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Car Polisher – WORKPRO W125020A Review

Car Polisher
  • Price - 9.9/10
  • Quality - 9.3/10
  • Accessories - 9.6/10


WORKPRO W125020A is a good car polisher. It is perfect for those who know a thing or two about car polishing.


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Workpro Car Polisher

Polishing is used to enhance the appearance of the paint of the car and to protect it from corroding elements.

The polishing or buffing machine is used to polish surfaces like car body with compounds that will cover the paint with a think film which will ensure a deep gloss and protection.

So why do we need polishing equipment or even polishing?

As a response to this question, we can say that any substance that can damage the paint coat will be isolated if you coat your paint in a protecting film first.

And using polishing products you can just do that or even remove the traces made by these substances with the protecting coat added.

So if some cleaning products can damage your car paint making it sensitive you can use instead buffing liquid on a buffing pad to treat the affected area.

Paint polishing machines and materials have advanced over the years in different ways making more and more easy to protect your car’s paint and to keep it in a wonderful looking glossy shape.

We have 4 different popular categories of polishers: rotatory, random orbit, gear-driven and large stroke polishers.

So we will make a short presentation of each to help you understand better the advantages and downsides of each.

Car Polisher Types

The Rotary Polisher works pretty smooth but when you have curves and angles or tilt the machine it will run on the surface depending on how you will steer it being not so easy to handle and you need a side handle to use it properly.

This kind of polisher has variable speed being strategic in using different sized pads in smaller places and tight spots.

But as a downside, this huge torque when is not properly controlled can damage the paint by burning and damaging layers of paint, especially on edges.

The Random Orbital Polisher will remove dirt nibs highly efficient but for very small surfaces for strategic sanding only with an orbital pad.

This polisher uses a random orbital movement from side to side and is light weighted and easy to use.

You can use with the pads compounds or polish to apply or to remove wax being very versatile.

This dual-action polisher made the difference in the market making polishers easy to use even for beginners.

This kind of device is easy to control having lower torque and is easy to use even on edges without causing any damage.

Compared to the rotary polisher you have more time to react and it is more easy and safe to use for a beginner even for high-finish fine details in polishing.

The Gear-Driven Polisher or Forced Rotation Polisher gives you a constant dual-action being a hybrid combination of the first two.

This polisher has the power and the strength of the rotary polisher combined with the constant dual action of the random orbital polisher making it a remarkable device to use.

This way you will have both the benefits and disadvantages of both machines.

Even in low speeds we will have constant rotation and orbit action without staling, grabbing and tearing in the paint layers cause of the dual orbital action.

This polisher can run in reverse rotation compared to the other ones having a constant pattern movement.

The most popular is the Large Stroke Dual Action Polisher which has a big orbit size which increases the defect removal improving finishing and will self clean easy.

This device has an enlarged 21 mm orbit that will do three times the work and surface of a usual 8 mm orbit polisher.

Smaller stroke polishers are ideal for strategic polishing like small areas that need more action concentrated to get better results like thresholds, edges in a shorter amount of time.

The large stroke polishers will cover a larger surface but will need an increased counterweight and are smooth to do big areas more effectively.


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Car Polisher

WORKPRO W125020A Car Polisher is a polisher with a powerful 1300W 10 A motor that will ensure long-lasting and high-quality performance.

This powerful car polisher has 5 adjustable speeds and is designed for sanding, waxing, polishing, sealing glaze.

It is fit to be used in your car or your garage for any appliances and surfaces when applying wax, sealants or glazes.

The polisher will come with 2 packs of polishing sponges,2 pcs of 7″ wool polishing bonnet, 2 pcs of handle screws, 1 pair of carbon motor brushes and an Allen wrench.

It has a button for spindle lock to ensure your safety while installing, removing or changing accessories.

Has also 4 polishing and buffing pads and a comfortable auxiliary handle for more maneuverability.


  • it is light weighted and easy to maneuver
  • it is easy to use as a sander, a buffer, and a polisher
  • strong motor with 5-speed steps
  • comes with many accessories
  • is multi-functional


  • has a spring-loaded safety on the trigger


If you need a multi-functional powerful car polisher with 5 adjustable speeds highly maneuverable at a great price WORKPRO W125020A Car Polisher would make a perfect choice.

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  1. I bought WorkPro Polisher. Sent a few questions to work pro without any answer. Questions are:
    What is the decibel rating. When I turned on it seems louder. Any other recommendation for lesser sound
    What are the pads used for. Do we have to keep changing pads for different purposes. Do I have to use of them to spread and the other for polishing
    How to polish leather dash board and leather seats. Which pad to use. There was no specific attachment for dash board
    Is liquid, or wax chemical any difference, preference for better results
    How many times a pad is good for polishing
    Appreciate your help

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