Car Battery Tester Ancel BST500

Car battery tester Ancel BST500 Review

Battery Tester
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If you need a battery tester and you have not yet decided on a model that will please you, we recommend ANCEL BST500


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Car battery tester

Car batteries are one of the essential elements which power all the electrical parts, our car’s headlights, stereo, and our car itself.

The starter motor pulls energy from the battery and the spark connections take the energy from the identical source. That intends without the battery, our car wouldn’t easily start at all. but we can say that it is, like all the things that are happening around, batteries can go behind after some period of usage.

Although car batteries are rechargeable and built to last for several years before requiring replacement, they dissipate their debit to a substantial amount and that’s when they want to be substituted. But today there are a variety of devices and accessories that give us their help to discover the rank of our battery and how abundant life it has gone in it.

Frequently times we get stranded in the center of nowhere with no technicians nearby, all due to a wicked battery. If you’ve had understood that our battery was wasting its charge, we would change it before utilizing our car again correct?

Well, with the aid of battery checkers, we can do exactly that and the most the important thing is that we manage to do everything ourselves taking into account the safety rules.

ANCEL is a licensed company of automotive products. The brand focus on affordable cost, consumer entertainment, and best line quality, providing the best-selling products globally is their preference.

They mix business experience, producing expertise, and technological discovery to give a comprehensive portfolio, including OBD2 code readers, battery testers, etc. Their excellent consumer assistance supports obtain the most reliable quality during our selling procedure.

ANCEL BST500 Battery Tester is one of the best battery testers on the market and we will discuss today.


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Ancel BST500 Battery Tester

ANCEL BST500 Battery Tester is a smart digital battery checker which is one of the greatest battery inspectors on the sale. It will aid us give the device the principles of deciding whether the analysis breaks, cross or re-test.

BST500 is a battery inspector which can also identify the traditional flaws of starter and dynamo charging method which allows us to fix and resolve the car difficulties promptly.

Battery examiner is outfitted with an LCD screen which is simple to understand even in the sun lights.

This screen illustrates the current battery state whether it is excellent, great, okay or requires replacement.

It also reveals the checked battery charge, CCA battery, rated remaining life, and the internal opposition.

This battery inspector permits us to possess immediate report without certainly crippling the ignition. It can examine and interpret the largest of the battery evaluation systems which involve the CCA, CA, MCA, BCI, JIS, IEC, DIN, SAE, GB, and EN.

With this kind of battery inspector, we can directly control the harmful holes and get the analysis end performance within about 2.5 seconds.

ANCEL BST500 100-2000 CCA battery inspector opposed to others provides 2x quicker results than most of the battery checkers.

The examination process in this checker is safe and secure. It is provided with clips characteristics which hold opposite polarity security and does not release a spark.

This allows us to produce the examination without separating the battery thus keeping time and energy.

Car Battery Tester Features

ANCEL BST500 Car Battery Tester has a built-in integrated printer which allows us to immediately write the examination results for record-keeping with date and time functionalities.

When handled, this device provides approximately equal CCA number and great for matching batteries.

Also, this device allows us to examine the outstanding battery longevity and provides the inside battery stability.

We can simply verify the status of our vehicle when the check engine light appears on and reveals the key for each problem.

It is excellent to own it when traveling around with our car so that we can be capable to examine our car battery status in a ease when prompted.

The power of ANCEL BST500 CCA battery examiner is that it can examine both 12V and 24V.

This permits this machine to be fit with most vehicles, minivans, SUVs and tiny trucks. It can also sustain 100-2000 CCA battery performing it excellent for most cars.


  • it has a high quality
  • easy to use
  • displays real results


  • this product has no minus


If you need a battery tester and you have not yet decided on a model that will please you, we recommend ANCEL BST500 Car Battery Tester. The efficiency of this product will delight you.

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