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Best Car Vacuum Cleaner – Our Top 3

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Best Car Vacuum Cleaner

Most car owners are proud of their vehicles and wish to keep them clean and shiny and the interior look is as important as the exterior.

It might be a bit expensive to take your car as often as it should for full detailing in specialized detailing services and even so not always the result will match your expectations.

Many car enthusiasts choose to clean the cars themselves and because on the market are a lot of very useful tools available it becomes easier to do so.

One of the most useful devices you can acquire is a car vacuum cleaner because with a small and portable device like that you can keep your car’s interior clean without a sweat.

Car vacuum cleaners work on the same principles as household vacuum cleaners with differences in sizes, portability, maneuverability and some other quite important features.

So if you use the household vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of your car is OK, but by having a specialized car vacuum cleaner you will see a big difference starting from how easy and fuss-free you can use one to how easy you will be able to clean all nooks, crannies and all tight places.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner Advantages

By owning a car vacuum cleaner you have many advantages compared to a house vacuum cleaner.

The first big advantage of a car vacuum cleaner is it’s size because they are easier to maneuver thanks to the small size. They have also ergonomic design to increase maneuverability.

Even these devices are smaller in size they have a lot of suction power and with specialized adaptable nozzles, you can clean thoroughly the carpets, upholstery, dash-board and even the smallest or narrowest places in your car.

Another great feature of these devices is that they can be handheld and some models are cordless giving you all the freedom of movement you need to reach all the places in your car without being bothered by a cable.

The interior of your car is pretty cramped and tight and having a small hand-sized easy to maneuver portable car vacuum cleaner will make cleaning a whole lot easier.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner – Importance of a clean interior

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Clean interior

An interior that is not well maintained will lower the value of the car and having stains, dust and other gathered residues can determine the growth of bacteria colonies, mildew or fungus and bad odors.

Many car owners find it difficult to clean the interior of the car using a house vacuum cleaner because it takes a lot of time to find a close power-plug, install it and cramp the vacuum in the vehicle to try to gather all dust and dirt.

Cleaning the car using a standard vacuum cleaner can be exhausting and time-consuming any many car owners might feel discouraged because of that.

With a car specific-vacuum, all those inconveniences are forgotten and cleaning your car and maintaining it in perfect shape is easy and fast almost effortless.

Parents know how difficult is to maintain a clean interior when you have kids but having a small car vacuum cleaner that can be used anytime that job becomes an easy routine.

Even pet owners will have fewer troubles getting out all the pet hair from the car and maintaining a safe and clean environment to enjoy.

The new car vacuum cleaners type can remove wet particles and prevent upholstery or carpet stains and mold growth.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner – Types

On the market, you will find many types of car vacuum cleaners and each is designed for specific conditions and depending on your needs you can find an appropriate product.

Because are so many on the market we will make a short presentation for each type that can turn out to be useful guiding lines for the ones that are not so familiar with the subject.

Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

One of the most appreciated types is the handheld vacuum cleaner thanks to its compact design, small sizes. This type of vacuum is portable because it can be powered with the help of the cigarette charger.

Some models of handheld vacuum cleaners are cordless and are even easier to use and appropriate to clean quick your car when you do not have much mess.

Small Shop Vacuum Cleaners

Small shop vacuum cleaners are used as a more heavy-duty option by all those who need more power especially to clean rural trucks or utility vehicles because they can clean the wet mess, dirt or dust particles and even pet hair.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

This type of vacuum cleaners has a special 2 parts design with a canister like a body and an extension hose being powerful and easy to maneuver at the same time.

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner – Important Features

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car vacuum cleaner

Suction power

It is important to know what to look for when you are searching for a good car vacuum cleaner and one of the most important features is the suction power.

Even if car vacuum cleaners vary in sizes the suction power is related more to motor size not with the overall size of the device and a small vacuum cleaner can have pretty powerful motors and strong suction.

What is important to know also is that powerful motors will have higher energy consumes and that cordless vacuums have a lower wattage than corded ones.

So when you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner you must be aware that more powerful units will need longer charging times and can be used for shorter periods.


With the new models of vacuum cleaner you will have a variety of attachments for each model and by making sure that your device will have the most important and useful ones like the crevice nozzle, a dust brush, adjustable nozzles you will be able to ease your cleaning job.


Many models of filters are available but the most appreciated and efficient are the HEPA filters because they also purify the air from all particles and are reusable and easy to clean and maintain.

