Garmin Truck GPS 770

Garmin Truck GPS 770 Review

Truck GPS
  • Price - 9.7/10
  • Accuracy - 9.9/10
  • Functions - 9.6/10


The Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD is very useful as it comes with completely free updates as long as the unit is up and running.


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Garmin Truck GPS 770

Garmin, a producer that’s known for building high-quality GPS systems, makes us a GPS pilot custom-designed for truckers. The Garmin dēzl 770LMTHD GPS Navigator provides us truck driving life satisfaction that a normal GPS navigator would come considerably behind in.

Created keeping in memory the requirements of drivers who drive business cars and necessitate not only a navigator but a control operation for their trucks. As far as GPS devices go, Garmin is recognized for their systems.

Garmin is an examined and experimented organization appreciated for its feature tech products so there’s a level of confidence and comfort that is missing with most different tech names.


There is nothing more appealing in a GPS than verbal commands, particularly if we do not desire to watch over the screen each new minute.

For drivers, staying with their eyes fixed to their GPS, so they identify where they are running is a certain no-no and it can be a reason for traffic collisions.

Garmin demonstrates once again that they have studied everything and this unit arrives with spoken commands that supervise us through any maze of roads, supporting us reach our target quick and simple.

The voice characteristic comprises references to landmarks and traffic conditions, so it is simpler for us to travel in the real environment. Some customers even tell that this is the characteristic they love best in their Garmin GPS.

This is a product that is produced well holding the licensed/economic driver in mind. If we’re on the way for long-distance run with an especially big car like a truck or different commercial car, we need more than an ordinary route of the mill GPS navigation method.

GPS accessories and other map applications like the traditional Google Maps are excellent and all but they hardly do enough to support the drivers of huge business cars find their direction around streets, overpasses, ramps, truck stations, motels, and other truck-related points.

This navigation tool is excellent for such a driver who needs a machine that sets all the navigation as well as the truck carrying and street and transit detail characteristics in one area and gets a huge charge off the pressure that appears with driving a big car and driving through streets and places through it.

Garmin Truck GPS 770 Features

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Garmin dezl770

Customized Truck Routing characteristic makes the Garmin Truck GPS 770 LMTHD truly stand out from different systems in the store. The custom RV routing characteristic enables us to insert the dimensions same height, width, and weight of our recreational car or towable container.

The dēzl 770LMTHD provides us complete data about maps that also inform us about vehicle dimension mentioned limitations in the United States similar bridges with height ends, weight limits on streets, and extra helpful info about major roadways and highways.

The live traffic characteristic surely aids us. With updates every 30 seconds providing us much quicker data correlated to other driving systems.

The live traffic update characteristic in this GPS navigation system operates on its digits and it informs us which routes to bypass that have heavy transitions. This characteristic is a real time-saver for us to take our big car around possible traffic barricades.

It provides us information about circuits, auxiliary streets, interstates, and highways to start preparing our route even simpler and quicker. Also furnishes as live climate updates and predictions.

This unit arrives pre-loaded with a menu of all the common points of matter according to TripAdvisor.

All the pauses like driving points, motels, eateries and famous attractions that are placed on our way display up with ratings and evaluations so we can organize our tour well with the general points of care in mind. It also involves Foursquare data about new and modern stores, establishments and assistance in the region.

Many things could go incorrect when we are going over long ways, like multiple truckers do. Being careful is never sufficient, and it serves to hold all the best weapons at our disposal to reduce the risk of collisions and even minor accidents.

The GPS unit examined here is cooperative with the backup camera, also produced by Garmin, called the Garmin BC 30 (that must be bought individually). A backup camera is very convenient for viewing behind our truck when we run in the opposite and it is hard to be informed of what is occurring in the back.

Careful truckers are notified to take a backup camera, too, so, in fact we have in plan to get one of these at a later period, it is a good idea to get a GPS that is cooperative with a backup camera.


  • displays ways as per our vehicle dimensions
  • glass screen that provides a bright look and easy to wipe
  • voice-controlled for hands-free usability
  • complete information about street situations like building sections, ramps, etc.
  • opportunity for customizable plans


  • it is more expensive than other units
  • unit sustains longer runs more
  • the user interface requires time to obtain a hang of


If you are a professional driver and need a reliable tool for navigating unknown locations, this GPS unit is the perfect choice for you. The Garmin Truck GPS 770 LMTHD is very useful as it comes with completely free updates as long as the unit is up and running.

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