensify the color of the car’s paint.

The new Sonax 236941 Ceramic Coating CC36 is the most powerful car paint protection, it is strong and flexible coating the body of the car like a second skin without needing a laborious job to obtain it.

This flexible ceramic coating will be applied in two steps to ensure the best car paint protection without the need to protect your breathing when applying it, no paint pistol needed and no need for infrared radiations.

The particles in this ceramic coating will actively react to the surface and form a covalent bond with the paint of the car creating a highly resistant flexible network that will protect the paint of the car from external influences.

Thanks to this ceramic coating dirt particles will bounce off from the flexible coating without damaging it.

This way the car will have a brilliant shine and the strong protection for a long time.

Even if you are not a professional you can apply this coating in two easy steps with major results that will leave you completely satisfied.

Sonax Ceramic Coating Pros

  • amazing results
  • the coated car does not get dirty easy
  • it is super hydrophobic
  • the shine is simply amazing

Sonax Ceramic Coating Cons

  • it must be applied in two coatings: base coating and gloss coating
  • both coatings buff off hard
  • has fast flash time (30 sec)

it is not the easiest product to apply


If you wish to keep your car paint in a top condition with no major effort at an affordable price you could try out the new Sonax Ceramic Coating CC36 – 236941 that will offer you the best protection ceramic coating with a glassy perfect finish look.

With this great protection coating, the paint on your car will be protected for a longer period and will be more easy to clean and will have a great deep shine.

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