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6 channel car amplifier

The role of a car amplifier is to amplify electrical signals transmitted by the audio unit of your car to deliver more power to the car speakers.

Not only does the amplifier produce more power, but it also improves the sound quality and allows you to connect a larger number of speakers. Most cars are factory-equipped with a powerful enough amplifier for standard equipment speakers.

Installing a new 6 channel car amplifier is usually done when you want to upgrade your car speakers in the factory. If you want to add more bass to the sound of your car, you can use a single channel car amplifier that can be connected to a car subwoofer.

Professional installation of a car amplifier is recommended to ensure that you will not damage your equipment by improper wiring. Defective installation of audio equipment in the car can also result in accidents and injuries.

Most cars are equipped with amplifiers integrated into the audio unit, but the addition of an amplifier refers to the addition of a standalone external amplifier. It must be compatible with the audio system present on the car and must take into account the number of channels and the desired power.

If you like a great sound, you will need to choose a bass amplifier with a dedicated bass channel. Knowing from the beginning what you want will help you choose the best car amplifier for you that will provide you with the desired sound.

AudioControl LC-6.1200

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6 channel car amplifier

AudioControl considers the LC-6.1200 as being apt to create a good 125 watts per channel when filled to 4 ohms and a complete strong 200 watts per channel when filled to 2 ohms. Any pair of channels can be connected to provide 400 watts into a single 4-ohm charge.

Having this much energy on tap not only means that your speakers will get great and loud before the amplifier changes, but also that you can connect any pair of channels to quickly control a subwoofer.

The top of the amplifier has what may be the longest series of regulations ever for an amp that size. Each pair of channels has a delicacy control and crossover frequency power. Channels 1 and 2 add a high-pass crossover that is flexible from 30 to 300 Hz, or 500 to 5,000 kHz, depending on the state of the next range switch.

On channels 3 and 4, you have the choice of a high-pass or band-pass crossover, and on channels 5 and 6, you can choose low- or high-pass filtering. This crossover versatility provides for simple front, rear and subwoofer arrangements, or a three-way service with an effective front stage and a subwoofer.

Each pair of channels has a stereo/mono switch, and an opportunity for output level switch from the ACR-1 port. The ACR-1 remote control is voluntary.

Tied to the ACR-1 port is AudioControl’s AccuBASS characteristic. AccuBASS provides the installer to utilize a low-frequency bass boost to recompense for the roll-off found in many works source units. Unlike other boost lines, the AccuBASS boost circuit begins running above a flexible threshold to keep the system from sounding boomy at low volumes.

OEM Integration Features

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The LC-6.1200 highlights large eight-speaker level input unions. The 6 channel car amplifier enables you to sum the signals from these inputs and give them to diverse pairs of channels, using a switch on each of the channel pairs. If your factory audio system has a two-way front staging, rear fill speakers and a sub, or a three-way front stage and a sub, this amp will take care of linking the signals back together without the requirement for outside parts or accessories.

The LC-6.1200 covers the AudioControl GTO circuit. GTO stands for Great Turn On. When GTO is set to the Off status, the amplifier switches on when 12 V is present at the remote turn-on lead. Also, when GTO is switched on, the amplifier controls its inputs for the appearance of an audio signal or the DC voltage offset present in most source systems and small factory amplifiers. GTO makes getting the system up and playing fast and simple.

AudioControl has introduced its Patent Pending MILC circuit in the LC-6.1200. The Maximum Input Level Control circuitry controls both the input to the amp and the output of each pair of channels through a combination of 4 LEDs. When the input signal has range clipping, the Input LED will light. When any pair of channels clips, the similar Gain Maximized LEDs will light. If all is perfect, you want to work just below the level where these LEDs will come on.

As succeeding factory source units grow more and more complex, AudioControl will proceed to give great answers that provide specialist mobile electronics retailers to enhance the remainder of an audio system.

Adding a high-power amplifier like the AudioControl LC-6.1200 will occur in a dramatic increase in the representation of any audio system. The characteristics that AudioControl has added in the amplifier simplify the installer’s task of making your system sound excellent and reject the necessity for extra interface hardware.


