CR Spotless DIC-20 Review

CR Spotless DIC-20 Review

Car Wash
  • Price - 9/10
  • Quality - 10/10
  • Efficiency - 9.8/10


CR Spotless DIC-20 is an amazing solution for those tired to remove the white spots which remain after every car wash.


If you ever had water spots on your car’s paint, you know how hard removing them could be. In this case, preventative maintenance is crucial so using demineralized water is the perfect solution to avoid ruining your cars look and wasting a lot of time and effort.

Demineralized water is water that was treated in a complex process that makes it almost completely free of minerals dissolved. So for short these minerals are the ones that after the water is evaporated forms those hard to remove spots or even corrode the paint, chrome or nickel finishes.

Demineralized water is mineral-free water that allows a high-quality and easy washing of cars and any other vehicles or appliances without requiring drying or high polishing afterward.

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CR Spotless DIC-20

To demineralize water you can use different processes like deionization, electrodialysis, membrane filtration (reverse osmosis or nanofiltration) or other technologies.

The process of deionization is using special-manufactured resins that thru ion-exchange help remove minerals almost 100% from water Water purity may be measured in various ways by measuring the weight of solute material(impurities), the degree they increase boiling/freezing point, refractive index, superconductivity index.

Undistilled water contains a large number of minerals so hard water leaves spots on paint and if this super hard-water is left sitting can easily etch the surfaces creating a semi-permanent outline that has cut in the clear coat of paint.

Etching can be removed only through polishing and claying. For a car with matte paint, this is a true nightmare because you cannot polish or clay. Even soft water would leave spots but those are easier to remove as the number of minerals is small.

Before or during sealants and coatings application is of utmost importance to use deionized water or the sealant and coater will not bond well or even accidentally sealing-in spots. Removing sealed-in spots would mean to remove the coating/sealant then clean again the car with deionized water.

Using deionized water for your car is important because overall is better for the paint’s health. Using soft tap water is ok only if you dry inch by inch your car after washing. If you have hard tap water it is recommendable to avoid washing your car with it.

You can check if your tap water is hard in different ways like checking if you have limescale on faucets/shower heads, dry skin afters showers or foggy looking glassware.

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CR Spotless DIC-20 Presentation

CR Spotless Water System

CR Spotless DIC-20 is a water filtration system that is portable and de-ionized water removing all the suspended salts out of the water, like chloride, calcium, magnesium, and sodium. These types of salts and minerals after the water evaporates leaves spots and marks on your cars paint or even etch holes in the paint’s clear coat.

This water filtration system is great to use for cars, SUVs, trucks, motor homes, boats, solar panels, golf carts, motorcycles, mountain bikes, even to wash/rinse your house windows. This system leaves a spot-free finish on the glass.

You can even wash your car in the direct heat of the sun without having those horrendous spots. After soaping your car you can thoroughly rinse it with this system that includes a sprayer with a special nozzle to allow a perfect amount of water and pressure to rinse well for a spot-free finish without needing to thoroughly wipe the water.

This system comes with a filter wrench, 1 supplied water nozzle with 2 hose adapters and Teflon tape, 2 centering rings, 2 stainless steel washers, one 48 inches long stainless steel hose connector and 2 20-inch resin cartridges, water purity indicator with batteries.

The included water sprayer is important because it has a setting included on it called flat that gives a strong but fine mist to allow the resins beads from the tank to remove the contaminants with a flow of 2,5 gallons/min.

The filter tanks have a TDS (total solvents) meter to check the water quality and it should display when is on a range between 00 0 or 0,19 for a spot-free rinse. When the reading is of 0,2 or higher the resin filter cartridges must be replaced.


  • affordable unit
  • easy to use system
  • easy to install
  • saves money and time
  • professional results
  • it produces 35 gallons of water /day enough for 3 cars to wash


  • needs a pressure limiter input for decent/high water pressure 40psi or more IIRC
  • the resin is pricey and if the tap water is really bad you will need to replaces the resin cartridges a lot

CR Spotless DIC-20 Conclusion

CR Spotless DIC-20 has made available for home-use the technology that only expensive car-washes use. If you want to get a really easy to use and affordable car wash unit with professional results and time-saving capability this item would be perfect to acquire.

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