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Auto Trac Snow Chains – Peerless 0232105 Review

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  • Price - 9.7/10
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  • Durability - 9.8/10


If it happened to you that the snow or the ice on the road gave you headaches while driving, feeling your SUV or truck is not responding optimally to your orders, I will offer you the solution today. I am presenting your Peerless model 0232105 chains that are specially designed for capricious weather.


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Auto Trac Snow Chains

Every driver had moments on less pleasant traffic because he had no visibility while the snowflakes permanently covered the road and the windscreen. It is all the more difficult when the pole is formed on the asphalt, which makes it difficult for driving to get somewhere safely.

Moreover, your attention needs to be better distributed, because you have to drive a machine that does not respond to orders very quickly but also have to pay attention to other road users.

Appropriate equipment of the machine is a cold-weather tire, but it is recommended that every driver during the winter season holds a set of anti-slip chains in the luggage compartment. They could take you out of the weather-related problems very often.

The most common situation in which winter chains make our life easier, but also the best example is when we want to start a car over which it had snowed a whole night. Without chains, it will take a long time before we can break around the car, but with chains, we will be able to get out of the parking in 10 minutes.


The Peerless 0232105 model is a special model designed for SUV and truck machines.

The quick fitting from Peerless 0232105 for SUVs, providing superior driving comfort and top performance.

These chains are very easy to mount, as they have components for the automatic attachment of the chain to the tire, which are exactly centered without great effort on the whole circumference of the tire. They also have patented systems that fully extend and support the chain throughout the journey.

Peerless 0232105 is designed for all categories of drivers. So you don’t have to worry about installing them, because you don’t need tools. Installation and removal are done in a few minutes.

It is recommended for drivers to have chains and a spray that melts the ice so that chains fit perfectly.

Also, when using chains, the recommended maximum speed is 30,40 km/h.

The transverse chain is in the shape of a diamond or a diamond, offering a smoother shift and traction beyond the SUVs or the lorry. It Also Provides optimum grip on snow and ice.

It is recommended that you read the car book because the car companies inform the driver if the car needs only two chains or needs full support.

Auto Trac Snow Chains Features

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Peerless 0232105 Snow Chains

Peerless 0232105 comes in pairs of two chains along with a storage box.

The standard positioning of the chains is where the car is towed, so if the car has front wheels, the snow chains must be mounted there. However, it is recommended that you purchase chains for all the wheels of your car because when it comes to an icy road, an SUV-type car with chains mounted only on the front wheels will tend to oversteer.

As a product designed for active people, the chains will not have to be tense during the journey, so you will not have to stop the car.

This model is a model for SUVs and trucks, that can adapt excellently even on a muddy road.

Peerless 0232105 owns an aperture system that protects the wheels against scratches.

It can be used on off-road roads without any holding back.

For long durability, it is recommended that, before packing in their special box, be cleaned by any residues.

 These Auto Trac Snow Chains are also approved according to European standards.

Auto Trac Snow Chains Pros

  • easy to install&use
  • explicit instruction
  • great traction
  • good for off-road 

Auto Trac Snow Chains Cons

  • expensive
  • it may not fit on a new tire  


Peerless 0232105 are some chains specially designed for SUVs or trucks leaders, helping them pass easily heavy winters. So if you’re looking for such chains for your car, I think those would fit your needs. They are practical and easy to fit.

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