Dyson Car Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vacuum Cleaner
  • Power - 9.7/10
  • Price - 8.7/10
  • Accessories - 9.5/10


Dyson V7 Car Vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuum cleaner available on the market. It is extremely powerful.


Keeping your car in good shape is really important and not a easy task. So keeping the interior clean is important for maintenance, value and comfort. To much trash, dirt and debris can affect not only the aesthetic part of the car but also its good functioning.

Dyson Car vacuum cleaner
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A clean and well maintain car is a representation of oneself. A visit at a car wash is a good way to maintain a clean and well preserved vehicle but is expensive and not required all the time. By acquiring a good vacuum cleaner we can make a good investment that will allow us to save a lot of money and also time. On the market exists a great variety of products that can be used to make cleaning more easy, effortless and efficient for you.

We did a lot of research in order to find the best vacuum cleaner that is both efficient and and powerful.  

For car cleaning purposes a cordless vacuum cleaner would be more suited for many reasons, including the autonomy and free range movement required to do a good job with less effort and pain. Also this kind of vacuum cleaners are smaller and easier to use, and also can reach in places where otherwise would be difficult to get.

Some important features would be a small size, an easy usage, easy to carry, quick clean up, powerful suction, versatility, easy to maintain and affordable options (like accessories, attachments), charging options (good to charge in the car and also on a socket).

Dyson car vacuum cleaner: Specs

  Dyson V7 vacuum cleaner is a cordless vacuum cleaner that has a strong and powerful suction (100 air watts) powered by a Dyson V7 motor that allows you to clean even the most hard to get places in your car. Even if it has a powerful suction does not make a lot of noise (65 decibels), and this is a really good feature.

  It comes with accessories: wand, motor-head, crevice tool, combination tool, docking station, charger, instruction manual, soft roller cleaner head, mini motor head, Up top adaptor tool, extension hose, wide nozzle tool, stubborn dirt brush, soft dusting brush) that are really handy in hard tasks. What is really nice is the small size and that is light weighted (only 3.77 pounds) so it is easy to pick up, easy to handle, easy to move around.          

In the same model type off vacuum cleaners are available different versions with slight differences in accessories and weight(Dyson V7 Trigger includes only 3 accessories while  Dyson V7 Car + Boat has 6).

   From all the accessories the combination tool does a great job when used for dusting car dashboards and to reach every tough to reach crevice in your car, also  the mini-motorized head is a really important one if you have pets and need to remove pet hair or ground-in dirt and for a little extra-reach the extension hose is perfect.

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   Dyson V7 is really maneuverable with just a twist of the wrist you can reach every place you need to clean and being light weight it does not limit your moves or make your arms tired and soar.

Dyson V7 Car Vacuum Cleaner

  Being a really versatile vacuum just by replacing and using a different accessory its adapts better to your needs and to a new use. Also it is really easy and effortless to change accessories.

   Autonomy is an important feature of this hand-held cordless vacuum and it is up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction, it starts and stay strong to allow you to make a great job cleaning. The lithium-ion fade-free batteries have a longer service life and the charger is making charging time shorter like 3.5 hours but it can also charge directly from your car in case of lack of time,so you have both a car charger that connects to a 12 V socket to charge on the move, and a AC charger.

A really good feature of the V7 is the good size of  the dust canister 1.4 gallons and the hygienic dust ejector that ejects in a single action all dust and debris so  you do not have to empty it frequently or touch the dirt. The dust filter is easy to wash just with water at least one in a month.

Dyson car vacuum cleaner: Pros

   Dyson V7 is the most appreciated hand-held car vacuum cleaner  thanks to its digital motor, radical cyclones, and lithium battery that runs out slower that others of the same kind. With its powerful suction gets all the dust,sand,hairs and dirt even in the places you did not know it exists and cleanse even the air. The user friendly design along with its elongated form makes it easy to target dirt and dust in the most unreachable places of you car.  


  If you have allergies or just need to clean your car this car vacuum cleaner is a really good investment, the price/quality rapport making it the most suited candidate.

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