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Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Lithium Ion Battery

Vacuum Cleaner
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If you have decided not to take the car to the laundry to clean its interior due to frequent disappointments, we recommend that you purchase Coenman handheld vacuum cleaner.


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Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

 Many of us, due to lack of time, is usually to take our cars to the car wash for cleaning. But what do we do when besides leaving a nice amount of money, the cleaning inside is disappointing?

 We think that next time we will clean it and vacuum it at home. But to be able to do this meticulous operation we realize that the vacuum cleaner we use in the house is not very helpful. The cable will tangle, it is too short, and besides, we have no power outlet within reach.

 In these cases, the manufacturers of cleaning accessories can help us with a cordless vacuum cleaner, easy to handle, and at affordable prices.

 Although small in size, hand vacuum cleaners offer high-performance cleaning. Are equipped with powerful engines that offer optimum absorption.

 Handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning scattered shreds, animal hair and any other small disaster around your home or car.

 Although it seems easy, choosing such a device is quite complicated, because, on the market, there are a large variety of such products, from different manufacturers. All vacuum cleaners have a basic function: vacuuming the dust and dirt, but not all perform the same.

 Coleman company is one of the manufacturers of such smart vacuum cleaners, which wants to make our work easy.

 One of the best vacuum cleaners we will talk about is Coenman handheld vacuum cleaner.


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Handheld Car  Vacuum Cleaner

 With the innovative design, the weight of 2.4 kg and the shape of the handle the vacuum cleaner is comfortable saving our power.

 The touch screen above helps us select the desired functions.

 The two-way four-way exhaust configuration, the four exhaust apertures on the left and right parties together drain the air, which is extra convenient to airflow discharge, decreasing the temperature of the device.

 Due to the quality materials from which it is manufactured, this vacuum cleaner is designed for long-term use. We can efficiently clean the dust in the car, and with the extended mouth, we can clean all the corners of the car that are hard to reach. We will always keep the car tidy and clean.

 We can also use it for cleaning the house or the office. We can even take it with us when we go on vacation.

 A high-performance engine (130W) offers a higher power suction (3.5mbar) for the absorption of several types of garbage such as animal hair, leaves, and other shreds. On the other hand, the same engine ensures fast and stable inflation.

 The compressor function is very easy to use. All you have to do is set the desired tire pressure and it will stop automatically when the tire has reached there. It detects the tire pressure at any time, anticipating the pressure problems thus reducing the safety hazards.

 We will finish cleaning quickly due to the suction speed of 3300r/ min. 

 4500PA Lithium-Ion Air Compressor Pump turns this vacuum cleaner into a compressor that will be of great help to us when we puncture the tire. This compressor will inflate 8 tires in 60 seconds with a single charge. We can inflate from balls to SUV tires


  • easy to use both ways
  • easy to install


  • we haven’t found any defects in this device yet


If you have decided not to take the car to the laundry to clean its interior due to frequent disappointments, we recommend that you purchase Coenman handheld vacuum cleaner.

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