SHEROX Car HUD Display

SHEROX Car HUD Head Up Display

HUD Display
  • Price - 9.6/10
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SHEROX 3.5″ Car HUD is a small HUD Display that will project only the most basic informations: Speed, Temperature, etc.


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SHEROX 3.5" Car HUD Head UP Display

HUD is an acronym for a head-up display and is a device that allows the viewer to see data without looking away for a transparent display.

Another advantage of HUD is that the driver’s eyes do not need to refocus after looking at the instruments. Initially, they were designed for aviation usage but now are widely available for commercial use.

Based on the used technology to generate images are divided into 4-th generations.

The majority of HUDs today are from the first generation using to generate an image a CRT.

The second-generation Hud use LED modulated on by an LCD screen for image display(only used in aircraft)

The HUDs from the 3-d generation does not use a projection system and use optical wave-guides.

The 4-th generation display images and videos on a transparent medium using laser scanning

All these technologies have been used in many useful devices with an impressive array of applications available.

The implementation of such devices in the automobile industry had a great impact on the consumer’s life adding extra comfort and making driving a lot safer.


SHEROX Car HUD is a small device that allows you to visualize data on the front of the dash-board without you needing to take your eyes off the road.

This device is portable, small and really easy to mount on the dashboard and install. To install it you need to plug it in the OBD2 port situated right under the steering wheel with the available cable(6 feet) and start the car engine.

The small unit will light the display with data. This device has an automatic and manual light adjustment to optimize the lighting in different environments without glares

It is very accurate and easy to read, it does not have a big lag, and it updates easy. Has a speed monitoring feature with a speedometer that is really useful to keep you from overspending

It has a 3,5 inch HD display with nanotechnology that eliminates the double reflection is a clear and easy way to read. The four functions allow you to monitor the speed of the car, the temperature, the travel mileages, and voltage.

Another great function is that it has 3 alarms, an over-speed alarm, an overheat alarm and a high voltage one. To protect the car’s battery it has an on/off mode, starting and closing when the engine is started or shut.

The display is simple and clean without any unnecessary info that might clutter it.


  • small and easy to use
  • simple display for a clear and easy view
  • has 3 alarms
  • displays 4 functions; speed, temperature, voltage, mileage
  • automatic and manual brightness control
  • no glares and double images
  • 3,5 inch HD display
  • affordable


  • the setting range for overspend alarm is too low
  • the connection cable is too long
  • the sticking pads might not stick very well
  • if the sun is too strong it might affect the screen

SHEROX Car HUD Display Conclusion

If all you need is a simple easy to use and really affordable HUD unit SHEROX Car HUD Head Up Display would be the perfect choice for you.

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