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Garmin Navigation Systems – Top 3 2019

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Garmin Navigation Systems

Navigation systems are an important accessory for any car owner allowing freedom of movement thanks to all the information they provide to the driver.

There are many things you can do with a GPS navigational system like searching for directions to a location, choose a route that is time saving or fuel-efficient, save important coordinates for later usage or review old routes and location addresses.

A really important feature is the voice command control that allows you to navigate the system only using voice commands and keep your hands on the steering wheel.

This hands-free feature allows you to save time and be safer while driving, giving you all the indication needed through visual representation, audio guidance, and 3D maps.

It is nice that it has many customizable features that enable you to save all your preferences and use them when you need.

The many apps included determine a high multi-functionality. In one single unit you can have a calculator, can visualize clips and images, have an alarm clock, unit converter, language guide, GPS, agenda, map viewer and many more.

A great thing is also the Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to easily connect your phone with the navigation device

This feature enables hands-free connections with the caller without even touching a button or taking your hand s off the steering wheel.

Garmin Navigation Systems Functions

A GPS navigation system is able to view all the maps formats and to customize the maps features,to rotate around the map,to choose a point of interest on the map and get an exact estimation of distance, time and routes to that point.

The navigating GPS does not depend on a cellphone connection having preloaded maps that you can use even if the reception of a signal for your phone or internet is bad or in remote and isolated places.

Having autonomy you can find your way in any conditions without depending on anything and anyone.

If you can’t find a location on the maps you can always resort to updated google maps and lifetime traffic reports. The preloaded maps can be updated with ease whenever you need them.

All the notifications are really helpful like speed limit, active lane assistance and guidance with junction view, up-ahead, sharp turns, wrong-way driving, red light, school zones proximity, and even fatigue warnings.

With all these functions and options driving becomes easy, fun and safer.

To help you have a better idea of what features are important for a good GPS navigational system we have selected a few of the best Garmin navigation systems in a top 3 of the most used and appreciated.

1. Garmin Nuvi 67 LM GPS Navigator System

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Garmin Nuvi 67LM

As the number one in our top 3 Garmin Nuvi 67LM GPS Navigator is a great example of a high-quality navigating system that has many great features included.

This device has an integrated 6-inch dual-orientation touch-screen that makes navigating easy and fun.

You can use the voice control commands to drive without the need to touch the navigation system .

The preloaded maps allow you to be independent of any signal service or internet and use anywhere the maps available. What is great at this Nuvi 67 LM is that you have lifetime maps that are easy to update for free.

The Garmin Real Direction System is really easy to use assisting you with a traffic light and recognizable landmarks/buildings.

Garmin Nuvi 67 LM Important Functions

The main important functions that are the highlights of this GPS are the Foursquare Data, Lane assistance with junction viewing, Direct Access, warnings for school zones, Up Ahead, Garmin Real Directions and compatibility with a backup camera.

The Foursquare app adds many popular locations to your search like gas stations, popular restaurants, parking lots, popular attractions.

To simplify the search for complex locations the Direct Access feature allows you to find and save coordinates, routes and to directly access destinations like malls, airports, and others.

Notifications and warnings are included to help you navigate safely in school zones, speed limitation areas, traffic congestion, many lanes, entering and exiting on highways.

The Up Ahead features to offer you the option to search for places without exiting the map this way not losing contact with important information.

What is great at this navigation is the compatibility with a backup camera so if you choose to install one you can do so without any efforts and alteration of the system.

Garmin Nuvi 67 LM Conclusion

Garmin Nuvi 67LM GPS Navigator will be the perfect addition for any car owner that wishes to invest in a high-quality navigating system that is reliable and has many useful features at a reasonably good price. You can read a more detailed review here.

2. Garmin Nuvi 57 LM GPS Navigator System

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Garmin Nuvi 57

This great navigating system comes second in out top having small differences from the previous one and all the important great features.

For this GPS the display is slightly smaller of 5 inches but with the same great quality and features as the dual-orientation touch screen with high definition.

The voice control options are available and you can control with voice commands the navigation and also receive automated voice guidance and information with the turn-by-turn directions feature.

These navigating systems are easy to use and are independent of cellular signal coverage areas having all the maps preloaded and easy to update when it is necessary having free lifetime updates of the maps.

Nuvi 57 LM has all the features of Nuvi 67 LM like Direct Access, Foursquare app, Garmin Real Directions, Up Ahead, School zone alerts, assistance for lanes and junction view, even the compatibility with a back-up camera.

Garmin Nuvi 57 LM Features

The driver alerts are really useful allowing you to know better your surroundings and increase awareness in case of speed changes, sharp turns, railroad crossings, red lights, lane departure and many other.

The access to the history database makes it more fun and interacting searching for locations having pictures of places and locations included.

The TripAdvisor application allows you easy access to hotel ratings, recommendations for good restaurants, popular attractions all to have a more enjoyable route and to be able to plan ahead of any move.

The simple menu and apps make it easy and enjoyable to use with easy to follow directions and voice-activated control, hands-free callings that simplify your life and driving.

Garmin Nuvi 57 LM Conclusions

If you have thought to buy a good navigation system to help you simplify driving Garmin Nuvi 57 LM GPS Navigator System will be perfect for that. Here you can read more about this device.

3. Garmin Drive 50 LM GPS Navigator System

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Garmin Drive 50 GPS

As our number 3 choice, Garmin Drive 50 LM GPS Navigator System is a great navigating system that has the same great high-quality as the other 2 but with some minor differences in some features.

This navigator is easy to use and has a 5-inch dual-orientation touch-screen display with WQVGA color TFT and white backlight.

The many notifications and alerts have an on/off switch to use when needed so you will not be bothered when driving.

You can choose and customize which notification you need to use like fatigue alert when is appropriate to take a break if you drive a long time and where to go to drink a coffee, to refill or buy food, speed limitation, red light, sharp turn, school zone, and many others.

The preloaded maps are always available to use to find any location even if good cellular coverage is not present. The updatable maps make it easy to find any location without much effort.

All Garmin devices have Garmin Drive to assure easy to follow directions and the Up Ahead feature that allows you to search for places and information without leaving the map.

Garmin Drive 50 LM Features

With the Direct Access feature, you can find complex locations easy and fast and even save coordinates or routes to use them later.

The Foursquare app allows access to many popular places to choose from when you are driving by or just when you search for a category.

You have also the option to add a camera to use it when you need to keep an eye for your kids or back seat passengers (like a taxi ).

The DriveSmart feature will calculate the route to a location and also the estimated arrival time to make it all easy and more convenient for you. This way you can choose the more useful route or even bypass traffic-congestion.

Garmin Drive 50 LM Conclusions

Any driver that wishes to drive easier and safer would benefit from the acquisition of a Garmin Drive 50 GPS Navigator System. You can read more about this GPS here.


These three navigation systems are reliable, easy to use and of high-quality allowing a safe and easy driving experience.

An investment that will guaranty an improvement in the quality of your life and that will noticeably upgrade your driving skills.

You want a bigger GPS you can check out our Garmin DriveSmart 65 Review. It is a really good GPS, but at a higher price.

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