2-Way Remote Start System

Remote Start System – 4806P Python LED 2-Way

Remote Start System
  • Price - 9.6/10
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If you need a really good system to remotely start your engine and use it also with many integrated advanced features Python LED 2-Way Remote Start System is what you need.


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2-Way Remote Start System

Comfort is important for any driver and a car that can offer all the comfort you need and wish is a valuable acquisition.

Some technologies were available only for a luxury car and it was not affordable for anyone but as time passed they were made available to be used on a larger scale.

Today to have all the comfort and luxury you need it is no longer necessary to buy or afford a luxury vehicle.

You can customize any car you have to fit your needs and make it as comfortable as you wish.

With some smart investment in useful gadgets, you can transform the vehicle you own in the car of your dreams.

One cool and useful gadget that will make your life easier is the Remote Engine Starter System.

This small device is designed to ensure a comfortable interior for your car by controlling the temperature by starting the engine and operating the air system remotely.

With this device, you can control the temperature in your car by increasing or decreasing it even if you are not in the car to prepare it for a comfortable drive.

By starting your car’s engine to warm up from advance you have also other benefits like increased catalytic effect and reduction of toxic gasses.

This system works via communication between the wireless door-lock system and the engine start system which are operated from a distance using a simple remote control.

The remote activation system uses an electronic key as a remote control which is a hand or proximity-activated device.

This kind of key device does not need physical contact having a one-mile range to be able to operate using a radio or infrared transmitter.

This kind of device can incorporate many functions like the door lock system, the engine control system, an alarm control system and others.

With one small device, you can have in your hand complete control over the functions of your car allowing you to operate them from distance.

Remote key use encryption and rolling codes to secure them against other devices that can intercept the signal.

As a security measure, these electronic key systems use two kinds of signals the encrypted radio signals and infrared light.

If you wish to upgrade your car and make it more appealing and comfortable you can do that just by adding some new gadgets.


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2-Way Remote Start System

Python LED 2-Way Remote Start System is a really affordable Remote controlling system for your car that will start your engine from distance using an electronic key.

You will need a professional to install it if you do not have experience dealing with a car’s electrical systems and also must keep in mind the car warranty.

Remote engine starters can be compatible only with automatic cars that have an automatic transmission for safety reasons.

This is a two-way system with a range up to a mile that is really easy to operate and has advanced features included.

Being easy to use to lock the vehicle you just have to press the lock button and will get the green light next to the lock pictogram which will indicate you that the locking system was activated.

Has a single parking light flash to let you know that the car is locked and when you activate the unlock button will have 2 light flashes and audio signal.

To activate the engine you need a single press on the start engine button and will get a green light and a start-up tone to let you know that it is activated.

One the engine is activated the parking light will be turned on automatically also and will remain so as long as the engine is running.

You can preset the run time from 1 to 20 minutes and after that time the engine will automatically be turned off along with the parking lights keeping the doors locked.

You can also turn off the engine from the remote control with the same button receiving a green light and a shutdown tone.

It is as easy to use it to release the trunk of your car by using the auxiliary button.

The advanced features of the system are the run time reset feature and run time alert, the inside cabin check, automatic defrost, lock/unlock.

A cool feature is the brake shutdown so you must put the key in the position,, on” in the engine ignition lock otherwise will shut down to prevent it from being stolen.


  • multi-functional
  • easy to use
  • secure to use
  • has many features
  • high-quality
  • 4 auxiliary outputs
  • soft chirps 6 tone siren Neo Revenger
  • Onboard Stinger shock sensor


  • needs to be installed by a professional


If you need a really good system to remotely start your engine and use it also with many integrated advanced features Python LED 2-Way Remote Start System is what you need.

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