Raniaco Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Raniaco Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vacuum Cleaner
  • Price - 9.7/10
  • Suction Power - 9.5/10
  • Accessories - 9.2/10


Raniaco Car Vacuum cleaner is a good product at a good price. If you want a car vacuum but you don’t want to spend to much, this is the product to buy.


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Raniaco Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Car vacuum cleaners offer an easy way to maintain a clean car interior with a small investment and a lot of time and money saved.

The maintenance of a car is important and not easy to do without the proper equipment. A clean car interior is essential for comfort and health so dust, debris, and dirt will affect the quality of your life.

On the market exists a full range of products that can improve and help you clean your car interior with no effort.

To invest in a good car vacuum cleaner means to invest easily and efficiently in cleaning your car.

A good car vacuum cleaner must be easy to handle, easy to use, to have small dimensions, a powerful suction capability, easy to store and maintain, reliable, easy to power, with all the accessories that make cleaning easy.

Raniaco Car Vacuum Cleaner Presentation

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Raniaco Car Vacuum Rotor

Raniaco Car Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful vacuum cleaner that is easy and fun to use because has really strong suction, has an ergonomic design, is multi-functional with lots of innovative features and options.

The first innovative feature in this car vacuum cleaner is the fan blade that is curved and a DC motor that provides 4000pa high suction power, an airflow of 500L per min and a rotating speed of 33000 r per minute.

The small port for suction concentrates the air like a hurricane and allows a really powerful suction.

Another innovative feature is the battery protection feature which reminds you to replace the battery of the car when the Voltage is smaller than 11 V to make your car safer on-road and not run out of battery.

The only 3.5-inch diameter and 1.4 lb weight make it one of the smallest, light weighted and compact car vacuum cleaners available on the market.

With this design, the mini-vacuum cleaner can reach the most difficult to reach places in your car like the cup-holders, bottom of seats, door gaps and other unreachable places and clean them in the most effort freeway.

The easy to remove and clean filters make cleaning this vacuum a breeze, also the one-touch button to quickly empty debris and dirt allow you to clean it without even getting a finger dirty.

It has a large capacity to collect dust in the collector that is transparent and allows you to see easy it is almost filed.

The design of the port with the two exhaust reduces the noise effectively below 70 DB.

At 15 feet long the power cable is perfect to allow you to have the all needed autonomy to clean even the trunk of your car without being too long and stumble you. This power cord is compatible with the cigarette car plug.

More than useful are the 6 accessories that help you get the professional cleaning you need. For the outlet of the air conditioner, we have the brush with a dual-end to help you maintain clean and fresh air in your car.

Even for liquids, you will have an attachment with a flat crevice to better absorb all the loose fluid and keep your interior clean.

Suited for carpets and pet hair is the brush nozzle and the elbow tube will help you get into those hard to reach places with-out even braking a sweat.

This small and light car vacuum cleaner comes with a carry bag that makes it easy and safe the storage of the device in the car.


  • DC 12 V motor
  • 15 feet long power cord
  • handheld, light weighted and small
  • has a stable power and powerful suction
  • voltage detection to protect the battery of the car
  • has 6 cool and useful accessories
  • large collecting capacity for debris and dust
  • no clean dust filter
  • washable filter
  • has an accessory to clean the air conditioning vents
  • the carry bag is really practical for storing the unit and all the accessories


  • the plastic hose might be a bit too soft


If you need a really light and easy to use a handheld car vacuum cleaner with a powerful suctions and many useful accessories at a really great price you should take into consideration Raniaco Car Vacuum Cleaner as a wonderful option.

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