Truck Synthetic Winch – Champion 12,000lbs Review

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The Truck Synthetic Winch Kit is perfect for adventurous drivers.

Truck Synthetic Winch Champion 12000 lbs


Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere when the road trip is more fun is not on anyone’s bucket list. To avoid a situation like this, it’s always good to have a Winch Kit in your car.

An electric truck winch is used to perform heavy-duty pulling tasks. It uses an electric motor that powers a spool or steel drum, winding steel or synthetic cable wire that is attached to a steel hook on the cable’s leading end.

When retrieving a truck or SUV, electric winches need a lot of power and the towing vehicle’s battery provides said power. But if you need to retrieve a heavier vehicle, from a more difficult spot, a winch circuit must be added to provide more power to the back of the tow vehicle.

Depending on the Winch Kit, they generally consist of the winch, approved line, a good quality winch mount, gloves, two shackles, a tree trunk protector, winch line damper, a pulley block, the grab strap, ground anchor, even a shovel.

All Winch Kits are different as they are used for retrieving different types of vehicles. You must be careful to choose the right Winch Kit for your vehicle. In this article, we’ll talk about the Champion Truck/SUV Synthetic Rope Winch Kit.


Champion Truck Synthetic Winch

The Champion Power Equipment 12,000lbs Truck/SUV Synthetic Rope Winch Kit is specially designed for powerful and reliable winching with your Truck or SUV.

Thanks to its Speed Mount 2-inch hitch adapter, this winch installs quickly and can easily pull up to 12,000lbs. It’s designed for quick and easy mounting, transportation and storage.

You can mount this winch on your SUV or Truck with the included mounting series wound motor. The handles are 3-position adjustable and they serve as side guards to protect the winch.

With a gear reduction ratio of 216:1, this winch boasts a line speed of 2.3fpm with a full load and 15,7fpm with no load.

The Champion Winch Kit is made from hi-tech polyethylene. The high flexibility and low weight of the synthetic rope prevent kinking and it won’t fray or curl. It also stores less kinetic energy and will not recoil with as much force as steel.

If the rope breaks, it can be easily repaired in the field. It also floats. Because it’s free of wire splinters or burrs, the chance of injury is greatly decreased.

Thanks to the stainless steel thimble and protective sleeve the 85f by 11/32” synthetic winch rope has a minimum break strength of 15,000lbs and is guided onto the 2,5 by 8.8” drum through that fairlead.

With a black anodized finish, the lightweight aluminum hawse fairlead is specifically developed to maximize the rope’s lifespan.

For excellent control, while winching, the Champion Winch is equipped with an efficient three-stage planetary gear, braking system, and free spooling clutch. It also features a hand-held quick-connect remote control and 12f cable.

Thanks to the included snatch block, you have something to use to increase winching power or to aid in angled and difficult pulls. The box will include a handy strap, 6f battery lead cables and a fitted weather-resistant neoprene cover.

Truck Synthetic Winch

Truck Synthetic Winch Pros

  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • High-quality
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Included Snatch Block
  • Efficient
  • Hassle-Free

Truck Synthetic Winch Cons

  • No Wireless remote.


No matter if you love adventures or you’re just the normal casual driver, having a Winch Kit can save you from some annoying situations. If you’re looking for a powerful and reliable winch kit, you should give the Champion Truck/SUV Synthetic Rope Winch Kit a chance.

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