portable car lift for home garage

Portable Car Lift for Home Garage – Ranger BL-7000SLX

Car Lift System
  • Price - 9.5/10
  • Ease of use - 9.7/10
  • Lifting Capacity - 9.8/10


If you need a really good low profile automated portable quick jack Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System with a 7,000 Pound Capacity would be the perfect choice for you.


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portable car lift for home garage

Portable car lift for home garage is a mechanical device used to lift heavy loads using a screw thread. It is used as car jack, floor jack or garage jack.

These jacks are used to lift vehicles so that maintenance can be performed safely on the vehicle.

Depending on the usage this jacks have a minimum capacity for lifting and are used accordingly.

Jackscrews are a kind of scissor carjacks that use a mechanical advantage to lift a car used by a single person manually.

These kinds of jacks use a notch which is fitted on a uni-body in a hard point and by levering the notch you succeed in lifting the car.

Modern jacks can be electrically operated and are powered with a 12V power supply directly from the cigarette lighter plug of the car.

Electric car jacks do not need to be operated using the brute force because they are automated and can lift and lower the car with the press of a button.

These two kinds of jacks can be used as emergency portable jacks for car users and easily stored in the vehicles but for complete maintenance, another kind of jacks are used to assure safety while working and less difficult handling.

Portable hydraulic presses or just hydraulic jacks as they are named using an incompressible liquid usually an oil that is forced by a pump plunger into a cylinder and with the generated pressure operate the device.

Hydraulic jacks are used in car workshops or garages and require specific conditions to be operated in safety like carefully selected level grounds, a careful selection of the point on which the jack is sustaining the vehicle and to ensure stability when is extended.

Another kind of jacks that are used are floor jacks that have a low profile allowing easy maneuverability and greater extension.

Air hydraulic jacks use compressed air instead of liquids to save effort and increase speed while working.

With so many types of jacks you can use, it is easy to change a tire or to make a quick revision of your car so if you wish to choose one for your needs that will be an easy job to do.


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portable car lift Ranger BL-7000SL

Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System – is a portable car lift for home garage that can lift up to 7000 pounds.

This quick jack gives you a lot of clearance to work and is easy to set up use and store.

This unit has a quick connect hose, nylon wheels for easy moving and a mini hydraulic power unit with AC or Dc power options.

The convenient handles help you to easily position the jack and have even stackable rubber lift blocks of a different dimension.

You can control it from distance using the remote pendant control which keeps you safe and that does not require any effort with integrated automatic safety lock bars and dual locking positions.

With the amazing 3500-7000 pound capacity you can lift in less than 60 seconds any vehicle including light trucks and SUVs to perform any maintenance job you need with maximum stability and safety.

The frames are made of rugged 14-gauge welded steel that are strong and stable and can support heavyweights with an open center design that allows easy and clear access.

The frames of the jack are really low profile to allow easy access and portability and have a durable powder coat finish to protect it from any damaging agents and chemicals.

It is easy to set up and use making it a really popular product that is accessible for any car owner and an affordable device of great quality.


  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • easy to store
  • has remote control using a pendant
  • has automatic safety lock bars
  • has stackable rubber blocks for lifting
  • can lift to 7000 pounds
  • has a solid steel frame
  • has convenient handles
  • has low profile frames


  • The wheels are small and from a very hard plastic


If you need a really good low profile portable car lift for home garage, then Ranger BL-7000SLX QuickJack Portable Car Lifting System with a 7,000 Pound Capacity would be the perfect choice for you.

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