Garmin Dash Cam 55 LCD 20'' 1440p

Garmin Dash Cam 55 LCD 20” 1440p

Car Dash Cam
  • Image Quality - 9.7/10
  • Functions - 9.2/10
  • Size - 10/10


Garmin Dash Cam 55 is a really compact, simple, easy to install and use dash camera, in comparison with other dash cams. The image quality is excellent.


With so many traffic incidents now-days we need intelligent gadgets that can make our life easier.
One of these gadgets is the dashcam, an extremely small camera that is easy to install on the car dashboard and can make all the difference in case of road incidents, parking-related events or even just strange events on the road. It has a clever design that makes it inconspicuous and hard to notice so is stealthy low-profile for thieves

A dashcam is an important investment providing valuable assistance in case of unexpected traffic events allowing the driver to have high-quality objective evidence to solve any dispute.

Garmin Dash Cam 55 LCD 20'' 1440p Review
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Really small camera
Garmin Dash Cam 55 is a discreet and small camera, almost as a matchbox in dimensions, that is easily usable with some important features incorporated. It requires a minimum of space and is easy to position and remove the camera on need.

Easy Installation
The camera can be placed easily on the front windscreen or windshield without blocking the road view just by attaching a small and thin octagonal piece with an adhesive band and a magnet to sustain the support arm of the camera thru a ball and socket mechanism. This mounting piece is small and easy to adjust. This mounting system is far better than the one with a suction cup.

Easy to use
At the moment you mount the camera on the dashboard and turn on the ignition, the camera starts to record after a safety message. Dashcam settings are easy and even fun to browse and the voice control feature enables the driver to use voice commands and drive safely. The collision detection is made with the camera accelerometer which triggers the automatic saving of the before, during and after footage on the MicroSD Memory Card that has a replaceable memory of 8 GB but is compatible with other Memory Cards.

Sharp Eyes and Good low-light recordings
It is fitted with a 3.7-megapixel camera 2.0”LCD Screen recording 1440p high-quality videos, voice command for activation/deactivation of audio recordings or snapping pictures, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Memory Card and Driver Alerts.
The Dash Cam has lenses with wide angles 106° to ensure full visibility while the built-in GPS allows accurate recordings of time and location.

Smart control of your dashcam
Data transmission is made via built-in Wi-Fi, with a compatible phone, making easy video sharing with legal authorities, friends or insurance companies.

Live streaming
The VIRB App is free to download and allows your smartphone to sync wirelessly with the cam.

Automatic detection of incidents

Incident Detection is automatic using the G-sensor, the camera automatically saves the recordings of the accident and also last recordings before and after the event.
The G-sensors are detecting movement and during a collision that exceeds a certain threshold will trigger an emergency recording. To prevent the video being overwritten it will safely secure it on a memory card.

Advanced Warning System included
As important features, this dashcam includes Camera Warnings for Red Light and Speed, Forward Collision and Lane Departure.

Product Description

Garmin Dash Cam 55 is a compact and small camera designed for vehicle use. It is really easy to install requiring minimum effort just applying the adhesive magnet on the front windscreen or windshield.
The menu navigation is easy using the voice commands while driving, allowing you to make snap pictures, audio recordings, videos with the travelers capture feature. Records all the important data like time, date, GPS, speed.

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Sharing the footage is easy thanks to the wireless connection and the VIRB App. With the cable accessory, the Dash Cam can be used to record while parked.
The camera has a 2.0” LCD and a high resolution even with poor light allowing high-quality photos and videos
The GPS function has lifetime alerts for collision detection, lane notifications, over speed limit notification and red light alert.

The 3.7 MP camera with an ultracompact design that allows it to be almost undetectable has a 2 inch LCD on which you can see high quality detailed and clear pictures and recordings useful for legal purposes and documenting travels. The GPS is included and adds data coordinates to the recordings, speed, time and date, travel direction.

These details can be switched on and off when needed. Other important features are Automatic incident detection via G- sensors, voice control command activation(allows easy and safe control while driving), snapshot function, parking mode monitoring, collision Warner, go. Alarm and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.


As a dashcam Gamin Dashcam 55 has an impressive video quality keeping in mind the price and how small it is. The resolution is really good for maximum details even at night and the automatic exposure is the best even when facing towards sunlight.


A little drawback is that at first, the menu could seem a little confusing but just at a first look.


This dashcam design is compact, simple, easy to install and use in comparison with other dash cams. Another great thing is high video quality that makes it a good recommendation for a best and reliable dash cams.

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