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Best Car Battery Testers – why is important to check the battery?

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It is important to have some knowledge about the most important components of your car to be able to determine and address correctly the issue when something is not working properly.

Among the most important components that keep your car working proprely is the car’s battery because this device is responsible for the proper startup, it runs the vehicle, regulates the fuel injection and also affects the engine capacity.

By regularly checking the state of your battery and maintaining optimal battery performances you will also make sure that your vehicle can function at it’s best performance levels.

Another very important role of the car’s battery is to power up the anti-theft systems and by making sure that your battery is in perfect shape you are making sure also that your car is properly protected.

Investing a little time in learning some useful things about the way your vehicle operates you will avoid a lot of unpleasant situations and spending a lot of money on auto repairs.

How can a bad battery harm your vehicle?

If you are not careful and check the status of your battery regularly you can have serious issues with your car because the starter and alternator can be affected by a damaged or week battery.

By affecting other important parts in your vehicle a week or damaged battery can lead to serious malfunctions that will require expensive repair.

The best way to avoid all these unpleasant situations is to take good care of your battery by checking it regularly with the help of a simple to use and not so expensive devices.

It is less costly to prevent than to repair a car with issues so by taking some important preventive measures you can ensure your safety, comfort and that your car will remain in the best shape.

Best Car Battery Testers – What are they?

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Car Battery problems

The best way of checking and maintaining your battery in optimal performance is to use a Battery Tester that will perform several tests on the battery to check the status.

A Battery Tester is an electronic device that is used to test the state of a battery starting from the charge, charge rate and even the overall condition of the tested battery.

By using a device like this you will find out how much energy your battery stores and even locates week cells or intercell connectors that are damaged.

What is important is that these devices are very easy to use and that they are affordable, many car owners or car enthusiasts choose to have one in their garages.

On the market, you can find many types of battery testers available but the easiest to use and advantageous is the Digital Battery Tester.

The main advantage of a Digital Battery tester is that can be used on a discharged battery providing accurate diagnose of the battery condition even if the battery is, dead’.

Traditional Battery Tester which is not digital requires to charge the battery for at least 60 minutes before you can determine the state of your battery and is time-consuming, dangerous and requires effort from your part.

Best Car Battery Testers – Other Infos

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No battery

Another very important advantage of digital battery testers is that they are compatible and can perform accurate tests on different battery types.

You do not need to be a professional to be able to use these kinds of devices because they are designed to be safely used by anyone just by following the simple instructions.

These new battery tester models have many important features to ensure easy and safe usage and even if you do not know exactly how the battery works by following the instructions of the device you will be able to run battery tests and have an accurate diagnose.

Testing and maintaining the state of your battery can be fairly simple and will prevent it from dying in the most unappropriated moment like on a cold winter day.

Battery testers come in many different models that can vary from simple models which will only determine the battery charge or many complex devices that can run a full diagnosis on your battery (charge accumulation capacity, identify potential issues that might affect the battery).

As a piece of useful information, you should know that it is best to check the battery at least twice a year and a fully charged battery should measure 12.6 volts at least and 13.7 to 14.7 volts when the engine is running.

To pass the load test the battery should maintain 9.6 volts for at least 15 seconds any battery that has less than 9.6 volts must be replaced.

If you see a reading of fewer than 11.8 volts you must recharge the battery or replace it because it has a very low charge.

Sometimes it might be difficult to tell if you have alternator or battery issues and it is best to perform some simple tests to see exactly where the problem is and the easiest to rule out is the battery.

So if when you try to crank your car you have a battery light on the dashboard and stays illuminated that is the first sign that you have issues with the charging system either with the battery, alternator, starter or maybe something with the electrical connections.

Another indicator of battery issues is the dimming out of electronics and if your car was out in the cold and the battery froze it is not hard to imagine that you could have damaged it.

The clicking noise when you try to start your engine might be the most annoying thing and it is best to avoid getting in a situation like that by always making sure that your battery is in it’s the best shape.

Best Car Battery Testers – how does a battery work?

The battery is an energy storage device that is used to start the engine and at the moment the engine starts the battery will be recharged by the charging system that is engine-driven with the help of the alternator which transforms the energy from the belt drive and supplies the charge current.

Because the battery is such an important part of your car the maintenance and diagnoses if vital to keep your car running and to perform at optimal levels.

Purchasing a Battery Tester might be the most important measure you can take to make sure that your car will work and that your battery will not die out on you when you need it the most.

Because on the market you can find so many battery tester models it might seem difficult to choose but some of them are very appreciated by users being more reliable and easy to use.

We are going to present 3 very appreciated Battery Testers that are best-sellers and have received a lot of good reviews.

1.Foxwell Car Battery Tester BT705

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foxwell car battery tester

The Foxwell Car Battery Tester BT705 is one of the Best Car Battery Testers on the market very easy to use digital battery tester that has many very useful features integrated as integrated Bluetooth and printed battery report.

This device comes in a high-quality very resilient strong plastic case which makes storing the device safer and much easier.