Portability and weight

For a car vacuum, cleaner portability is very important and by being lightweight these devices become more portable also and with an incorporated battery they can be used in any place without relying on a power source.

Buying a good car vacuum cleaner is not a big investment because these devices have very affordable prices and by acquiring one you will improve your life significantly making cleaning your car easy and enjoyable.

In this article, we are going to present 3 very appreciated car vacuum cleaners that combine many of the most important features in their design being efficient and easy to use for a quick and satisfying car interior cleaning experience.

Our Choice-Top 3 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners

1.Black + Decker CHV1410l 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

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BLACK+DECKER Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 16V

This Cordless vacuum cleaner is very reliable and easy to use and has an ergonomic and simple design that ensures good maneuverability even in the hardest to reach and cramped spaces.

It is very easy to install and thanks to the adjustable nozzle you have stored all the accessories and you can use them accordingly to your needs with the help of the 360 ° rotating nozzle, flip out brush and retractable extension.

The dirt collector is easy to detach and clean with a simple push of a button and the filters are also easy to clean having a steel protection cover.

It is very easy to charge the device thanks to the simple charging base that incorporates SmartCharge technology that recharges the battery in 4 hours.

Key features

  • lightweight and portable
  • cordless and very easy to maneuver
  • the nozzle incorporates all the accessories making them very easy to use(360 degrees rotation nozzle, flip out brush, extensible/ retractable nozzle)
  • easy to clean and washable dirt collector, reusable filters with steel protection mash
  • powerful motor with cyclonic action
  • easy to charge thanks to the Smart Charge technology used in the charging base design


  • the battery is built-in and cannot be replaced


This compact and small Black and Decker CHV1410l car vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice if you need a very easy to use a portable and powerful handheld vacuum cleaner to clean your car regularly without much effort.

2.Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson Car Vacuum Cleaner

This amazing Dyson Cordless vacuum cleaner is a premium product that has a maximum run time of 30 minutes and with a new feature included like an adjust power button you can choose and set your suction power according to your needs.

All you have to do with this vacuum is to press the trigger and clean, by flipping the power adjusting button you can increase or decrease the suction power.

In the package, you will receive also 3 attachment tools like the mini motorized tool (for carpets, upholstery, pet hair), the combination tool and the crevice tool that are easy to use and very efficient.

Cleaning the dirt collector is also very easy just by pressing a button you will release all the dirt from the container without getting your hands dirty.

The filter is designed to be washed with water dried and reused and when you need to replace them you can find very easy replacing filters.

It is very easy to recharge thanks to the simple charger that pops in the back of the device and having indicator lights you can see when the device id fully recharged.

Another very good feature is that the battery can be replaced if you need to and they are available on the market at fairly affordable prices.

Key features

  • easy to use
  • a compact and portable device
  • comes with 3 very practical tools that are easy to use
  • easy to charge with light indicators
  • easy to clean the dirt container
  • washable filter


  • if you use it at a higher suction power you will have a lesser run time


If you need a very robust handheld cordless vacuum cleaner that has adjustable suction power, 3 very practical and useful attachment tools and is easy to charge and use you will love the Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner.

3. Wireless Charging Car Vacuum Cleaner

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This new vacuum cleaner has some impressive features that are very practical and useful like a 100W super powerful motor, a lightweight body, noise reduction technology, 4 different accessories, and a wireless charger.

Having a very strong suction power and 4 adaptable accessories you can clean any hard to reach places in your car and by using the high turning head brush you can remove even the most stubborn dirt or pet hair.

The noise reduction technology is very useful making this device suitable even for household cleaning purposes.

It has a washable filter that will remove even the smallest dust particles cleaning also the air and maintaining a dust-free environment to avoid allergies and all other health issues related to dust and other allergens.

Thanks to the wireless charger you can charge it easily and if you need to use it quickly in your car you can use also the cigarette charger.

Key features

  • lightweight and portable
  • very maneuverable and easy to use
  • has 4 different accessories including a brush with a high-speed turning-head
  • has a wireless charger
  • can be charged and used with the cigarette lighter charger
  • has a very efficient filter PM 2.5 even for the smallest dust particles


  • after extended usage, the battery will not hold much charge


If you need a very easy to use a lightweight car vacuum cleaner that can be charged with a wireless charger and cigarette lighter charger you must try the new Wireless Charging Car Vacuum Cleaner.

These three very different car vacuum cleaners that incorporate features that ensured them a well-earned place in our top 3 best car vacuum cleaners, best-sellers for each category will transform the way you look at interior car cleaning.

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