REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro

REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro Review

Car Dash Cam
  • Price - 9.7/10
  • Image quality - 9.7/10
  • Functions - 9.7/10


Rexing S300 Dash Cam Pro is a good choice if you want a camera that can rotate and with 170 degree angle. It is a good camera at a really good price.


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Rexing S300 Car Dash Cam Review

Dash cameras are useful car accessories that will allow you to keep a watchful eye for your car while it is parked and also to keep you safe from controversy related to traffic incidents.

Having integrated many features and options these devices are really multi-functional and versatile.

They can be used additional from just recording devices also as parking surveillance devices, in parking assistance, for children supervision in a car, trip logger and many other purposes.

To settle any issues with legal implications is important to have strong indisputable pieces of evidence that can be used when required by the insurance companies or the proper legal authorities.

Having an in-board camera will provide you with an impartial and reliable witness that can prove your innocence and provide crucial pieces of evidence in your defense.

A small investment in the acquisition of a small and undetectable camera can save you from many expenses and difficulties in case of a road-related or traffic incident.

It is easy to be practical and far-seeing cause you just have to take the time to choose wisely a proper device that will ensure your future peace of mind and heart.

It is not difficult to choose a good dash cam because many options are available on the market, so with little information you can make the right step in the right direction.

To guide you in the right direction we can enumerate some important features to look for in a good dashcam.

A useful feature for a dash-cam is the high quality of the images and also night vision or to work well also in low light conditions.

The loop recording is an important feature that will help to save important footage when the storage space is limited.

Many cameras come with many options but the suited camera for each need is not hard to find requires just a little bit of inquiring.

REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro Presentation

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Rexing S300 Dash Cam Pro

REXING S300 is a dash-cam with a resolution of 1080p Full HD with a large 2.7-inch screen display.

Novatek NT9665BG technology allows high-quality recording and pictures to be saved by the recording loop automatically. The Li-polymer 3.7v 110mah battery allows the camera to continue to record when the car is parked.

The angle of this camera is super wide of 170° allowing it to capture a full wide range with the 2.6 glass lenses that have a superior sensor for the image during the night.

With the night-vision sensor high-quality images with highlights and detailed shadowing are possible making the recordings really efficient and clear.

The installation is really easy with the help of the adhesive pads or suction cups and the mounting device. This camera is low profile and slim built making it hard to notice on the dashboard

To power up the dashcam, you must connect it through the USB connection to the cigarette lighter plug.

The camera is easy to rotate to see easily the interior of the car also but will give an upside-down image of the car interior.

As an extra storage space, it comes with a 16 GB micro SD and a 120 GB micro-USB to be able to save the recording files on.

Can support a micro-SD memory card up to 128 GB when needed.

REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro Pros

  • has a 16 GB micro SD card
  • has a 120 GB micro USB to store the files
  • super-wide 170° camera angle
  • night vision with high-quality recordings
  • full HD (1920 x1080p) at 30 fps with H.264
  • 2.7-inch display screen
  • 6 glass lenses and 1 infrared lens
  • really discrete
  • easy to mount has 2 systems (adhesive pads and suction cups)
  • has a Sonny image sensor that is highly sensitive
  • lock button and G-sensors to protect and lock important files
  • multiple venting gills for extreme conditions
  • ergonomic design

REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro Cons

  • doesn’t have an extra USB port on the back
  • the unit must be turned on because the battery cannot be used other than for emergency purposes
  • causes interference with the radio


If you need a dash cam that can rotate with a super wide 170° angle that will record high-quality images even in the night-time with a discreet design at a really affordable price REXING S300 Dash Cam Pro would be a great choice for you.

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