Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display

Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display (HUD)

HUD Display
  • Price - 9/10
  • Functions - 9.6/10
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If you need a HUD that has a big 6.2-inch display that offers a crystal clear image and has built-in speakers and WI-Fi suitable for both Android and IOS Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display will be the perfect device for you.


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Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display

A head-up display or the short-termed HUD is a device that uses a transparent display to allow the viewing of data without the need to take the eyes from the front view of the road. One such device is the Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display.

The driver will not have to refocus the eyes after looking at the on-board instruments because the data will be projected on the windshield screen.

This technology that generates images is divided into four generations by the gradual development.

The first generation uses a CRT to generate images and is used for all the devices today.

LED modulated by an LCD screen used for image display in aircraft were the second-generation HUD’s.

The third generation HUD’s do not use projection systems but they use optical guides for waves.

The display videos and images of the fourth generation are projected on a transparent medium with the use of laser scanning.

These technologies are used in many devices with a wide array of applications that are now available on a large scale for many usages.

In the industry of automobiles, these technologies had a big impact on the life of users allowing them to have exceptional comfort and safer driving.

Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display Presentation

Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display is a HUD that allows you to use in the safest way possible the smartphone and all other devices without the need to take your eyes off the road.

This device will cast critical information in your line of sight while driving safely, you can access speed and navigation without your eyes leaving the road.

This HUD device will allow the wireless connection to cast all your smartphone data on the transparent screen.

The smartest way to use your phone behind the wheel allows you to navigate, text and even talk without you looking down to your smartphone.

This technology was first used by pilots on fighter jets to navigate safely the skies and now you can use the same high-end futuristic technology with the help of Hudley HUD right in your car.

Easy to connect with the phone via the built-in Wi-Fi to assure you the safest and enjoyable driving experience being compatible with both Android and IOS.

Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display Features

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Hudly Head-Up Display

With this amazing piece of technology, all the distractions and accident risks are reduced offering you clear vital driving data directly in your sightline.

A great feature is easy customization of driving with all the needed applications being displayed on the clear screen which will not block the view up ahead being transparent.

All directions seem to float in front of your eyes offering so precious assistance discretely and safely in any kind of lighting conditions.

With crisp images, Hudley HUD will be your solution for a stress-free and safe driving experience.

The 6.2-inch transparent display is mounted on the dashboard with an adjustable mount to assure a visible and safely placed transparent screen.

This device has built-in speakers, buttons control and a power cord suitable for the cigarette lighter plug.

You can easily visualize all your favorite applications like Google Maps, Waze on the high-resolution display via WI-Fi connection.

You can even entertain your passengers by streaming their preferred shows.

The information is visible from any angle without the road being blocked and also speed, RPM’s, fuel levels, health monitor can be used in smart modules if you purchase them separately.

The optical-level coating of the display offers an enhancement of color and contrast and a lowering of reflection.

With a small investment, you can have at your disposal the latest technology used even in fighting jets by pilots to better navigate and drive.


  • easy to install
  • easy to use
  • the screen is big and transparent
  • can visualize maps and all phone applications
  • has included speakers
  • excellent quality display
  • has an automatic brightness setting
  • has a Wi-Fi connection that allows mirroring of the smartphone


  • can overheat
  • it does not have an extra USB port


If you need a HUD that has a big 6.2-inch display that offers a crystal clear image and has built-in speakers and WI-Fi suitable for both Android and IOS Hudly Wireless Head-Up Display will be the perfect device for you.

This high-quality device will make your driving safer and easier allowing you to better focus on the road.

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