Electric winch with Syntetic Rope

Electric winch with Syntetic Rope – Smittybilt

Car winch
  • Price - 9.1/10
  • Power - 10/10
  • Durability - 9.6/10


If you really need a winch for your 4X4, this is the one you need. Cheap, waterproof, resistant and good in any kind of road.


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Electric winch with Syntetic Rope

The Smittybilt electric winch with Syntetic Rope has been renewed with heavy-duty upgrades so its performance and durability last longer. This recovery tool can range from 9,500 to 17,500 pounds,making it useful in almost every situation. Since everyone has events from time to time this winch rope could be the salvation. It is not going to cost a fortune and it can be a long time “friend” if you just take care of it.

Your 4X4 needs a good and smooth attachment? Well, this might be the one you are looking for. Other winches are good too, but I can’t be sure about the prices, as far as I know, this one is the cheapest and the performance of it is not bad either.


First of all, it is lighter and stronger than the traditional steel cables plus it won’t kink, curl or splinter, it has better endurance. For example, a steel cable is about 80lbs and the synthetic one is less than half. You can choose either steel or synthetic winch rope but it is recommended to pick the synthetic one.

It will work even if it is raining or even if there is a muddy terrain out there, even the sunshine will not affect its performance which makes it so great about it. This winch rope has some good features like a winch remote, battery cables and mounting hardware. Since the price is so low you might not get everything, you will have to buy a cover for it and even a mounting plate but those aren’t that expensive as you may think.

Important Features

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Electric winch

Other info that you may need to know is that the Smittybilt synthetic winch rope is able of a line speed of 32feets per minute, the drum will have a 6feet/minute, which is not a bad timing too. In comparison with some other winch ropes this one is just a bit slower, but with the speed there comes the risk of breaking it too.

The warranty of this product is actually really nice. You get a Lifetime warranty for mechanical support and 3 years for the electrical one.

I have to mention that its motor has a 6.6HP capacity and with only one layer of cable this winch has 435 amps. The minimum CCA of a battery should be at least 650. It is strongly recommended that you do keep your engine switched on while using the synthetic winch, it might consume all the energy and you won’t be capable of starting your car if it is turned off.

A few lasting pieces of information about this product. It is made in China and probably this is why it is cheaper than other winches. But that doesn’t make it a bad product. The Smittybilt winch can be used at a maximum of 30 minutes in the water. Ss some reports are saying and against the dust or others, it is impenetrable.


  • A lot cheaper than others of this category.
  • Can be used for pulling a minimum of 4500kg (to be honest it’s a lot of weight).
  • Is light and handy, installing it won’t be a hard time.
  • Can be used with a wireless remote.
  • 3 gear planetary system.
  • The rope is 93 ft long and it comes with the hook too.


  • If you run the winch too long with a small battery and then shut off the engine without allowing the battery to recharge, the engine may not start.
  • You have to buy some extra parts if you want to.
  • When you get the order you need to check if the solenoid is cracked or if there is something missing, these winches are all almost the same, it is just that some manufacturers change some specs to make them different.
  • It is not as abrasion-resistant as a steel cable.
  • You really need to buy a cover so that the UV exposure won’t break it.


If you really need a winch for your 4X4, this is the one you need. Cheap, waterproof, resistant and good in any kind of road. Anything can be done, in our case, the Smittybilt Electric winch with Syntetic Rope will not disappoint.

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