Warn 12 Volt Electric Winch VR12

Warn 12 Volt Electric Winch VR12 12000 lb

Car winch
  • Price - 9.4/10
  • Power - 9.6/10
  • Reliability - 10/10


If you need a reliable and powerful winch with a waterproof remote control, sleek and durable design and a 7 years electrical warranty WARN VR12 Winch is all you are looking for at a great price.


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Warn 12 Volt Electric Winch

Winches are mechanical devices that pull/let out or adjust the cable tension and are used for self-recovery and as a tow strap.

Winches can be used for many purposes especially with traction trucks, 4×4 cars, SUV and all kind of vehicles.

For pulling, dragging, recovery these devices can be mounted on the front or back of the vehicles on the bumpers.

Winches are an important tool for 4×4 drive wheels, trucks and special vehicles used to lift heavy objects, to recover vehicles, for vehicles stuck in mud/sand /water.

A winch is a very useful tool in heavy lifting jobs, off-roading or work and a well worth investment that can save you from many unpleasant situations.

Winches can be completely hidden from view behind bumpers and can be attached to the electrical system of the car and work with a touch of the button to lift and haul any load and vehicle in any environment and terrain with ease.

The electric motor is powered by the battery of the car and will unwrap and wrap the cable when operated.

Important Features

Some features are important when you choose a winch like the pull rating of the line of the winch which is measured with pounds by matching the GVWR (car gross weight rating) to the winch rating.

Having a winch as an addition to your car will save you from a lot of troubles and will be the helping hand you can always use.

One of the most known winch manufacturers is WARN Industries which are well known for all road equipment and hydraulic winches and hoists designed especially for trade workers and enthusiasts that need powerful tools for hauling, dragging, pulling and lifting.

A device like this would make a great investment upgrading your car capabilities and being of real service in difficult terrains and difficult situations.

Warn 12 Volt Electric Winch VR12 Presentation

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Warn Electric Winch

WARN VR12 Winch is a powerful and efficient wound motor all-terrain type with a low profile that will fit jeeps, trucks, and SUV’s.

This device has a relocatable center box control pack and remote plug, a waterproof Albright contractor that replaces solenoids, synthetic rope and a one-piece reliable tie plate and cone brake hold.

The 12000 lbs capacity makes it suited for heavy rigs, one-ton pick-up trucks, jeeps, and other vehicles.

The Albright contractor makes it reliable, durable and increases the control by replacing the old solenoids.

The control pack is easy to relocate making it easy to allow an in-bumper application, a low profile look or just to be left as it is.

What is interesting at the new VR lines is the redesigned clutch lever which ensures easy use even with winching gloves.

The iron cast’s new brace plate holds the control pack increasing the rigidity of the whole structure, decreases the noise and gives a new modern slick look.

WARN VR12 Winch has a 3 stage planetary, automatic direct drive cone, steel cord and a powder coat over the primer undercoating.

The WARN offers a 7 years electrical warranty to ensure you will enjoy longer the usage of your high-quality reliable WARN winch.

With this powerful and reliable winch, you will never have a problem with rough terrains or when you need to get someone out of trouble.

Mounting a winch on your car is easy and even easier is to operate one when you need help in your work or just to get your car out of mud, water or any situation which might keep your vehicle stuck.


  • low profile look
  • easy to install
  • 3 stage planetary
  • water proof remote control
  • steel cord
  • iron cast Hawse
  • compatible with 650 CCA
  • powder coat over the primer undercoating
  • 12000 lbs capacity
  • very reliable
  • has 7 years electrical warranty
  • comes pre-wired and ready to install when you get it out of the box


  • the plug fro the remote-control can be plugged upside down or upside right making easy a confusion
  • it is not the lightest winch
  • the bolt needs to be replaced because they rust


If you need a reliable and powerful winch with a waterproof remote control, sleek and durable design and a 7 years electrical warranty Warn 12 Volt Electric Winch VR12 is all you are looking for at a great price.

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