Electric Truck Winch

Electric Truck Winch – ORCISH IP67 Waterproof

Car winch
  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Quality - 9.7/10
  • Load Capacity - 10/10


ORCISH IP67 Electric Truck Winch is a really good choice if you want to go offroad. It is a good winch.


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Electric Truck Winch

Any car and especially 4 x4 terrain cars should be equipped with winches especially because in rough terrains your car might need some help to get through obstacles like mud, water, sand and many more.

So here are some things you should know before choosing and buying one for your car.

On the market exist a big variety of models of all different qualities but because a winch might be so important in rescuing your car and yourself from difficult situation investing in the quality of this device is vital.

So instead of choosing a cheap copy version of a more high-quality brand, it is better to invest properly from the start in a high-quality device.

With a heavy and big car trapped in mud or a ditch, you will need the proper equipment to solve the situation.

In general, winches are used for self-recovery in different situations involving your car to winch your way out of any situation.

The necessary equipment for self-recovery is made of a tree-saver strap and a D-ring clevis which will help you attach the winch on the supporting tree without harming it and with a strong and safe connection.

A reliable winch is a lifesaver proving its worth each time you use it to get out of any sticky situation and trouble.

High-quality winches must be durable and have strong components that will last in the time being noncorrosive and under difficult conditions without braking when you need it most.

With a winch, you can toll or haul your vehicle with another vehicle or just use a nearby strong tree to pull yourself out of trouble.

You can use it even to remove any obstacle out of your way in the road like tree branches by dragging it out of your way rather than trying to find an alternate way which could take you hours.

With this device, you can even hook it to a snowplow to clean your driveway or any road you need to be cleared efficiently.

These strong devices have different load capacity’s so you can choose one depending on your needs.

So if you are not sure which you need here is some quick information that will help you clear your mind.

How to choose a winch

You must think first at what you will need to use mainly the winch for and how often will you use it, or if you want beaded steel or synthetic rope each one having pros and cons depending on usage.

So it is important to know which one would work better for your application as braided steel is more for heavy-duty towing, pulling having less chance of fraying and will last longer.

One major disadvantage is that if a steel cable snaps will have a potentially threatening and dangerous coil so weight is important to be placed to drop the line and prevent injuries.

On the other side, a synthetic rope will not cause any problems when it snaps and is very durable but as a disadvantage, they do tend to worn and become frail in time so you must replace it around every 2 years.

Synthetic rope is much lighter than the steel cable reducing also the weight of the whole winch system.

So if you choose braided steel is best to make sure you wear heavy-duty

gloves to avoid any injuries on your hand while handling it.

To know the minimum load capacity that you need for your winch is best to multiply the dry weight (weight of the vehicle while is empty) with 1.5.

If the vehicle is smaller you can use a lower capacity winch than for a bigger vehicle as a truck or other.

Important also for a winch is the mounting equipment used so you must check that too.


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Electric Truck Winch Specs

ORCISH IP67 Electric Truck Winch is a waterproof winch with a load capacity of 13000 lb that comes with an overload protector and a winch cover.

It has a sealed Heavy-duty 500A solenoid contactor and 26 meters of Dyneema synthetic rope and positive load control.

This powerful winch can be controlled from distance with wireless remote control and has also a hand remote controller.

The planetary system has a 3 stage gear system, free spooling clutch used to fast payout synthetic rope.

The winch has an alloy hawse fairlead that is waterproof suitable even for 1 m deep water in normal conditions and also is completely dust-proof.

This winch is affordable and really good quality and comes with all you need to install it and start using it.


  • it is easy to install and use
  • has a good quality and is affordable
  • has are a nice look


  • you might need a covering for the winch if it does not come with the pack


If you need an affordable great quality heavy-duty electric winch suitable for jeeps and truck with a load weight of 13000 lb and that is waterproof ORCISH IP67 Electric Truck Winch would be a perfect pick for you.

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