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Garages are usually used for a lot more than just keeping your car safe from the outside elements. They’re very often used as storage spaces, workshops, even as plant growing rooms. But whatever you use your garage for, one thing’s for sure, you need an appropriate lighting option.

There are countless garage lighting manufacturers and they all offer various advantages and low prices. It’s easy to get lost in the middle of shopping and get frustrated. However, the amount of options is also an excellent thing. This means that no matter what type of light you need, there is one waiting for you. The key is to keep calm and keep searching.

When it comes to prices, you can find options as cheap as $20-$30 and as expensive as a couple of hundred dollars. It all depends on your needs and what you can afford to spend on garage lighting. There are also packs that are made for illuminating both the inside and outside of your garage.

You can also invest in a good sensor and make lighting up your garage much easier. This will also help you make sure you won’t forget the lights on. Smart lighting models can even be paired directly with your smartphone or to your Smart Home system. This will take lighting your garage to the next level.

It’s also very important to think twice about other people’s recommendations. What’s perfect for them might be too bright or too dim for your work. And worse, you might end up damaging your eyes.

Your garage lighting needs to be appropriate for whatever you use your garage for. This includes car and motorcycle repair jobs or plant-growing.

Best Garage Lighting – What to Consider When Buying?

Before deciding to buy any type of garage lighting, you need to measure your garage and determine the exact light output need. The IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) recommends 50 lumens per square foot in your home garage. But if you have a workshop, you’ll need 300 lumens per square foot.

More simply put, if you want an ambient light, opt for 50 lumens per square foot. But if you have a room that requires a lot of light, you might want to consider 300 lumens per square foot. You can also choose 75 lumens per square foot if you want accent lighting.

You can use the Federal Trade Commission’s Lumens-to-Watts Conversion Chart to figure out what wattage you need. This will help you purchase the exact amount of light bulbs that you need to meet your garage’s lighting requirements.

If you use your garage as a workshop, you should choose bulbs with high CRI (Color Rendering Index). This will ensure that the lighting realistically renders the color of paint, wood, etc. The ideal CRI is between 85 to 100. The 100 is strong enough to mimic the daylight in the middle of a sunny day.

Now let’s talk about the color temperature, which is the way to measure the color of the bulbs on a visual spectrum. This goes from infrared to ultraviolet. Reddish and yellowish lights are considered to be warmer, and the blueish ones are seen as cooler. And you need to choose the ideal color temperature based on what you use your garage for.

Simply put, warmer color temperatures are used for relaxing rooms because they can make you sleepy. And the cooler ones are used to increase your attention and memory.

Best Garage Lighting – Types of Garage Lighting

There are two main types of garage lighting, Fluorescent and LED. You can also find incandescent bulbs but they’re highly recommended against. Besides not being bright enough to offer an effective garage lighting option, they’re also harmful. They emit harmful greenhouse gases and they’re also not cost-effective at all.

Now let’s talk about the Fluorescent lights that have been a top choice for a very long time until a better option came along. They are pretty efficient and are the cheapest lighting option. However, they often stop working in very cold temperatures. So if you live in an area with harsh winters, you need lights that can withstand the cold.

Most Fluorescent lights don’t even work at all if the temperature even gets close to -50F. This will force you to change them, which causes another problem. Replacing any ceiling or hanging fluorescent lights can cost a lot. And while they’re cheaper than LEDs, they’re not durable enough for their price.

This brings us to the most effective garage lighting that’s both durable and cost-effective. This is why most people invest in the best LED lights they can afford. You should also keep in mind that they’re a little bit more expensive than Fluorescent lights. However, they have a much longer lifespan and they use a lot less energy.

LED garage lighting also has more advantages than Fluorescent lights. They’re brighter, turn on instantly, and deliver an even spread of light. They’re the perfect choice for workshops and for people that do car repair.

LED lights last five times longer than Fluorescent lights. This makes them an ideal investment for the long run.

Best Garage Lighting – Comparison Table

Product Name
FaithSail Best Garage Lighting
JESLED Best Garage lighting
Buiker Best Garage Lightining
Instant On
Energy Saving
Wide Application
LED Chips
Beam Angle

1 FaithSail 8FT LED Lights

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FaithSail 8FT LED Lights

The first ones on our Best Garage Lighting Top 3, are the FaithSail 8FT LED Lights. They’re very bright and energy-efficient. This fixture can deliver over 12000lm at 5000K daylight white light. This is equivalent to a 330W fluorescent light. Another great advantage compared to the fluorescent fixtures is that this LED consumes 70% less energy.

