Beltronics RX65 Laser Radar Detector

Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series Radar Detector

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If you wish to invest in your safety and peace of mind you can do so by acquiring a high-quality Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series radar detector that will pay off for itself even from first use avoiding speed tickets and contraventions


Beltronics is a brand with a lot of history in the radar detector market being established in 1967 has customers from all over the world.

The brand is renowned for its high-end high-quality premium radar and laser detectors that incorporate the newest technologies and developments in the radar and laser detectors market.

Beltronics radar detectors are available for all drivers that need radar protection, false alarm relief and access to the speed and red-light database to have the safest ride no matter where they travel.

So if you wish to invest in your safety and peace of mind you can do so by acquiring a high-quality radar detector that will pay off for itself even from first use avoiding speed tickets and contraventions.


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Beltronics RX65

Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series is a very high-end radar detector that gives you a 360 ° coverage on the x-band, k-band, ka-band, pop 3 and ultra-wide Ka-band.

This is a very good high-quality radar detector but it won’t protect you against laser radar unless you will combine it with the M27 blinder laser jammer but this might not be legal in all state so it is advisable to check before acquiring and using one.

This radar detector has a very small and convenient design having on the top a rear-view radar receiver which will protect you if you are going both backward and forwards.

The Beltronics RX65-Red has 5 different modes like high-way mode, auto-scan mode, 3 city modes and also is fully up-gradable using your computer to upload the latest firmware to be able to keep up with the new radar upgrades also.

This high-end radar detector has a speaker integrated and you will have over 50 verbal warnings and voice commands available instead of chirps and beeps like other radar detectors.

Aside from voice commands, you will also have text messages on the display and with the smart chord, you will be able to connect the device with an RJ 11 plug like in a modem that can be used for power and signal transfer.

This smart chord has also a muting button that will help you when you have false alarms thanks to the automatic door systems.

This very high-end radar detector comes in a nice protective case to help you store it in perfect conditions when you are not using it.

It is very easy to install thanks to the suction cup mounting on which this compact discreet device will easily slide in and because the metal plate is easily bendable you can find the perfect angle for your radar detector.

Beltronics RX65 Radar Detector

This smart radar detector is protected and immune to VG-2 radar detection detector shielding your car from police detection and with the AutoScan mode, you will have less false alarms.

Having a very bright LED light you will not miss any warnings like highway hazard warnings, traffic warnings, weather hazards warnings.

Beltronics RX65 Pros

  • easy to install thanks to the suction cup and flexible metal mount
  • easy to use
  • easy to customize
  • has 7 customizable option for specific styles of driving
  • immune to VG-2 radar detector detection
  • wide detection range for super-wide Ka-band, X-band, K-band, POP 3
  • advanced AutoScaning for less false alarms.
  • options for red and blue lights
  • very bright LED display
  • SmartPlug with a mute button
  • voice messages and visual warnings

Beltronics RX65 Cons

  • this unit will not detect laser radars unless you add a special device


If you need a high-end radar detector that will have your back covered and help you avoid all those annoying speed tickets trying this Beltronics RX65-Red Professional Series is one of the best options on the market.

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