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Car Wash Kit – Adam’s Polisher 17 pieces

Car Wash
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If you wish to keep your car clean like a pro and have all that is necessary for a perfectly spotless clean car Adam’s 17 Piece Arsenal Builder Wash Kit is all you need.


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Adams Car Wash Kit

Maintaining the car spotless is important for any driver, so a good clean at a cleaning service will make you feel like having a new car.   

  If you wish to have a clean car without being forced to spend a lot of time and money you might think that a good car wash kit would make a great investment.

  As an affordable alternative, you can clean yourself the car with the help of cleaning products that are specially designed for professional cleaning.

  In a good cleaning kit for car washing, we can find different items like a foam gun, wash bucket, grit guard, bottles with professional cleaners, microfiber cloths of different dimensions and uses, tire brush, wheel brush, duster, window water scraper.  

All you need for a complete wash is available in a good cleaning kit, transforming a hard task in a easy and fun activity.

 To be able to have a perfectly cleaned car does not mean that you must be a professional.

     You only need the right products that will allow you to have a car that looks spotlessly clean and perfectly polished.

  With the right high-quality cleaning chemicals and detailing tools, you can keep your car sharp-looking, maintaining its value and protecting it from damage.

  Any car enthusiast will feel the pleasure of taking extra care so the prized possession will look as perfect and beautiful as in the day it was bought.

  With a small investment, you can have the pleasure of taking care of your car and highlight the spotless and sharp look like only a car enthusiast can do.

Adam’s Car Wash Kit Presentation

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Adam's Polisher Car Kit

  Adam’s Car Wash Kit is a wash kit designed to satisfy the need for professional quality products that can be used at home by car enthusiasts that wish to have their car looking impeccable.

  This car washing kit has all the necessary tools and chemicals for professional cleaning of both the interior and exterior of the car.

  With this premium car care brand, you will feel the quality of the products that are designed to obtain the best results.

  In this kit, you will find a Standard Foam Gun, wash bucket of 3.5 gallons, a Grit Guard and 6 bottles of Adam’s Premium Chemicals ( detail spray, spray wax, shampoo for cars, cleaner for glass, cleaner for wheels, tire shine.

 Will also include an applicator block for tire dressing, three soft towels made from microfiber, a mitt to wash the wheel, sponge and a white big towel for drying the car.  

 With all these, you can clean your car, add protection and gloss to the car’s paint, clean the wheels and make the tires shiny.

  The car shampoo and sponge is perfect for a gentle, safe and effective wash.

   It is easy to use to provide lubrication for the surfaces and then the concentrated foam has premium cleaning agents that will assure a perfect smooth cleaning.

  The foam gun will reach all the places and will spread the foam evenly on all the surface of the car so you can easily hand wash it afterward with the car shampoo and the fluffy wash sponge.

After rinsing the car with clean water with a spay hose you can apply the gloss and protecting coat from Adam and wipe it with the microfiber towel and after that dry it really well with the other microfiber towel.

  This protection gloss will highlight the beauty of the car and make it look shiny, clean and sharp, using the spray wax you will have 2 month light protection coat.

You have also interior cleaning chemicals to make the interior look brand new and smell nice and fresh.

The glass cleaners will make your windshield and windows look spotless and clear being specially designed to clean even tinted glass without causing any damage.

  For the finishing touches, you can use the tire dressing applicator and tire shine to give your tire the perfect deep rich shine and also use wheel cleaner and wash mitt to make you will look perfect till detail.

  With this car cleaning kit, you will be able to have the perfect spotless, shiny dreamed car.

Adam’s Car Wash Kit Pros

  • easy to use
  • has all the necessary tools and chemicals included
  • high-quality products
  • really nice smell and feel
  • affordable
  • perfect for gifts
  • has products for interior cleaning also

Adam’s Car Wash Kit Cons

  • it does not have a lid
  • the bucket should have a lip piece


  If you wish to keep your car clean like a pro and have all that is necessary for a perfectly spotless clean car Adam’s 17 Piece Car Wash Kit is all you need.

With a arsenal fit for a professional detailed you can do in an easy way a hard and expensive job.  

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