12v Electric Winch

12v Electric Winch Review – Rugcel 12v

Car winch
  • Price - 9.4/10
  • Power - 9.6/10
  • Durability - 9.6/10


To be able to solve any problem while we are on a vacation with our cars, such as being stuck in the mud or even snow it is necessary to have this tool in the trunk


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 12v Electric Winch

 If we take our car or ATV/UTV offroad or run in snowy or dangerous situations, it may be the occasion to buy a forever fixed or movable electric winch. 

 This ingenious device is an absolute revelation should we find ourselves stuck in the dirt, on an inclination, or otherwise immobile. We can also use our winch to save others who have gotten grounded. Whether we need it for the job or private utility, an electric car winch is an advantageous tool, as long as we get the best one.

 Of course, as soon as we begin buying for our first winch, it’s simple to get confused. There are a lot of options, several different manufacturers to view, and a wide collection of costs.

 Rugcel Winch was founded in 1999, has been devoted to the construction and creation of various electric winches, water-powered winches, covers and 4*4 accessories, etc, for more than 16 years. 

 They have a powerful analysis and improvement capacity. Now they have got 6 design controls and 25 practical discovery and development controls many controls are still under investigation.

 Today we will discuss in this article about Rugcel 12v Electric Winch Waterproof IP68.

 12v Electric Winch Presentation

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ATV winch

 This tool is specially created for ATV, UV, normal car, boat, trucks, jeeps, transformed vehicles and multi-purpose business vans.

 This electric winch is made of stainless steel and has complete resistance to harsh weather. This multiplies the security facing corrosion and humidity. Viciously pulling energy drags us out of the vital incidents.

 Double methods comply with wired and wireless capacity! An outdoorsman’s most suitable option for small, quiet, all-purpose winching, the versatile LT3500 ATV winch from Rugcel is perfect for those requiring a more substantial, strong winch with brand-name security and functionality.

 Built with a low amp, strong magnet motor shielded by a circuit wave, the LT3500 gives the strong representation that has produced Rugcel the brand users understand and trust. It is also a comprehensive winch for the unexpected.

 It holds a strong full metal 3-stage planetary property train, a 3500-LB pull rank, a 1.2 horsepower strong magnet low-amp draw engine, 50-feet of durable 4/25″ synthetic nylon rope, a free-spooling, ergonomic clutch and more. The free spooling clutch suggests that the winch can feed out the cord without making any waste of energy.

 This is a multipurpose device created for extraction or removal of high capacity strong iron. It has a powerful motor with high magnetic resistance and an iron cable with rollers. It decreases unnecessary wear on our winch cord ABS construction synthetics UV protection and protects handle mounted and wireless remote forged steel ultra heavy duty hook.

 It also has a mechanical and electric brake for control while winching, including the complete manual instruction

 All winches get supported by a lifetime professional assistance and a 3-year restricted guarantee.


  • it is cheaper than other products in the same category
  • easy to use
  • it is very useful
  • it works exactly as described
  • is very powerful and fast


  • at the moment we did not find any defect or problem


To be able to solve any problem while we are on a vacation with our cars, such as being stuck in the mud or even snow it is necessary to have this tool in the trunk. Rugcel 12v Electric Winch Waterproof IP68 will not disappoint us, and it will be of great help to us.

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