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Battery Tester


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Battery tester car

As the driving season progresses, we all know how many batteries will necessitate to be replaced. I see so many people replacing batteries when the dilemma was the starting or charging system.

Possessing a low battery will also give you weak results when making other analyses. With that in mind, the battery test is necessary to operate perfectly, to withdraw costly misdiagnosing other problems.

One wrong test of the battery would pay for the TOPDON 201 Tester alone in most cases! Charge or replace? Topdon will tell you in moments. For the assistance office, the time savings is a no brainer and saves on labor prices.

The printer use gives that expert touch too. And for the DIY owner, knowing they haven’t been taken to the cleaners by a crooked tech pays for the device while providing you a peace of mind the work was done right, by you.

Topdon, as a new business growth in the automotive aftermarket, is devoted to the products in development & discovery. Their product is well-designed and well-made and to give users the most enjoyable activity.


Topdon ArtiBattery 201(AB201), as the updated variant of the battery tester AB101, highlighting with Battery, Cranking and Charging test as well as add-on Data Review/Export duties, especially the Data Print use for right printing the ultimate analysis result. It is the excellent battery load tester for vehicle owners and DIYers to check the energy status of vehicle s 12V/24V batteries in less than 2. 5 seconds.

This inspector comes with a user-friendly form Print Data that enables you to write out all data of the last diagnostic result precisely and right after you have examined the vehicle’s 12v or 24V battery. Also, it enables you to playback the last registered battery analysis result. The information line held in the accessories improves the convenience when you need to export the diagnostic result to the pc.

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Battery tester car

Professional in recognizing battery’s energy status

Battery Tester for car – After you enter the right inspection standard and class, you may receive the next 5 types battery analysis results: Good Battery, Good Recharge, Replace, Bad Cell-Replace, Charge-Retest, and then you can distinguish the precise battery state according to the standard presented in the user guidebook.

Cranking Test- After starting the motor as mentioned, the AB201 will automatically perform the cranking analysis and present the examination result. You can manage the health situation of the cranking operation according to whether the cranking energy value is bigger than 9.6V.

Charging Test- When you open the charging examination, you may take the next 5 charging analysis results: Charging Volt Normal, Charging Volt Low, Charging Volt High, No Volt Output, and Diode Test. Through the inspection result, this checker will aid you discover out whether the charging system is healthy or not.

Testing type and evaluation of battery

To guarantee the correctness of the analysis information, you need to hold both the positive and negative sides of the provided battery clean before utilizing. Meanwhile, it is also important to examine each battery according to the chosen system and rating. The specific rating range is as following: CCA(100-2000); BCI(100-2000); CA(100-2000); MCA(100-2000); JIS(26a17-245H52); DIN(100-1400); IEC(100-1400); EN(100-2000); SAE(100-2000); GB(30Ah-200Ah).

Great car forms of AB201

On the base of the AB101, this battery capacity checker AB201 joins a new characteristic of examining 12V automotive cranking heavy acid battery and the 12V/24V car operation, which suggests that the utilization of the advanced battery checker is not only restricted to the commercial vehicles, but also covers motorcycles, trucks, electric cars etc., to satisfy your necessities of examining different cars’ batteries.

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Various languages for taking from

Topdon adheres to the enterprise viewpoint of “client first”, works it’s best to reduce language difficulties for you. You don’t have to interpret a strange language into the original language while you are diagnosing the presented vehicle’s battery, because there are different language choices including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian, to furnish you with excellence help.

The battery checker arrives with lots of helpful accessories, including Main Battery Load Tester AB201, USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, and Thermal Printing Paper. And for properly defending and saving the devices, it also gives you a hard black carrying bag, so you can simply hold all the devices with you anywhere and perform the battery inspection anytime.

The battery checker outfitted with free main menu holds 12 months’ quality insurance from the time of buying.

There are 2 rolls of printing paper in the box. And you need to fix it in AB201’s printer by yourself. And each roll of paper could print about 40 times. The size of the whole roll of paper is 57*25mm.


  • shows results in only 2.2 seconds
  • prints and exports data
  • multilingual hence easy to use


  • the cord is short and maybe uncomfortable to use for some users


If you are a DIY or a technician and you need a battery tester for cars that supports several types of batteries we recommend Topdon AB201. This battery tester can check the batteries of a wide variety of vehicles.

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