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DMCC Intelligent Car Air Purifier Review

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A really great tool for any car.


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Inteligent DMCC Car Air Purifier

 We all know that a big problem with humanity is pollution. The quality of the air we breathe concerns us, and for this reason, we wonder if the air in our homes is as clean as it should be.

 Since we want to know that our health is not affected by high levels of dust, germs and other microorganisms, we usually buy humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, etc.

 But have we ever wondered, what is the quality of the air in our car?

 Of course, this should be the first thing a driver should think about, especially if they spend a lot of time in traffic. Due to the level of toxic emissions that go beyond normal, in this environment, the pollution level is incredibly high.

 Polluted air reaches our car through fans, air conditioning, and practically every time we open and close the doors. The air purifiers for the car are excellent devices that do not make much noise, at the same time being easy to use.

 This device aims to decontaminate the air from the place where it is installed. Unlike an odorizer, an air purifier is not designated to eliminate odors but some products have a variety of fragrances.

 Although we think these products are expensive, they have an affordable price. In this case, anyone who wants to breathe clean air while driving can do so at a convenient cost.

 Dubai Multi Commodities Centre was established in 2002 by the Government of Dubai. It provides the physical, financial and market infrastructure needed to create a hub for global merchandise trade.

 In this article, we will talk about the DMCC Intelligent Car Air Purifier.


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Car Air Purifier

 Weighing 0.5kg, specially created from PC, a material resistant to fire as well as to protect the environment.

 We can put it even on the board without slipping because in the package we will receive a non-slip mat with which we will stabilize it.

 The modern design is rendered by the black color combined with the intelligent positioning of the light indicator. It will fit perfectly with the inside of our car.

 DMCC car air purifier will indicate the quality of the surrounding air using the light indicator. The blue light will indicate the superior air, the yellow one the good air and the red one will indicate the air difference.

 This way we will know the quality of the air in the car.

 This system starts automatically with the start of our car engine. If we forget about this device, it will do its job alone, without us intervening.

DMCC Intelligent Car Air Purifier Features

 The supply is done with a cable that will come in the package connected to the lighter of the car.

 With the three intelligent speeds, we can set the wind speed: breeze, small wind, and strong wind.

 Purify the air promptly. Harmful gases such as flue gas, benzene, formaldehyde, etc, will be eliminated efficiently and will not cause secondary pollution. Responsible for this filtration process is the activated carbon, which at the same time provides healthy air.

 Due to the negative ion purification function, it ensures the perfume of the air, effectively disintegrating the sterilization with carbon dioxide. The negative oxygen ion generator has two 800W cores and improves the oxygen ion content.

 The Hepa filter cleans the air of all kinds of particles(dust, pollen, etc.) that can cause allergies, absorb smoke and any unpleasant odor from the air. People suffering from allergies, infants and the elderly who are also sensitive to air quality will benefit from clean and fresh air, thanks to this technology.

 It purifies an area of 20 cubic meters, with an air volume of 50 cubic meters per hour, thus offering an efficient air purification. It can even be used to purify the air from a smaller room.

 The package contains host, power cord, car charging head, and non-slip mat.


  • reduces fatigue while driving
  • easy to install
  • do not discharge the battery of the car


  • it is more expensive than other air purifiers


If you suffer from respiratory allergies, being restrained from driving means that you have not yet purchased an air purifier. Now is the time to try DMCC Intelligent Car Air Purifier. You will feel major changes from the first moments of use.

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