  • very easy to install
  • great product
  • it can keep all of your vehicles factory bells and whistles


  • is a bit expensive


If you are in the store for an amp to improve your factory audio system, there aren’t any with as many astounding integration characteristics and benefits as the AudioControl LC-6.1200 6 channel car amplifier. AudioControl holds a spherical five-year guarantee on the amp and can proudly say it is constructed in the USA.

JL Audio XD600/6v2

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6 channel car amplifier

The XD600 is rated a very adaptable car amp that gives some solemn power, delivering an effective 75 watts of power to 6 channels. The small NexD body is what does this kind of power possible. The XD highlights ultra-high-speed switching that’s intended for class D work with full bandwidth. And even great, you can hear to your preferred tracks, as loud as you require, without working into any static or distortion.

JL Audio has made it again by building a clever 6 channel car amplifier that can be utilized in an assortment of ways. According to the company, this design can be utilized as a conventional satellite amp, or you can connect 4 of the channels to build a 4-channel amp with staggering energy. The amp can also be utilized to drive some of the subs.

Sound Power

This design incorporates a 12-decibel octave filter for every channel group. This can be configured as a high or low pass filter and produces a constant variable rate that varies from 50 up to 500Hz.

Additionally, this pattern highlights a 6-channel design.

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The 6 channel car amplifier also comes with the V2 characteristic set. It includes a dual-range differential impartial input section and automatic turn-on capacity. The input section can control a wide type of input energy levels.

The company markets an HDRLC remote level control that enables the amp’s level to be managed right from the driver’s seat.

The amp has a solid powder-coated surface that’s equipped with a cleaned aluminum gasket cover for the control part of the amp.

Most JL Audio amps carry a ton of energy that’s usually more than what customers require from such as little equipment. This amp gives a super-compact form that will execute your music with powerful force and true accuracy.

Even though this amp passes plenty of energy, it won’t hurt or negatively affect your car’s electrical system. The superior cooling method connected with the cast composite heat-sink operates to hold the amp at an optimal temperature which reduces thermal shutdowns, so you can experience your music without any breaks.

Since the XD600 is so handy, you can set it up in pretty much any kind of system. It gives 75 watts RMS for each channel to some pairs of speakers, or it can run a complete set of woofers and tweeters with 4 of the channels while powering up a subwoofer working the other 2. 

Or users can elect to bridge 4 channels to control a couple of subwoofers while leaving a couple of channels free to drive the front speakers. The low and high pass filters enable you to have more authority over your sound.

The amp’s differential balanced inputs will hold the signals free of outside noise, enabling users to connect the amp to even factory stereos with no preamp outputs.


  • simple installation
  • robust
  • octave filter for each channel bank
  • top of the industry performance


  • beginners will have difficulty hooking up this strong amp and may need to opt for expert installation.


If you need an excellent 6 channel car amplifier that can meet your needs we recommend JL Audio XD600 / 6v2.

DS18 Candy-6

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DS18 Candy

The DS18 CANDY Series allows mini, compact amplifiers that not only have the spirit to energy your system but will also save you a ton of place in your vehicle or bike. Don’t sacrifice comfort for better sound when you can simultaneously have both.


  • high in energy, active in performance, strong in service
  • user-friendly form, ergonomic handle, solid production
  • will become your right hand in DIY and renovation plans
  • made to meet rigorous quality and security obligations 

If you’re watching to join performance and quality improvements to your preferred tunes, this vehicle amplifier is what you necessitate.

No matter whether you own a factory source unit or the most advanced aftermarket stereo receiver, this outcome will take your audio settings to the next level. Created utilizing the latest in audio technology, this vehicle amplifier provides you that true sound you’ve been hunting for.

The amplifier produces a wide frequency answer and great power output wattage, so you can experience high-quality full-range sound with powerful bass answer and detailed voice reproduction.

DS18 licenses this product to be free from errors in material and workmanship under ordinary usage and circumstances for one year from the date of acquisition.

This warranty does not cover breakage, improper usage of the product, abuse, mishandling or incorrect installation, as well as prices for initial installation, removal, or reinstallation of the product.

This guarantee does not refer to the removal of externally caused static or noise, or used media sources caused by installation (DVDs, speakers, amplifiers, car stereos or electrical system failure).


  • powerful for the size
  • it is easy to install
  • save a lot of space


  • if it is installed correctly it can catch fire


If you need a car audio amplifier that does not take up much space we recommend the DS18 Candy-6.

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