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Anyyion Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Kit

Dent Repair Kit
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If you want a Paintless Dent Repair Kit that is complete with all the tools you need for high-quality repair of dents then Anyyion Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Kit is all you are looking for.


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Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Kit

Anyyion is a brand that specializes in manufacturing professional tools and machines used in the automotive industry.

The most used and appreciated products from this company are used to repair and remove dents from the car using the paintless dent repair method.

This method was invented in 1960 by Oskar Flaig a member of Mercedes staff to rapidly remove and repair small scratches and dents on the car’s paint very quickly.

With this technique, the small dents are repaired using a small hammer handle to push out the dent and can be used both on steel and aluminum panels.

Paintless dent removal and repair is used especially on minor creases, body line damages, hail damage, large dents, door dings and also to prepare for repainting a damaged panel by minimizing the used quantity of body filler.

While trying to repair any damage we must try to find the most simple method to use and the proper tools to have the best results.

What you need

But before grabbing the tools and start repairing some advice will get you out from unwanted complications.

So before doing any work on your car the first step is to prepare it really well with a good cleaning and washing to get rid of all the contaminants just to make the job go smoother.

Another important thing is to identify the extent of the damage and to make a plan on how you will repair it and what tools you will need.

This way when you get to the actual work you will have all prepared from advance and will have nothing to stall you from working.

Why the acquisition of this kind of products is important?

Well first of all dent repair is pretty expensive and if you have small dents or the damage is not so big you can do it yourself and save some money with these tools and products specially designed for this kind of work.

These dent repair kits use glue guns and tabs on which you put the glue to glue them on the dented area and afterward just pull them with a Puller handle.

In a kit like this, you have many accessories and tools to use to fit each situation and keep you well-armed with all you need to solve the issue.


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 Dent Repair Kit

Anyyion Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Removal Kit is a kit that will ensure that you have all the tools and accessories you need to repair and remove your car’s dents.

This cool kit has 92 pieces and comes in a handbag with a handle to be able to keep and store them safely and without taking much space in your garage, home or car.

Whit this kit you will be able to do quick and efficient repairs to your car saving money from expensive repairs with premium quality tools packed in a compact and handy bag for long life service and convenient operations.

This Kit comes with clear and easy to read instructions so you will be able to properly use each tool and piece according to its use making your job a whole lot easier.

So after choosing the right tool for the job you have to do, you must prepare the surface of the dent by cleaning it with a wet cloth and drying it.

Before using the hot glue gun you must choose the type of glue you need to use according to its strength: black glue stick-adhesive for strong strength, yellow for medium and transparent for regular.

It will take between 3 to 5 min for the hot glue gun to warm up and after that, you just have to choose the properly sized glue tab from the 52 different sizes and smear hot melted adhesive on it with the gun.

The tab with hot adhesive will be fastened to the dent and stuck by the bottom of the,, Gold Dent Lifter” or the Bridge Board tool according to the depression degree.

When we have a small indent area we can use the Bridge Board and for a larger area the Gold Dent Lifer, both of them have a rubber base to protect the original paint area.

Another great tool is the T bar tool, the Hail hammer, line board, the flattening hammer and pen, and a mini T bar.

Different shapes of heads can be used to repair different dents and after using the glue to repair the dents you must use also isopropyl alcohol to remove with a scraper the glue.


  • easy to use
  • complete kit
  • has 92 high-quality pieces
  • has 3 kinds of adhesive of different strengths


  • you cannot use it on damaged paint because it can be unplugged


If you want a Paintless Dent Repair Kit that is complete with all the tools you need for high-quality repair of dents then Anyyion Car Body Paintless Dent Repair Kit is all you are looking for.

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