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Portable Garage Car Lift – QuickJack BL-3500SLX

Car Lift System
  • Price - 9.2/10
  • Power - 9.6/10
  • Ease of use - 9.4/10


If you need an affordable and reliable Portable Garage Car Lift to use easily in your garage, that is a low profile easy to handle and store BL-3500SLX by QuickJack will make a perfect choice.


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Portable Garage Car Lift

A Quick-Jack is a miniature hydraulic lift used in garages to lift cars when is needed clearance for work.

This hydraulic system has a hydraulic power unit that does the most work, connecting power cables and hydraulic hoses and the body of the jack that is made of a reinforced solid steel frame.

This kind of jack has handles to allow good maneuverability at ground level and has a low profile and will need rubber blocks to be used between the jack and the car to prevent damage.

The rubber blocks have different sizes and dimensions to be able to adjust them well enough to fit under your car.

The frame of the jack is mobile and has small wheels on it to be able to place it both sides under your car lined up with the car.

To be able to use the quick jack you also need a compressor so you will have 50 psi of compressed air to lift your quick-jack and then use some lock in place safety locks.

These easy to use really useful devices are available on the market at affordable prices and come in many models depending on the manufacturer so it is easy to purchase one.


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Portable  Car Lift

BL-3500SLX by QuickJack is a small Portable Garage Car Lift that can be used in any garage with ease to lift your car to be able to better work on it.

This is the smallest and most accessible version of this brand and will come with all that is needed to assemble correctly your quick-jack.

You will find in the box 2 long frame assemblies, a hydraulic power unit, some quick connecting hoses(2 for each assemble frame), quick-connect fittings and few rubber lift blocks of different dimensions and sizes.

The frames have quick-frames handles to allow better maneuverability when you insert the jack under the car.

Following the instruction from the manual, you will be able to install the jack yourself and fill the little cylinders with 50 psi of air pressure from a compressor.

Another important thing is to fill up the reservoir with 2.5 Qz automatic transmission fluid and after some check-up, you are ready to go.

This quick-jack can lift in 60 seconds up to 3500 Lbs having safety bars with a dual position that will automatically lock as the lift is operated.

This device is easy to use maneuverable and easy to store having a small wheel to make transportation easy.

With it, you can work from your garage and it makes the car maintenance easy, fast and affordable.

Using this lift you will have a lot of clearance to work on your car and when you are not using it is easy to move it somewhere else and store it.

The frame is powder-coated to keep it protected from the harming influences of environmental agents or chemicals.

With this great product, you can protect yourself from too much harming effort and make your work safer easy and enjoyable.


  • easy to use
  • maneuverable
  • has 2 positions to a safety lock
  • it lifts to 3500 lbs in less than 60 sec
  • has a remote to control it easily from a safe distance
  • easy to transport and store
  • the frame is solid and well protected with a powdered coating
  • has easy to use handles to increase maneuverability
  • has a low profile


  • you will need a compressor to fill the air cylinders with 50 psi


If you need an affordable and reliable Portable Garage Car Lift to use easily in your garage, that is a low profile easy to handle and store BL-3500SLX by QuickJack will make a perfect choice.

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