Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot

Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot Anti-Collision Detection

Blind Spot Detection System
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The Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot Anti-Collision Detection and Warning Kit is ideal for frequent drivers that need an extra set of eyes on the road.


While most people consider driving an easy thing to do, there are still various dangers. One of the biggest ones is the blind spots, which can cause severe damage and even fatalities. And since we’re driving today much more and much faster than we ever did, blind spots are a serious problem. This is why most frequent drivers invest in good quality blind spot detection systems.

A blind spot is the area around your vehicle where the drivers can’t see even when all the mirrors are properly adjusted. The reason why they’re so dangerous is that another vehicle can easily enter that spot without you noticing. And when you’re trying to change lanes, you might end up pushing that car off the road or onto the oncoming traffic.

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Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot

Legally, when another driver is reckless enough to enter in your vehicle’s blind spot, he’s the one to blame. But this doesn’t change what happened and it’s better to avoid the situation altogether. A blind spot detection system can help you do that. You can equip these devices on your vehicle and always get alerts when a car, person, or animal is in your blind spot.

You will also get alerts when backing out of a parking spot, as the blind spot right behind your vehicle is the most dangerous. Small children and animals are very hard to see when backing up. This is because the rear-mirror’s view is blocked by your trunk, and up to 5 small children end with fatal injuries.

Almost all vehicles have their own blind spots and it’s very important for the driver to pay attention to them. Only convertible vehicles don’t have any.

What is a Blind Spot Detection System

Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot

Most new vehicle models feature some kind of blind spot detection system, especially the expensive ones. These systems are designed to detect blind spots and alert you if someone enters them. There are two types of blind spot detection systems, active and passive.

The most popular ones are the active blind spot detection systems, and they’re also the most expensive and advanced ones. They use various electronic detection devices that can be mounted on both sides of the vehicle Typically, they work best if they’re installed around the outer rear-view mirrors or near the rear bumpers.

These electronic detection devices can send electronic electromagnetic waves, typically in the radar wavelengths. However, they can also take computer-processed images with the help of a digital camera. Then they’ll send them to you for analysis.

But no matter what type of blind spot detection system you use, when there’s something or someone in your blind spot, you’ll be alerted. Depending on the system, the alerts can be either visual or audible. However, to make the system as efficient as possible it uses both audible and visual warnings. This includes flashing lights in the driver’s peripheral vision and loud sounds.

The closer another vehicle gets to you, the louder and more often the alerts are. And high-end vehicles equipped with an internal blind spot detection system can even try to steer themselves back on track. A lot of BMW models vibrate a wheel to warn you when you’re trying to make an unsafe lane change.

Passive blind spot detection systems are small mirrors installed on your already existing ones to expand your field of view. Their placement is crucial, which means that professional installation is the best choice.

What to Look For in a Blind Spot Detection System

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Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot

If it’s the first time looking for a blind spot detection system, the process can be a little tricky. You have to think very thoroughly about what type of system you’d like to invest in. These systems can use radars, ultrasonic sensors, or cameras to detect if anyone or anything enters any of your blind spots.

Systems that use visible warnings are most effective if they’re installed in the outboard mirrors, or in the front of the pillars. However, they can be a little bit of a problem for drivers that are easily distracted. The closer the object gets to your vehicle, the more often the alerts occur.

The same goes for the audible warnings. They get louder and louder as other vehicles get close to you. And their downside is that they can distract easily-startled drivers. Other than that, both alerting options are highly effective when used together.

The size of your vehicle is also important, more specifically the number of blind spots you have. SUVs and Minivans need a blind spot detection system of high-quality that can keep you alert at all times. Paying attention to every inch around your vehicle can be difficult if you drive for a living.

High-quality systems can work faster and cover more ground. It’s also very important for them to have a speed limit auto-stop function. This is will stop the false alarms that you would normally get when you’re stuck in traffic.

But if you don’t need the complications that come with a high-end system, you might want to consider a more affordable one. It’s ideal for light detection jobs.

In this article, we’ll talk about the Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot Anti-Collision Detection and Warning Kit.


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Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot

The Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot Anti-Collision Detection and Warning Kit is equipped with the latest advanced microwave sensors. This will allow it to detect your vehicle’s blind spots up to a range of 50 feet. And by knowing exactly when another vehicle enters your blind spots, you will be able to prevent numerous accidents.

Thanks to the high-quality sensors, this gadget is one of the most accurate blind spot detectors on the market. It can also detect much further than the ultrasonic sensors that are typically used in blind spot detection systems. You will only find microwave sensors in high-end vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz.

With the audible warning that’s activated with the turn signal, you will be alerted in case you’re about to make an unsafe lane change. You will also be warned with the help of the interior LED warning lights. And if you drive at a sower speed than 20 miles per hour, the system will automatically turn off. This will greatly reduce the false alarms received during traffic hours.

This blind spot detection system is suitable for almost all types of vehicles. It’s also very easy to install without the need for any drills or tools. And the whole system is user-friendly and comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual. However, it’s still a pretty sophisticated device to install and if you’re new to installing car gadgets, you might want to opt for a professional installation.

You will also benefit from a 3-year warranty and lifetime customer support.


  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to Use
  • Accurate
  • High-Quality
  • Reliable
  • Audible Warning
  • Visual Warning
  • Universal Fit
  • Auto Turn Off at Below20mph
  • Has a Range of 50ft
  • Microwave Sensors


  • The OBDII connector could have been designed better.


The Novosonic NS-BSM Microwave Blind Spot Anti-Collision Detection and Warning Kit is great quality and accurate. It can help you detect any vehicle, person, or object that enters your blind spot. This will help you prevent any accidents or damage done to your vehicle. If you’re looking for a reliable blind spot detection system, you might want to consider giving this product a chance.

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