Champion ATV Wireless Winch

ATV Wireless Winch Kit Champion 4500-lb

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By choosing the appropriate winch you will upgrade your vehicle eliminating all road vulnerabilities, we will present a highly appreciated winch from Champion that will impress you the Champion ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit 4500-lb.


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ATV Wireless Winch

Champions is a very renowned company that manufactures winches, hoists and a wide range of power equipment.

Investing in innovation they are now market leaders in the power equipment field and all their customers love also the quality of their products.

If you need a reliable winch for your ATV it is best to invest in a high-quality product that will ensure your durability and enough power to get you out from all difficult situations.

Because you can find on the market so many types and models of winches it is very important to know what you are looking for in a winch.

By choosing the appropriate winch you will upgrade your vehicle eliminating all road vulnerabilities.

In this short article, we will present a highly appreciated winch from Champion that will impress you with all the features it integrates.


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Champion 4500 lb Winch

Champion ATV Wireless Winch Kit 4500-lb is a high-quality winch designed to be used wireless thanks to the wireless antenna on a 50 miles radius.

This winch is very quiet and will withstand a 4500lb load easily and having a wireless remote it will be even easier to use it from a distance without the need to worry about all the wires.

This winch has a reduced rate for gear of 180:1 and a 12 V motor with 1.6 horsepower line pull that can pull 4500 lb with ease.

This Kit has all that you need to properly install and use the winch like a mounting channel, an antenna with a wireless remote, a roller fairlead, contactor from wiring kit, mini-rocker switch with a handlebar.

Combining power with the performance this kit will amaze you with its capabilities no matter if you need it to use it on your trailer, ATV, snowmobile or boat.

You have a 50 feet autonomy thanks to the easy to use remote control and the integrated antenna.

The installation is easy thanks to this well thot kit because you have complete wiring instructions and with them, you will install it rapidly.

Because it has an auto-off feature you will save your battery from draining unnecessarily.

The 38-foot cable is very resilient being made from galvanized aircraft cable and will withstand even the harshest conditions like abrasive terrains, sand, rock, mud.

The drum has a very reliable roller fairlead and will protect the cable and store it secure to maximize its useful life.

The planetary has a 3 stage gear system that combined with the mini-rocker switch handlebar and free spooling clutch will increase the control when you use the winch.

Having a handy strap and a clevis hook that is heavy-duty this winch is made for power and will get your vehicle out even from the most sticky situations.

You will find in this kit the clevis hook, hook strap, roller fairlead, mounting channel, antenna, wireless remote, battery leads, contactor.


  • complete winch kit that is easy to install
  • 1.6-horsepower (12-volt) DC motor
  • a180:1 gear reduction ratio
  • antenna and wireless remote
  • wiring kit with contactor
  • mini-rocker handlebar switch
  • 50 feet autonomy range
  • suitable for trailers, ATV’s, boats, snowmobiles
  • included auto-off feature
  • 4500 lb pull line
  • 38-foot galvanized aircraft cable very resistant even in the harshest conditions
  • the three-stage planetary gear system
  • heavy-duty clevis hook
  • handy strap


  • it is suitable only for trailers, ATV’s, boats, snowmobiles


If you need a very good and reliable winch for your Trailer, ATV, boat or snowmobile that has an easy to use wireless remote control and antenna with a 50 feet range autonomy you will be very content with the Champion ATV Wireless Winch Kit 4500-lb.

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