Thanks to the simple installation, you can choose between suspended mounting and flush mounting and do it all by yourself. The package will include the mounting hardware and an on/off switch pull chain. It can also use plug connections to link up multiple fixtures.

With the 8FT design, this fixture can help you save both time and money. And its rugged aluminum built is more efficient while also improving the heat dissipation speed. To ensure a stable performance and long lifespan, it features a high-quality LED chip. It can last more than 50,000 hours.

This fixture has a >120-degrees angle and is enough to light the entire space. You can use it on garages, basements, warehouses, commercial buildings, workbenches, department stores, offices, supermarkets, retail shops, car shops, and a lot more.

Thanks to its ETC certificate, you can trust in this fixture’s safety and reliability. You will benefit from a 5-year warranty and lifetime customer support.

With the special cover with strips design, the light will be distributed more evenly, low glare, and decay. And the package includes 4 8-foot LED shop lights, 4 mounting hardware sets, and 4 user manuals.


  • Easy to Install
  • Super Bright
  • Energy Saving
  • Easy Linking
  • High-Quality
  • ETL Certified
  • Good Performance
  • Wide Application
  • Extendable Design
  • High-Quality LED Chips
  • Beam Angle of >120-Degrees
  • Reduces Your Electric Bill by 70%


  • None


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The second one on our Best Garage Lighting is the JESLED 8FT LED Light. It’s a shop LED light integrated with 72W T8 and can deliver up to 7200lm, equivalent to 150 watts. It can save up to 52% on your electricity compared to fluorescent lighting. This fixture has a lifespan longer than 50,000 hours.

Thanks to the plug-and-play design, you can easily install the lights without any assistance. You can use the provided snap joints to hang it up and light it on by inserting the plug. This LED light works on AC 110-277V and is not suitable for a higher ceiling than 20ft.

With the extendable design, you can connect up to 6 8ft light tubes. All the needed connectors and connector cords are included in the package. The power cord is also designed with an on/off switch.

These LED lights are also made with a scientific design. Their dual row V shape fixtures deliver a beam angle of 270-degrees. This will provide 40% more lumens than a standard flat tube, and it doesn’t waste any energy. It’s ideal for garages, basements, warehouses, shops, and more.

You should keep in mind that you need to keep this product away from the radio, remote control door, and similar items that may cause EMI.

You will also benefit from a 3-year warranty and a 60-day full refund policy. This will give you enough time to test the product and decide if it’s really worth your money or not. You will also receive a lifetime of 24/7 customer support.

When it comes to rewiring, it should only be done by professionals or properly-trained people. You will need the knowledge of basic electrical maintenance and repair to get the job done.


  • Great Quality
  • High Performance
  • Plug and Play Design
  • Extendable Design
  • Wide Application
  • Instant On
  • Linkable
  • Has a 50,000 Hour Lifespan
  • Beam Angle of 270-Degrees


  • Might Require Professional Assistance

3 Buiker 200W UFO LED

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The last one on our Best Garage Lighting Top 3, we’re going to talk about is the Buiker 200W UFO LED. It’s very bright and offers 16000lm and a beam angle of 120-degrees. It’s a great option for energy saving and offers a long lifespan with no flickering.

Thanks to the good thermal performance, it can work optimally for much longer. It also has anti-corrosion anode oxidation processing for the surface. This product is efficient and fast at heat dissipation. It’s also equipped with high-quality LED chips that keep the performance stable and increases the lifespan.

You can use these LED lights in garages, basements, warehouses, high shed factories, workshops, offices, exhibition halls, sports halls, etc. And its waterproof level can reach IP 65.

It also has high-quality insulated cables and independent ground. And its bold material can pass more current.


  • Easy to Install
  • Offers 16,000 Lumens
  • Beam Angle of 120-Degrees
  • No Flickering
  • Instant On
  • Good Quality
  • Fast Heat Dissipation
  • LED Chips
  • Good Thermal Performance


  • They don’t last as long as the others.


Garage lighting is very important, especially if you use it as a workplace or playground for your kids. Equipping your garage with the appropriate light can completely enhance your experience. Choosing the exact type of lighting for the first time can be a little intimidating. But in the end, a perfect type of lighting can reduce your bill and offer a clear working space at the same time.

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