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The last matter you need is for your vehicle’s “check engine” light to come on but when it does, understanding the problem can be a great support and money saver. The great news is that you don’t have to take the car to a mechanic to diagnose the dilemma. That’s because with an onboard diagnostic (OBD 2) scanner you can understand out what’s improper with the vehicle and then have it fixed.

There are 2 kinds of scanners: the handheld systems that have a connection cord and screen as well as smaller systems that plug into the vehicle’s OBD port and attach to a phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Autel AL539B is an OBD2 scanner that not only gives essential characteristics like CEL, I/M readiness, and O2 sensor test but also allows you to examine the vehicle’s battery.

The scanner arrives with a built-in multimeter and a battery tester with which you can measure voltage and perform a circuit analysis.

It’s an excellent scanner for amateurs and DIYers as it’s very to utilize thanks to the one-click I/M readiness opportunity that allows you to check the readiness state of various monitors.

Portable car battery tester Presentation

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Portable car battery tester

This Portable car battery tester, Autel Autolink AL539B ,is fitting for people who run more often or in harsh circumstances. These events have a severe impact on the vehicle’s battery and other elements.

The battery may decrease over time and stop operating correctly. This can create difficulties with the ignition system as well, making it hard to start the vehicle.

This scanner can aid you recognize difficulties with the battery to guarantee your vehicle operates smoothly.

While this is the scanner’s biggest power, it gives a bunch of other wondrous highlights as well.

Special Features

Read And Clear CEL- Engine light problem codes are the most popular problem codes. The light won’t go away unless the issue is established. Autel AL539B not only aids to see these codes but also delete them by pinpointing the problem and supporting you fix it.

This characteristic can support conserve money by letting you fix short errors by yourself and conserve journeys to the mechanic.

DTC Definitions- The scanner shows examine engine light codes perfectly and offers an explanation for the code presented on the screen. This is an exceptional highlight as it allows you to manage minor errors in your auto without having to study for information.

Live PCM Data Stream- It holds live PCM information stream that permits you analyze varying parameters to recognize unusual values. This data can aid you to discover where the dilemma is.

Freeze Frame- This is an important characteristic that permits you to catch screenshots when a failure happens. You can share these screenshots with others to obtain more data about an error.

Emission Tests- You can make many emission-related examinations such as I/M readiness test, o2 sensor test, and onboard monitor test.

O2 Sensor Test- This test defines fuel performance to aid you comprehend car performance. It monitors the oxygen present in the exhaust to aid you discover the overall status of your vehicle.

Portable car battery tester – Extra Testing Functions

Battery Test- If you own a car that has a 12V battery then Autel AL539B will allow you perform load-free examinations on it. The scanner appears with two examinations, the red probe is attached to the positive end and the black probe is attached to the negative end of the battery, with the other terminals attached to the scanner.

The rest is a super simple process as the guidance flash on the scanner’s screen.

The normal battery temperature is 12.6 volts. If the battery checker confers a voltage of 12.6 then your battery is valid. Anything between 12.6 and 12.2 shows a half-charged battery.

If the scanner displays a number below 12.6 then it means the battery has discharged.

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Portable car battery tester Review

Electric Tests- Autel AL539B has a pre-equipped AVO meter that can examine voltage in elements.

All you have to do is put the probe on the component/circuit and see the current.

It can estimate the flow of current between 20A to 200 A. However, make sure to utilize only a 3.7 lithium battery to power the AVO meter. Utilizing another battery may produce the scanner to get broken.

This scanner can aid you check the voltage in both AC and DC.

Charge Test- This analysis can aid you determine the alternator output from – no load to when you add loads. It reveals low, normal, and high output ripple results on the screen.


  • voltage result is shown in the form of waves and is easy to comprehend
  • holds all 10 OBD2 modes
  • information is registered/playback and can be printed via PC


  • not very great at performance when utilized on German vehicles


Autel AL539B operates with all 1996 and newer cars that are OBD2 compliant. Car proprietors and DIYers who want a Portable car battery tester can get Autel AL539B scanner. This OBD2 Scan Tool aids manage minor errors as well.

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