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LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CRP123E is a great tool to have in your car.


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Scanning tools are electronic devices that are used to interface, diagnose and reprogram vehicle control modules.

These devices will connect with the vehicles DLC(data link connectors) and read the trouble codes for diagnostic purposes displaying all the data inputs/outputs on a live stream.

With specialized trouble codes you can reprogram modules or re-calibrate them within special parameters.

Using the OBD(on-board diagnostics) system you can access the status of various subsystems in your car and find out where an issue appeared and troubleshoot it.

The new OBD II systems in cars provide standardized interfaces to be able to monitor vehicle parameters, encoded data for each, a list of standardized DTCs, diagnose and repair using 4-digit trouble codes.

Having access to data from the ECU(electronic control unit) you can easily troubleshoot any problems with the vehicle.

Many tools are available to access the OBD functions using the OBD connector from simple to highly sophisticated devices.

To mention just some types like hand-held scan devices, devices based on mobiles, scan devices based on PC’s, data loggers, emission testers, supplementary instrumentation for the vehicle and driver, vehicle telematics.

OBD II System

The OBD II is present in all the vehicles in the world that were made after a certain date and to see if your vehicle is compatible you can easily check compatibility reports online.

This system has primarily 4 functions for which it was designed so in cars made in 1996 and later, with no regards to the manufacturer, a standard set of fault codes that uses a standard tool to interpret them was imposed.

One of the purposes of OBD II is to detect troubles and failures in different parts of the systems in the car.

Aside from that, this system stores DTC(diagnostic trouble codes) which will help identify and solve the issue with the help of diagnostic tools and devices making it easy for a car owner to fix and resolve the problem

The second purpose is to alert the driver if the emissions output rises in case of system failure to have a detailed analysis of the car’s functions and report.

Another issue is that it will perform analysis in real-time of the performance of the engine to regulate and optimize fuel consumption.

And the last purpose is to make the manufacturers respect the environmental guidelines for emissions that were imposed by EPA and standardize communication and electrical protocols in all the car industry.

OBD-II allows a universal diagnosis and inspection method to make sure the vehicles are performing to the standards imposed by OEM and reduce car pollution levels in our countries and cities.


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LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CRP123E is a professional scanner that has 4 functions to test 4 car systems and generate a diagnostic report to help you tackle the resulting issues.

It is not a bidirectional tool but it will read all of the extended data parameters that come directly from the engine beyond OBD II normal mode.

This device is a code reader and a scan tool to diagnose OBD II and EOBD, scan and review quickly any trouble with your car.

This device will read and clear any DTC’s of the cars engine, transmission, brakes and seat-belts and airbag system it has a big 5” color touch screen and Wi-Fi update.

This device comes with a 4000 mAh built-in lithium battery that is rechargeable and a nice storage bag to protect it and assure easy storage.

As a cool feature if you link your e-mail to the device any report made will be available and sent to your email.

In the pack, you will receive also a connecting cable and a charging cable.

This device has access to 57 manufacturers and free WI-fi updates for life and a battery monitor, a DTC search and graphing diagnosis.

LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner Pros

  • user-friendly is Android compatible
  • free updates for like
  • really good battery life
  • graphing available
  • will send all your reports to email
  • code reader and scan tool

LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner Cons

  • the storage bag will not fit the device with the connecting cable linked so you must remove it t be able to store it properly


If you need a good and reliable code-reader/scanner for your car with many features included and affordable then LAUNCH OBD2 Scanner CRP123E is the perfect device for you.

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