This device is very easy to use and comes with a long wire to be able to reach any place where the battery is stored and thanks to the ergonomic design you can easily handle it.

Foxwell BT705 is compatible with 12 and 24 volts batteries on any type varying from GEL to regular and AMG batteries and you can perform both before and after charge tests.

With this user-friendly battery tester, you can check the battery health and will detect any faults in the charging or starting system no matter if the battery is in the vehicle connected or outside of your vehicle.

Having so many options available you can customize the test depending on your battery type status, location or battery standard.

You can check the charging system and decode information from the alternator and find any fault in the charging system or you can run a cranking test to find out and have displayed the decision on cranking time, cranking voltage, or starter system.

The system is customizable and you have many languages available to choose from and even you have the option to print the test results thanks to the Bluetooth printer if you choose this option.

The design is ergonomic at the same time this battery tester is very resilient having a rubberized sleeve to protect it from impacts in the workshop environment.

Key features

  • very easy to use
  • very resilient and suitable for the workshop environment
  • you can run 4 different tests on your battery: cranking test, battery test, charging system test
  • you can use an optional Bluetooth printer
  • it is very accurate
  • compatible with 12/24 volts batteries
  • premium quality materials (copper clips) making it very durable and a heavy-duty device


  • can’t be used on 6 or 24 V batteries


If you need a one of the Best Car Battery Testers, that is very easy to use and is compatible with 12 V/24 V batteries and can perform 4 different tests you will find very useful the Foxwell BT705 Car Battery Tester.

2.Autel Autolink AL539B OBD II and Electrical Test Tool

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Best Car Battery Testers Autolink

The Autel Autolink AL539B is a very impressive devicefrom the next generation of scanner/battery/multimeter testers that will provide a lot of very useful and very easy to use features.

The quality of the packaging is exceptional and you will receive the device in an elegant and strong case where you can store all the accessories and the device when you are not going to use it.

In the box, you will receive a USB cable, a long power cord, 2 test probes for the multimeter with long wires also, 2 high-quality clamps.

The unit is very well built and has rubber protection on the sides to protect it from impact damage.

The unit will turn on when you plug it in and comes with a lot of options like OBD II, EOBD, ready tests, DTC lookup, multimeter, start test, battery test, and many others.

This unit is designed to be used on multiple functions not only as a battery tester and for many car enthusiasts it might be the ideal tool that incorporates all they need to diagnose their vehicle.

If you are a car enthusiast and need more than a battery tester for your car you will be thrilled with this device being more than suitable even for professional use.

Key features

  • multipurpose tool OBD II/EOBD, multimeter you can test battery voltage, current and continuity very easy
  • makes graphs data
  • has a very good function as a scanner troubleshoots and clean codes
  • retrieves vehicle information
  • prints data with the use of the PC


  • it might be a bit harder to use for unfamiliarized first-time users


If you are a car enthusiast and wish more than a simple battery tester a complete multifunctional electrical test tool with a lot of very important and useful features you will be delighted with this amazing Autel Autolink AL539B OBD II and Electrical Test Tool.

3.Topdon AB201 Car Battery Tester

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Best Car Battery Testers

The Topdon AB201 Car Battery Tester is a very well designed battery analyzer/tester which comes with some very nice features included like an in-built printer.

You can choose from 9 different languages and you can test different battery types like lead-acid, GEL, AGM batteries for battery health, cranking system, and charging system test.

The device comes with a large 2.5 inch LCD, a very nice design keypad and an easy to use thermal printer with thermal paper (has 2 additional roles of thermal paper as a reserve that will last long).

The unit has in the bottom side 2 wires with alligator clips which will be connected to the car battery when you need to run the battery tests.

What is nice at this Topdon AB201 Car Battery Tester is the nice compact and small design along with all the user-friendly features.

You cannot go wrong with this device because the clamps are color-coded and are very easy to attach and start immediately and you can run tests without even running the engine.

The menu is very easy to use and by introducing all the battery data you can run the test very rapidly.

For the cranking test, you need only a few seconds and all the results and indications are very easy to read and follow.

You have additional options like review data, print data and export data to be able to use all the diagnostic information whenever you need it also it will recall the last test run on your battery.

This is a very simple device that is very easy to use in just a minute you can run all 3 test and diagnose any issue you have either with your battery or with the cranking/ charging system.

Key features

  • very easy to use
  • suitable for 12V/24V batteries
  • simple and ergonomic design
  • runs 3 tests for the battery health, cranking/charging systems
  • very easy to use having very specific and easy to follow instructions
  • comes with a built-in thermal printer
  • you can review, print and export very easy the information
  • it will store the last run test
  • color-coded clamps very easy to use
  • many languages available for customization
  • very detailed and easy to read information
  • high accuracy readings and tests


  • the wires for the clamps are not very long but the device is portable and very easy to use


TheTopdon AB201 Car Battery Tester is a very accurate and easy to use battery tester that can be used by both car enthusiasts and professionals but also by inexperienced users because it has very specific and easy to understand information. It may not be one of the Best Car Battery Testers, but is really cheap and good.

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