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One first step to clean your car’s interior would be decluttering, getting rid of any trash and vacuuming the car’s interior. For this step is important and of use, a good car vacuum cleaner adapted with all the accessories to get in the most inaccessible places where the dirt and dust have settled.

Another important step would be cleaning up the car’s central console or as is named dashboard.

To wipe the center console we need to moisten a microfiber cloth with a professional cleaner and wipe from areas that are cleaner to the ones that are dirtier leaving for last the grunge.

  We start by wiping the dashboard, center console and steering wheel till we get to the inside door pockets, gear-stick, and cup holders.  

 To clean the dashboard and dashboard buttons you can use either microfiber cloths with cleaner and after that wipe with a dry cloth or a car cleaning gun designed especially for cleaning the interior of cars. The cleaning gun can get rid of the most persistent dirt without an effort.

Windows can be cleaned with a dampened microfiber cloth with a window cleaning solution. Microfiber cloths are excellent for window cleaning because they remove stains that are tough and streaking. An extra precaution is needed for tinted windows to use only the compatible cleaning solutions to not ruin it, ammonia is best to be avoided.

 To clean the seats and upholstery you can use different cleaning products that can make this job easier. As a starter, the car vacuum cleaner will remove the large debris, dirt and dust from the floor mats, underneath them, car ceiling, upholstery.  

The vacuuming should start from top to bottom and all the additional nozzles will have a separate purpose to serve cleaning every corner and surface.

 For seats, we will use professional cleaning solutions designed specially to clean and recondition leather or upholstered fabric sets that can be sprayed as foams and remove any dirt and stain. These products can have a nice discreet smell to remove also the bad odors.

 So as a conclusion the most needed and used types of interior cleaning products are: car vacuum cleaners, chemical cleaning products, wiping and polishing material and brushes/applicators.

 We chose a product from each category to present below, each for his many and specialized uses.

Mofeez 9pcs Car Cleaning Tools Kit


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Mofeez 9pcs Car Cleaning Kit

 A tool kit is made of a small portable box that is used to store and preserve tools. In a car’s tool kit for cleaning, we can find different items like Microfiber car wash sponge, microfiber cloths of different dimensions and uses, tire brush, wheel brush, duster, window water scraper.


Mofeez 9pcs Car Cleaning Tools Kit is a handy tool kit that comes with all the tools needed to clean properly a car.  

 The first item that comes in this tool kit is a washing sponge covered with microfiber fabric that soak’s water really well-making washing easy and fun.

 The second item is a big brown microfiber towel that helps to quickly dry and wipe the water on the large areas of the car’s body or windows.

 Another item is the gray towel made of a very fine material suitable to be used on glass, mirrors and shiny surfaces that need to be spotless and to have the perfect finish.

The waffle looking little towel is used to remove and wipe any stains remained after washing the car.

The tire car brush has a curved brushing area and a handle making it the perfect tool to clean the tires all-around.

Another interesting tool is the wheel brush that has a sturdy handle to be able to reach difficult areas on the wheel lice wheel caps and other crevices.

 The duster is really great for cleaning the dashboard and leather seats. It has a design that allows it to reach difficult to reach areas.

 The window water scraper has on one side a washing sponge and on the other side a rubber scraper perfect for washing the windows with the sponge and afterward to scrape it dry.


  • good quality products
  • cover all range of uses
  • good price-quality report
  • all that you need to be packed in a box all organized


  • the duster may leave some fluffs
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 With this tool kit, you have all you need for quick cleaning of your car and the storage box is a great way to store those useful tools in a compact and space-saving manner. If you wish to be well equipped and have at your disposal all you need to keep your car in the top shape and clean this car cleaning car tool kit would be your obvious choice.

Lucas Oil Detail Kit


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Lucas Oil Detail Kit

For a thorough cleaning really important in car detailing is the use of an interior car cleaner.

 Professional detailing products have a large presence on the market since cars are the primary mode of transport.

Interior detailing must involve cleaning in detail the whole interior of the car. To clean a large variety of materials like upholstery, synthetic carpets, vinyl, natural fibers, leather plastics, carbon fibers we need various cleaning products.  

 Upholstery stains can be cleaned using foam and liquid chemicals. The majority of stains are cleaned by using a solvent to dissolve and remove the stain.  

 To choose the right solvent solution you must keep in mind two important things: what caused the stain and what material was stained.  

 For different stains, we must use different solving solutions keeping in mind that some solvents can be incompatible with the material on which the stain is, and can dissolve also the stained material.

 Sometimes one stain can have different staining agents requiring different removal forms. Some stain removing agents could affect not only the material but also the color of the material.

 Extra care is required when choosing the suited cleaner. As an excellent interior cleaning product, we can recommend Lucas Oil Detail Kit.


  Lucas Oil Detail Kit is a fast and easy to use Kit. It can be used to clean and protect dashboards, consoles, doors, seats, and trim. It is safe for plastic, vinyl, rubber, leather, and metal.

 It is easy to use, you just need to shake well and spray well the surface you want to clean and afterward wipe with a soft towel. It can remove dust, dirt, and oils without leaving oil residues. It has a nice smell and leaves a discreet shine


  • discreet shine
  • a nice smell
  • good cleaning
  • not oily or greasy
  • good for a different type of materials
  • leaves no residues
  • can also be used in the household
  • protects materials
  • it is UV proof to protect from the damaging sun


  • leaves only a discreet shine


Lucas Oil Detail Kit is a wonderful cleaning product kit that is usable for many materials and many purposes, it leaves you car clean all the surfaces will get a discreet shine and the car’s interior will smell nice.  

If you need a car cleaner that is compatible with all material types and does an amazing job cleaning and restoring them this would be the perfect product to choose.

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