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Start X Car Starter Review

Remote Start System
  • Price - 9.7/10
  • Ease of use - 10/10
  • Quality - 9.7/10


Having a remote to start your car is a nice and swift upgrade once you install it perfectly, and you don’t need any assistance for that in most of the cases.

The Ford remote starter kit is an easy plug and play system that allows you to simply press 3 times on the lock button and the car is ready to go. Having long-range compatibility, this remote is suitable for your car.

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Start X Car Starter

Going at a professional is not required, just follow the steps and you can just do it on your own at any time. It does not need extra devices for you to install or to use it, which is a good thing. Having a remote that warms up your car, starts the engine and defrosts your windows is pretty awesome.

The cars made after 2000 are more likely to be upgradable with this feature, especially the automatic cars. The manual or diesel cars actually might need some professional help to install this kit, just visit the manufacturer of your car and check if you can do something before spending any money.

Great Features

With this remote you can freeze the car a bit in the summer by lowering the windows if you have forgotten where your car is in the parking lot is a lot easier to find it just by pressing the button. This remote may be used with an android app too, the site of the Starter-X kit allows you to use an app that starts the car.

The best part of having the app is that you can monitor the car from anywhere, checking where it is or simply to see if every door is closed. You use that like an alarm system too, since your app will tell you if your car is running or opened, you can feel free of concern when it comes to that.

After you install it all you need to do is to press 3x times on the lock button with your old car key, you will not be needing a new one, which is good. The car will start after a few seconds along with the AC system that will be as you left it.

Before starting it in the morning make sure that you have put it on the heat when it is cold outside so the car will automatically warm up your car when you press the lock button. The kit comes with installation info and also with the manual of it.


  • Easy to install, takes up to maximum 10 minutes
  • The kit comes out with 3 pieces so you won’t have a mess 
  • Safe using on your truck
  • Not needing an additional device or cable to make it work
  • It is a great feature if you want to keep an eye of your 150 truck while you are in your office
  • It can be used on: F-150,F-250,F-350,F-450,F-550,Focus,C-max,Escape,Edge,Transit and others.
  • You keep the old key
  • You can use an app to start your car


  • You might have to disassembly inside your truck so you can install it
  • It is not compatible with manual transmission cars
  • For warranty information, you have to contact the seller or the kit’s website
  • It might take up to 15 seconds before the engine starts
  • The range is about 30m due to some customers


Having a remote to start your car is a nice and swift upgrade once you install it perfectly, and you don’t need any assistance for that in most of the cases. I’d say this is a desirable upgrade for any trucker.

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