Bissel AutoMate car vacuum

Bissel AutoMate Car Vacuum

Vacuum Cleaner
  • Price - 9.6/10
  • Suction power - 9.4/10
  • Ease of use - 9.8/10


If you want to clean your car much faster and in a safer way we recommend you buy Bissel AutoMate car vacuum. You will no longer have to struggle with broken cables and extension cords.


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Bissel AutoMate car vacuum

 The health of any driver indeed depends on the cleanliness of the car. Cleaning the car is not a pleasant thing for everyone and can sometimes take hours.

 However, nowadays, there is a personal assistant who can help with the cleaning, much faster, easier and more comfortable, without wasting time, which is often so precious.

 Each driver can select his model, according to his needs and what he considers to be more efficient and ideal, to be able to clean the car more easily.

 Vacuuming the car regularly is a necessity, but sometimes a vacuum cleaner with cord power is quite difficult to handle, especially when we do not have an electrical outlet within reach.

 A good solution in this regard is the cordless vacuum cleaner with a lithium-ion battery. Vacuum cleaners with batteries are very flexible and fast. We can vacuum with them in hard to reach places, where, with a normal vacuum cleaner with cord power we can not reach.

 Bissel company develops clean, intelligent, innovative and practical cleaning solutions, inspired by the real-life of its consumers. One such product that the company created to make our work easier, and we’ll talk about today is the Bissel AutoMate car vacuum.


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Bissel AutoMate car vacuum

 Keeping the cleaning inside our cars will be much easier using only a cordless vacuum cleaner. The Bissel AutoMate it was created for the complete cleaning of the vehicles, even of the difficult spaces to clean, up to the smallest details of the car. 

 The red color in combination with the accents of black and the weight of 3.1 lbs, makes this product have a modern and ergonomic design, easy to use. The power button is located on top of the handle.

 Due to its powerful 14V lithium-ion battery, this cordless vacuum cleaner has a very high suction power and a large run time. So we can completely clean the car without worrying that the battery will run out. It is also worth mentioning that the battery is included.

 The upholstery of the car is quite difficult to clean and requires time and patience. For this reason, this cordless vacuum cleaner has a motorized brush tool that was specially designed to remove dirt and debris from this surface.

 With led crevice tool we can now vacuum even the dark places in the car. This led will light up dirt and debris such as under the car seats or pedals.

 Another equally important tool with which we can clean dirt from hard-to-reach areas and confined spaces, such as the spaces between car seats, is a flexible crevice tool.

 When we want to change the cleaning accessories we must be careful that every time the vacuum cleaner is turned off.

 Bissel AutoMate car vacuum has also a 0.7 L dirt bin that is easy to empty, retaining even more dirt.

 The triple-level filtration helps increase the cleaning performance of this car vacuum cleaner. The dirt collection tank should be emptied before debris reaches the full line. The vacuum cleaner must be stopped when we have to empty it.

 The vacuum cleaner will be charged with an adapter that will come in the package. It is recommended that before the first use it should be left to charge for 8 hours.

 The LED light will flash red when charging and turn green once fully charged. After 10 minutes of being fully charged, the green light will flash once per minute. The adaptor may become warm while charging, this is something normal.


  • easy to handle
  • it has a great suction power
  • the battery does not discharge quickly
  • we can use it for vacuuming at home


  • it is more expensive than other products that have the same characteristics
  • you should stop it every time you need to change a cleaning accessory


If you want to clean your car much faster and in a safer way we recommend you buy Bissel AutoMate car vacuum. You will no longer have to struggle with broken cables and extension cords.

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